Russia criticizes EU agreement to send observer mission to Armenia-Azerbaijan border

French President Emmanuel Macron, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, European Council President Charles Michel and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev meet at the European Political Community in Prague (Photo: Twitter/@EmmanuelMacron, October 6)

Russia has criticized a decision by the European Union to send a civilian mission to Armenia’s border with Azerbaijan. 

“We see this as yet another attempt by the EU to interfere by any means in the normalization of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, to oust our country’s mediation efforts,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said during a press briefing on October 11. 

The EU announced the decision after a quadrilateral meeting between Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, European Council President Charles Michel and French President Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines of a pan-European summit in Prague on October 6. 

“There was an agreement by Armenia to facilitate a civilian EU mission alongside the border with Azerbaijan,” according to a statement released by the European Council. “Azerbaijan agreed to cooperate with this mission as far as it is concerned.” 

The mission, which will begin in October for a maximum of two months, plans to “build confidence” and contribute to demarcating and delimiting the border. 

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan meet at the European Political Community (Photo: RA Prime Minister, October 6)

Pashinyan also met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Prague on October 6, the first-ever meeting between the two leaders. Pashinyan and Erdogan “discussed the process of normalization of Armenia-Turkey relations and possible further steps in that direction,” according to a statement from the Armenian PM’s office. The Turkish president’s office said little about the meeting, except that Erdogan “received” Pashinyan in Prague. 

Special envoys appointed to negotiate the normalization of Armenia-Turkey relations agreed in July to “enable the crossing of the land border between Armenia and Turkey by third-country citizens” and commence direct air cargo trade. Turkish authorities have said that the negotiation process depends on the signature of a peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan. 

Azerbaijan had opposed an EU border observer mission as recently as October 5, according to EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell. Borrell said that the EU had proposed such a mission following the two-day war launched by Azerbaijan on Armenian territory from September 13-14 that left over 300 dead. 

“Armenia agrees, but Azerbaijan does not,” Borrell told the European Parliament on October 5. “What do you want me to do? Send the troops of the European Union without the agreement of the two parties to the conflict? I’m sure you don’t.”

Borrell was the latest Western leader to unequivocally condemn Azerbaijan for the attacks, stating that it is “absolutely clear and verifiable fact that Azerbaijani artillery and drone units have shelled areas on Armenian territory, destroying civilian and military infrastructure, and that Azerbaijan is occupying positions in Armenia.” 

Yet Azerbaijan apparently reversed its position on an EU mission the next day following the lengthy quadrilateral meeting on the margins of the European Political Community.  

Armenia and Azerbaijan also “confirmed their commitment to the Charter of the United Nations and the Alma Ata 1991 Declaration through which both recognize each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. They confirmed it would be a basis for the work of the border delimitation commissions and that the next meeting of the border commissions would take place in Brussels by the end of October.” 

The first meeting of a bilateral commission to demarcate and delimit the Armenia-Azerbaijan border met on May 24 following a trilateral meeting between Pashinyan, Aliyev and Michel in Brussels the previous day. The commission has not met since then.

Armenian ambassador-at-large Edmon Marukyan said that Azerbaijan would have to withdraw its troops from Armenian territory under this agreement.

“Azerbaijan can no longer make any territorial claims against the sovereign territory of Armenia in the delimitation process, which also means that the Azerbaijani military must withdraw from the territories it has occupied until this moment,” Marukyan said on October 7.

Marukyan further said that “any possible future aggression by Azerbaijan will be monitored on the ground” by the EU civilian mission, and the parts of Armenian territory under Azerbaijani occupation will be recorded. 

The statement released by the European Council following the quadrilateral meeting made no reference to Artsakh. While speaking with reporters in Prague, Aliyev said that the fate of the Armenian population of Artsakh is an “internal matter” that will be addressed through direct negotiations with authorities in Artsakh rather than with Armenia. 

“The Armenians living in Karabakh are our citizens,” Aliyev said. “We will not discuss their fate or future life with any country, including Armenia.” 

Aliyev seemed to preclude any autonomous status for Artsakh within Azerbaijan that would grant its Armenian population special rights or guarantees for its security. 

“Armenians will enjoy the same rights as citizens of Azerbaijan,” he said. “In any case, they can rest assured that their lives integrated into Azerbaijani society will be much better than their present life.”

The Artsakh leadership has said repeatedly that any status under the jurisdiction of Azerbaijan is unacceptable and would lead to ethnic cleansing. Aliyev said little to relieve fears that the inclusion of Artsakh in Azerbaijan would result in the displacement of its Armenian population. 

