The Genocide Education Project introduces new Education Director

Kerri Flynn

The Genocide Education Project (GenEd) has welcomed its new education director Kerri Flynn, who has been a high school social studies educator for 25 years. 

Flynn teaches modern US history and has also created a human rights and genocide course at Washington High School near St. Louis, Missouri. She received the University of Chicago Outstanding Educator award in 2022 and serves as executive secretary for the Missouri Council for Social Studies. Flynn also teaches sociology and psychology at East Central College. She is one of GenEd’s first GenEd Teacher Fellowship Program participants and has also taken part in numerous other in-depth professional development programs for teachers related to human rights, the Holocaust and other genocides and World War II.

“We welcome Kerri as she assumes this new leadership role in the GenEd Teacher Fellowship Program and the opportunities it has created for greatly increasing the number of teachers equipped to teach about genocide and the Armenian case,” said GenEd executive director Roxanne Makasdjian.

“I am so excited to join GenEd and continue helping educators learn about the Armenian Genocide and gain the skills they need to take this information back to their students,” said Flynn. “Becoming the education director is such a great opportunity as I am passionate about human rights and genocide education. With GenEd, I can continue learning and teaching after retiring from the classroom.”

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