Our Beautiful Armenia

Arax River passing through the mountains of Meghri (Photo: Nanar Avedessian)

On a warm sunny day
In beautiful and
Peaceful Yerevan
Today and the sky is
So blue and sun
It’s so bright

And the little birds are
Singing so passionately
In the warm Gyumri sunlight
And the children are
Playing in Ashtarak sun
And it’s so hot today and
I’ve been drinking
My Armenian brandy all day

And a warm gentle breeze
Blowing all day and I’m
In sunny Vagharshapat today and
The cherry blossom trees
Smell so beautiful and there
Gently blowing softly
In the morning wind
And I’m watching
The flowers are dancing in

The warm sunlight
There smiling so bright
In the sunlight and there
Swaying side to side and it’s
Just a magical sight
And the hills are
So green and bright and
I’m watching the stars

Shining in Yerevan tonight and
It’s just so beautiful and peaceful
All night and the stars twinkling
Every night and
The moon shines so bright
It’s so beautiful and blue tonight
And the midnight breeze feels
So magical tonight and it’s
Time to whisper to beautiful
And peaceful
Armenia good night.

David Carroll

David Carroll

David P. Carroll is an Armenian based in Yerevan. He enjoys writing poetry.
David Carroll

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