“If people believe that they need to live as citizens of Azerbaijan, I think they will not regret that. But if this is not suitable for someone, they can choose another place of residence for themselves,” Aliyev said. 

Armenian authorities have said in recent months that a peace deal between Armenia and Azerbaijan should address the rights and security of the Armenians of Artsakh. The government now appears to want to separate the Artsakh conflict from a peace agreement, as Pashinyan said during a televised interview on September 30 that there should be no reference to Artsakh in a peace treaty. 

The European Council statement also does not address the unblocking of regional transport and communication links. While speaking with reporters, Aliyev said that Armenia and Azerbaijan had not reached an agreement regarding a transport route that would connect Azerbaijan and its exclave Nakhichevan through southern Armenia. 

“Today, when I again asked the Prime Minister of Armenia to finally give us a route for the highway, unfortunately, I still did not get an answer. It is not funny anymore because it is not that large of an area,” Aliyev said. 

Azerbaijan has continually demanded a so-called “Zangezur corridor” that would operate in Armenia’s southernmost Syunik province without customs or passport controls. Pashinyan has said that Armenia is prepared to provide Azerbaijanis access to Nakhichevan through Armenia yet rejected the creation of a corridor. 

“Breaking one’s commitment is, of course, an extremely shameful fact. However, we are still patient and restrained,” Aliyev said.

Pashinyan also said that he and Aliyev had not reached an agreement on opening transportation links.

“In Prague I reconfirmed again our proposal on unblocking of all regional communications. Azerbaijan again did not respond positively,” Pashinyan tweeted after the meeting. “I reiterate, Armenia is ready for unblocking all regional communications with full respect of our sovereignty and legislation.” 

The West has appeared to step up its diplomatic engagement in the South Caucasus following the two-day war in Armenia. Meanwhile, Armenian authorities have expressed their dissatisfaction with Russia’s refusal to provide military assistance against Azerbaijani attacks on its sovereign territory. 

“We proceed from the fact that the only key to reconciliation between Baku and Yerevan, the establishment of lasting peace and long-term stability in the region, is the full implementation of the tripartite statements,” Zakharova said during the October 11 press briefing. The tripartite statements refer to the ceasefire agreement brokered by Russia on November 9, 2020, as well as agreements to reopen transport routes and demarcate the Armenia-Azerbaijan border. 

Lillian Avedian

Lillian Avedian

Lillian Avedian is the assistant editor of the Armenian Weekly. She reports on international women's rights, South Caucasus politics, and diasporic identity. Her writing has also been published in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Democracy in Exile, and Girls on Key Press. She holds master's degrees in journalism and Near Eastern studies from New York University.


  1. This is expected given the suspension of meaningful relations with Europe over the Ukraine but Russia needs
    to look in the mirror if they are unhappy. Their adventure in the Ukraine and lack of support for Armenia in the
    current Azeri aggression has created the partial vacuum that opened the door for Europe and the US. Russia essentially outflanked both the US and France by negotiating a deal when the OSCE had played the 3 party role. Now we have three parallel paths because none of the big guys are talking.

    • Get ready for the Russian trolls on standby who will tell you that Russia can do nothing wrong and that it’s Armenia’s only hope or that Armenia should officially join the Russian federation.

    • @Greg. A troll is the one who seriously thinks that geography plays no role as a variable that’s commonly used in international assessment of the rank of a nation in the global hierarchy. Whereas serious people rightly consider geographical location as THE principal determinant of a nation’s vulnerability that exercises the most powerful constraint on the way Armenia’s domestic and foreign policy is made and on the set of the country’s national security, defense, and foreign policy choices. Do you understand?

  2. Pashinyan is truk 💯 % no good for Armenia. He sale land that not has too so dose not have power DO the things. Why people of Armenia 🇦🇲 dosen’t stand up only 🤔 God knows. Sad.

  3. It is now obvious that after the defeat in 2020, Nikol promised President Aliyev that Armenia will abandon Artsakh, recognize Azerbaijan’s borders and give Azeris a land connection to Nakhijevan through Zangezur. Incidentally, Baku calls this road an exclusive “corridor” where Azeris will have freedom of movement and Russians call it a “trade route” that needs to be under Armenian/Russian control. In any case, these are the things Nikol seems to have promised President Aliyev on November 09, 2020.

