HyeTab: Invest in the homeland with just a click

The concept of HyeTab, a browser extension that can be installed to Google Chrome or Safari desktop browsers, was conceived during the 2020 Artsakh War. In a period of numerous crowdfunding campaigns and calls for support, which were necessary for emergency aid, there was a lack of proactive, sustainable and consistent stream of income to the organizations that are working on the ground year-round. 

Founder Haig Bedros, a technical product manager from New York City, joined forces with Hovhannes Mkhitaryan, a software engineer from Yerevan, to bring HyeTab to life with the goal of engaging Armenian users around the world.

“We invite you to install HyeTab on your browser and be an integral part of a new era of raising money for Armenian organizations and projects that need our consistent support year round,” said Bedros.

With a laptop or desktop, internet users can visit www.hyetab.io and install the HyeTab extension to their browser to generate a consistent stream of income for organizations that build and develop sustainable infrastructure in Armenia and Artsakh. 

The advertisement banners seen in the corner of the HyeTab browser each time a new tab is opened are paid advertisements. With the revenue from these advertisements, HyeTab donates profits to various Armenian organizations and projects. The total amount of revenue generated by all HyeTab users can be seen in the top right corner of the browser.

Once HyeTab is installed on the browser, new tabs will feature beautiful photographs from Armenia and Artsakh, featuring Armenian artists from all around the world. 

Though advertising revenue varies greatly from country to country, HyeTab is working with the ultimate goal of raising between 1/10 and one cent ($USD) for non-profit organizations with each new tab opened. The first objective of HyeTab’s launch is to grow the user base. The more users HyeTab has, the more revenue is generated for each tab opened, ensuring transparency with each and every user. Each quarter, HyeTab will release information regarding money raised and donated to NPOs.

Users can also influence the distribution of donations made by HyeTab. The green triangle in the top right corner, also known as “Upvote,” gives users the power to decide which organization should receive more of HyeTab’s profits.

For every tab opened, a user gets another vote toward their desired organization. The user can then decide what percentage of their own Upvotes is donated to each organization. If users do not choose any organization, their money generated will be split evenly between the multiple organizations/projects featured that quarter. As HyeTab grows, the goal is to reach more organizations and support even more projects with the generated revenue by HyeTab users.

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Guest Contributor

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