Tickets available for “Rebirth: A Concert Dedicated to Our Heroes”

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ — Tickets are still available for “Rebirth: A Concert Dedicated to Our Heroes,” a cultural program hosted by the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) New Jersey “Agnouni” Chapter, ARS Bergen County “Armenouhi” Chapter, ARS NJ “Shakeh” Chapter, AYF-YOARF New Jersey “Arsen” Chapter, Homenetmen of New Jersey and Hamazkayin of New Jersey.

The concert will be taking place at Henry P. Becton Regional High School at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday.

“Rebirth” will feature poet Hermine Avagyan, oud master Ara Dinkjian, dance ethnographer Gagik Ginosyan, duduk master Arsen Petrosyan and singers Arabo Ispiryan and Nune Yesayan.

Avagyan is a renowned poet from the Martuni region of Artsakh and serves as the executive director of Hamazkayin Artsakh. She helped establish the Artsakh Children program, offering the youth an outlet through dance, song, art and crafts. She has represented the voice of Artsakh through her poetry and prose expressing the loss, fear and the strong will of her homeland.

Dinkjian is a world-renowned oud player and composer. His earliest professional musical experience was accompanying his father Onnik, an influential Armenian folk and liturgical singer. In 1980, Dinkjian graduated from the Hartt College of Music with the country’s first and only specialized degree in oud performance. Over the course of his illustrious musical career, he has collaborated with a number of musical artists and mesmerized audiences with his performances around the world.

Ginosyan is the founder and artistic director of the Karin Folk Song and Dance Ensemble. Since 2005, he has been organizing monthly dance classes, We and Our Dance. He is the creator of the first Armenian DVD-dance tutorial Armenian Dance. Since 2014, he has been working on incorporating the National Song and Dance discipline into Armenia’s school curricula.

Ispiryan grew up in an artistic family and began to sing by the age of 2. His passion for music also includes songwriting. He has performed for many audiences across the world and continues to be one of the most sought after singers in Armenia and the diaspora.

Petrosyan has recently emerged as one of his generations main proponents of the Armenian duduk. Following in the footsteps of established duduk masters such as Djivan Gasparian and his mentor Gevorg Dabaghyan, Petrosyan has managed to carve out his own pathway through diverse collaborations.

Yesayan is one of the most recognizable and beloved Armenian singers in the world. She recorded her first album of Armenian traditional songs in 1991. In post-Soviet Armenia, she was instrumental in the re-introduction of traditional Armenian music re-interpreted for modern audiences.

Gracing the stage with these artists will be the talented members of the Hamazkayin Nayiri Dance Ensemble led by Barkev Sanossian.

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