    For most of his adults life Nikol had dreamed about expelling Russians from Armenia, abandoning Artsakh and unconditionally opening Armenia’s borders to Turkey and Azerbaijan. He even wrote about it as early are the early 2000s. However, soon after the war, it dawned on Nikol that as soon as he fulfills his dreams and promises, he will no longer be needed by anyone (including those who put him in power) and will soon be ousted or assassinated. He and his Western and Turkish financed team are therefore trying figure out ways to their skin. Hence, the delays, the temper-tantrums, the running around the world looking for saviors. All this however is coming at Armenia’s expense. Turks and Azeris are putting pressure on Nikol to force him to deliver what he promised back in 2020. This pressure is coming by the way of periodic border attacks.

    It is important to note here that the Azeri attack that took place on September 12 and 13 which took the lives of hundreds of Armenian soldiers came within days after Russia suffered a major setback in Ukraine. Ankara, Baku and Western powers knew that Moscow, bogged down in Ukraine for the time being, would not be able to respond in any meaningful way. In the backdrop of all this, Nancy Pelosi, who is quite close to both Armenian and Azeri lobbies in Washington DC, shows up to further muddy the water and disorient Armenian society.

    Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Armenia was primarily meant to drive a wedge between Armenia, Russia and Iran. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Think: Why would the CSTO send forces to fight Azerbaijan (a friendly country for them that they want within their ranks) when Nikol’s regime has NOT mobilized Armenia’s armed forces; has NOT announced a state of emergency in the country; has NOT officially called for military assistance from the CSTO; and has publicly stated that the fighting on the border is simply skirmish and that official Yerevan remains committed to establishing peace with Baku and Ankara?

    Think: Why would Russia send forces to fight Azerbaijan (a friendly country they want within their orbit) and Turkey (a major NATO power that is for the most part cooperating with Moscow with matters pertaining to Ukraine), when they are in a major war in eastern Europe against the collective West? Why would Russia want to start a new war this time in the south Caucasus for Nikol’s Western/Turkish financed regime? Why would Russia want to open a new war front for itself, if that is exactly what Western powers want them to do in order to distract Russia from Ukraine and “extend” its forces?

    These are things to think about.

    I invite your attention back to the 2019 RAND report about “extending Russia”. It clearly states that Ukraine, Transnistria and the south Caucasus are areas where they can “extend” (i.e. weaken, hurt, bleed) Russia. In Ukraine, this is meant to be done via Western-backed nationalists. In the south Caucasus, this is meant to be done via Turks and Azeris. Watch the following video presentations to better understand what is matter:

    How the US is using the Azeri-Armenian conflict to “extend” Russia.

    2019 RAND Paper Warned US of Failure During Ukraine Conflict

    Let’s also understand that Russia today pales in comparison to what it was during the time of the USSR. A smaller and weaker Russia today is fighting the collective West, and doing so with a concerned eye on Turkey (i.e. NATO’s second largest military after the US). The West is clearly going after Russia’s weak-spots in order to extend Russian forces and assets, and undermine President Putin’s government. Sadly, Nikol’s Armenia maneuvered itself into becoming one of the weak-spots for Russia as well. As you can see, one reason why the Kremlin is treading very carefully in the south Caucasus vis-a-vis Turkey and Azerbaijan is the threat of a new war front opening up against it.

    We may therefore have a situation now where Ankara and Baku, with Nikol’s duplicitous acquiescence, are using the threat of a new war in the south Caucasus as blackmail against Russia. Moscow therefore has a serious dilemma on its hands. Moscow needs the south Caucasus to remain relatively quite. This is why opportunistic encroachments by the Ankara/Baku team is being tolerated by the Kremlin, at least for now. All in all, it’s a very dangerous and complicated situation, and Nikol’s antics is making it worst for Armenia.

    In any case, the bottom-line in all this is this: We are where we are because of Armenian-style incompetence, self-destructive behavior, cognitive dissonance and political illiteracy.

    None of this would have happened had Armenia entered into a union with the Russian Federation. We could have been like a Belarus, Abkhazia, South Ossetia or Chechnya. But no, a tiny, remote, landlocked and impoverished nation, and one that is almost totally dependent on Russia for very survival and surrounded with enemies, wanted to play “complimentary politics” and allow its backward citizenry to “democratically elect” their Western and Turkish financed leader. Brilliant. Now, let’s enjoy the show.

    The political world is changing. It is more than obvious that Armenia cannot survive on its own. Armenia can’t serve two masters either. So, Armenians have a choice to make. Armenians therefore need to pick side and stick with it. Armenians can pick the West and become a vassal of Turkey and turn Russia into an enemy and eventually disappear from the world map, or Armenians can pick Russia and join the Russian Federation in some form and survive as a nation. The choice for any rational mind that has any concern for Armenia’s long-term well-being is obvious.

    • Russia could stop the Azeri invasion of Armenian with one phone call to Aliyev.

      Russia is not busy or preoccupied or any of that nonsense.

      Russia and the CSTO are clearly breaking their defense treaties with Armenia.

      It’s deliberate and it’s evil, just like Turkey and Azerbaijan are.

      Ever heard of this saying? “Scratch a Russian, find a Tartar.”

    • Dear Concerned Armenian,
      As cited by other commenters the constant tone of your comments is of Armenia’s woes of Armenians not being close enough to the Russian Federation, hence almost deserve their misfortunes and that a union with Russia would ensure safety and prosperity. Armenia does not have a common border with Russia unless it subsumes Georgia/Azerbaijan which seems most improbable currently. Russia actively courts Azerbaijan and Turkey, who have no commitment or any pressure to recognition of the genocide and respect of the Armenian identity, Moscow viewing them as more strategic to itself than Armenia is. It was Russian Federation predecessor the USSR that signed away Armenian lands to Turkey and Azerbaijan which you fail to acknowledge in your postings. As for Russia sidestepping France and the USA in 2020 it was a smart move in one way although alienating its partners yet it must be borne in mind that the relationship between Russia and France and the USA in 2020 was much worse than 1994 over general global affairs unrelated to Armenia. Needless to say the relationship is now on the verge of complete collapse… Arguments that the collective west wouldn’t support Azerbaijan in the way that it has supported Ukraine so Russian failings there don’t apply to Armenia in context are absurd since Russia can’t commit the same level of force to Armenia that its committed to Ukraine even before the invasion in February either! Indeed the seemingly irretractable problems Armenia has with Turkey – Azerbaijan have been a convenient way for Moscow to keep Armenia compliant with sporadic support “you know without us you would be finished” tone. If the issue is resolved in Armenia favour then it wouldn’t need Russia for “protection” and if its resolved in Turkey-Azerbaijan favour then Russia wouldn’t be welcome by them either if its resolved in a mutual and fair as possible way then again Russia’s relevance would decline as it would have little to offer in that part of the world. If there is one good thing to come out of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is to put paid to the myth in 2020 that if it wasn’t for Nikol “selling out” Armenia wouldn’t have been attacked or if so Russia would have brushed enemies aside “just like that”. In other words the basic paradigm in the area over the last 100 years will end in one way or another. For Europe too there is now a clear sense of the so long seminal legacy of the WW2 is ending and mentally time to move on especially as almost all who took part are now dead and being seen as regaling in the past and not living in the present after all we are now in the 2020’s not the 1940’s

  4. Russia and the CSTO are betraying Armenia.

    Defense treaties mean nothing to Putin or Russia.

    This is obvious yet some Armenian Russophiles just don’t get it and never will.

    It’s vengeance by Putin against Armenia.

    He wants Armenia to come crawling to him and become his slave 100%.

    Meanwhile, Putin is losing about everywhere in the world.

    He can’t even throw two NATO members, Turkey and the US, out of his ally, Syria.

    Russia is pathetic.

  5. I do not know who the above “Concerned Armenian is”; but I can unequivocally say that his concise analysis of the situation is very accurate and based on common sense. And the proposal to pull out Armenia from this quagmire is the best and perhaps the only one that presents itself in these troubled times.
    I have adhered to the same theory from the 1st week of the 2020 war, and had we done it before or very early in that war, things would have been completely different now.
    Of course there will be counter arguments, most of which vilifying Russia with and for various reasons, forgetting the imperatives of realpolitik.
    When survival is on the table, we can not take long-shot bets (which by the way have always failed us with the repetitive betrayals of the so-called western powers, even in the heat of the 1915 genocide) on far away “friends”.

  6. Every single one of the accusations against Russia are politically motivated propaganda and fearmongering put out by professional Russophobes imbedded throughout Armenian society and parroted by emotional simpletons who are incapable of understanding geopolitics. It can be proven in a court-of-law that Nikol and team were financed by various Western and Turkish interests. It can be proven in a court-of-law that Nikol desired to expel Russians from Armenia, abandon Artsakh and unconditionally open Armenia’s south to Turkish and Azeri traffic. This is the bottom line: As long as Armenia remains occupied by a Western and Turkish financed and led regime, and seeks to weaken Moscow’s role in the south Caucasus via duplicitous antics, Russia will not lift a finger for Armenia. It is well known that revolutions end up eating their children. It is well known that politically illiteracy has a high cost and there are no free lunches in politics. Let’s also remember that you reap what you sow. As it has been for the past two thousands years, Armenians are the main authors of all the black pages in Armenian history. Knowing well who Nikol was, Armenians made a choice in 2018 and 2021. Now, enjoy the show…

    • “Knowing well who Nikol was, Armenians made a choice in 2018 and 2021. Now, enjoy the show…” This is the strongest argument for who’s to blame for Armenia’s current ills and against all those posting here who revile Russia only.

    • you are right ,but what should be done???and will happen when Nikol leaves???if they live RUSSIA and go to the west ,it is certain that azero -turks will destry them .Therefore they either runway or ,become slaves

  7. Both Armenians & Azerbajianis have committed the same type and level of atrocities. It’s time for armenias to show that they are a cristian nation and pursue peace with its neighbors. I’ve been to Yerevan several times and seen first time the racial hatred they profess agianst Azerbaijan and Turkey.

    • This is one of those typically Turko-Azeri, and thus easily detectible tricks, which they use, most primitively I must say, in an attempt to tilt the minds of the Armenians, reminding them that as a Christian nation they must go like lambs to the slaughter. Why? Because as Christians they must be different from violent Turks and Azeris, mustn’t they? A part of the trick is also telling the Armenians to “pursue peace with their neighbors”. Those very neighbors whose whole modern history is stained by wholescale massacres of Christian Armenians, beginning from Hamidian massacres of 1894-96 to the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1918 to Sumgait in 1988. Armenians don’t have problems with and had never been a problem for their neighbors. Armenians enjoy respect and high esteem from the countrymen of the foreign states they live in, in particular, in Muslim countries like Iran and Arab states. It is with Turks—Caspian and formerly Ottoman—that Armenians have problems with, because of the unchanging policies of these two parts of one nation aimed at ethnic annihilation and land grabs. Do you really expect Armenians, as victimized people, to show love and affection to Azerbaijan and Turkey? And no, Armenians have not committed “the same type and level of atrocities and Caspian Azeri Turks”. Armenians are not capable of initiating massacres, as in Sumgait, marked by forms of extreme cruelty, such as killings of whole families, pregnant women and babies, and flaying people alive. Have you visited Baku recently? No? Go see how children at kindergartens and schools are taught racial hatred towards the Armenians. In Armenia, you won’t see such outrageous things.

    • To say such things is to equate Armenians with barbaric Central Asian Turkish terrorists and their criminal pseudo-Turkish Azerbaijani step-cousins in-crime. Armenians are not and have never been invaders, occupiers and subjugators like Turkish terrorists are and have always been since centuries past. Unlike Turkish criminals, Armenians have always been liberators and never aggressors. Armenians just like any other responsible and honorable human beings surely are capable of displaying aggression but only when their homelands are occupied by force, their rights violated, and their families and loved ones threatened and murdered simply for being who they are by terrorist Turkish cowards because they are incapable of bending Armenians to their will. It is in Turkish nomadic DNA to invade and seize what does not belong to them and kill those who resist their advance and criminal activities. Nomadic tribes, such as backward Central Asian Turkish tribes, roamed around for centuries looking for greener pastures and wherever they found them that is where they put up their tents with absolutely no connection to land where they settled. This was and still is the Turkish way.

      Turks today are living the life their Armenian, Greek and other victims created for them. Throughout history and for centuries all these Central Asian Turkish criminals did was to invade and occupy other people’s lands. They had no time for anything else and that’s why just about nothing in Turkey, in former genocidal Ottoman Turkish Empire in particular, is of Turkish origin. Their banking system, their magnificent architectures they take pride in today, their culture and music, etc. were all run, built and created by indigenous populations under their subjugation. I even researched why the Turkish alphabet was changed from Arabic to Latin at the end of the Ottoman Empire and found out that one of the reasons was to distance themselves from their past, Translation: To make records of their criminal past unintelligible to new Turkish generations, AND the invention and the creation of their modern Latin Alphabet was commissioned to an Armenian linguist (Hagop Martayan-Յակոբ Մարթաեան-Agop Dilâçar) by their Muslim-hating pseudo-Turk leader Ataturk. These are all facts and you can check them out in any credible source. Given all these historical facts, is it even possible to compare Armenians to their Turkish mass murderers? I think not!

      As for Armenia being a Christian nation and that they should pursue peace with their race exterminating Turkish terrorist neighbors, I say: Put down your Bibles and pick up your swords. You can’t make peace with neighbors whose only regret to this day is that they regret they did not get the chance to finish us off. These types of enemies must be nuked into oblivion!

    • Religion… Certainly a factor in our messed up relations with Armenians. My predetermined spiritual path is the correct one and yours is wrong. Let’s fight… I just wonder if us Turks won the battle of Lepanto and broke out into the Atlantic Ocean and conquered South America. Would the Latinos be all Christian still? We don’t even have to be that dramatic, most countries religions were probably determined by some guys just gossiping at some trade location. A white, long haired guy in the middle east? Sure why not, let’s give him a perfect body too. 24hr Jerusalem gym membership. Let’s not even talk about the guy that married a 6 year old.

  8. Armenians should be volunteering to fight for Russia in Ukraine to pay Russia back for saving Armenia many times. The liberal mentality of modern Armenians is why Armenia is in danger. Armenians voted for their own destruction over and over and are now paying the price. Armenians in the diaspora seem committed to supporting political forces that are hostile to Armenia’s survival.

    • You are either hallucinating or smoking Turkish hashish to spew such nonsense here. Russia is the reason Armenia is in such dire situation. Russia has only ACTED as Armenia’s savior but in reality Russia has used Armenia as a bargaining chip for all anti-Armenian transactions Russia has conducted with our terrorist Turkish and pseudo-Turkish Azerbaijani enemies. Pre Soviet era Russian imperialist Tsars used Armenians to expand their dominions and often times left Armenians all alone against our enemies when they needed the Russians the most and as a result Armenians lost massive territories to the enemy. When Soviets came to power they financed and armed defeated Turkish enemy to get back on its feet to disregard and nullify Wilsonian Armenia mandate, which if ratified would have restored and returned most of today’s Turkish-occupied Western Armenia back to Armenians, and to attack what was left of Armenia and then they would interfere in the last minute and take over the rest and occupy it for the next seventy years of Soviet rule. Even after all that misery they caused the Armenians did not seem to be enough for them. With contemporary Armenia under their occupation, they gave away ancient Armenian provinces of Artsakh and Nakhijevan to newly Soviet-invented artificial Azerbaijan. They chopped Armenia into pieces and destroyed it piece-by-piece and what little piece is left of it today they are trying to cut that into pieces and use them to solve their regional problems with the enemies of Armenia at Armenia’s expense. Instead of advising Armenians about what they should and should not do, why don’t you sober up yourself and wake up from your self-induced coma, and if you are that much concerned about your beloved Russia, then go fight in Ukraine yourself like you are suggesting Armenians to do, and don’t forget to send us a post card!

  9. Spot on, Ararat,
    Found out today from an Armenian press in Armenia, that on March 2021, a member of Russian State Duma,with fake Armenian surname, Sergey Kurghinyan, had made a revelation about the, 44 day Artsakh war. Here’s what he had to say, ” We [Kremlin] could not allow the victory of the Armenians in Artsakh, otherwise we woukd lose the Caucasus, and then all of Russia” . Also, another high ranking member of Russian State Duma, Constantin Zatulin, announced this as recently as last Thursday, ” The Artsakh war was initiated and carried out by Russia”. As you can see, all along we suspected Russia’s backstabing role in the war, and thanks to Russia’s ‘ SMARTEST IMBECILES’ ,Sergey and Constantin, the truth has come out. All agreements that were signed by Pashinyan,Armenia’s ‘SMARTEST IMBECILE AND TRAITOR ‘, should be declared null and void.

  10. ATB,
    Over 600,000 Armenians fought alongside the Red Army, in ’45, and only 440 returned home. Also, about 50,000 Armenian women volunteered to care the wounded during the same year. Do research and you shall find out.

  11. Ararat, ” …they [ Soviets] gave away ancient Armenian provinces of Artsakh and Nakhijevan to newly Soviet-invented artificial Azerbaijan.. “. As a matter of fact, Ararat, in 1918, the Iranian Embassy in Istanbul sent an official letter to the Turkish MFA regarding the creation of, fake Republic of Azerbaijan. This is what the Embassy of Iran wrote, ” Addressed to the honorable Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey.
    In the Caucasus, a new state named Azerbaijan has been created, and implemented in accordance with the agreement between Turkey and Russia, on the other hand, since there is a historical region in Iran and the center of which is Tavriz the fact that never in history has existed in the Caucasus territory such a state or part of a country, our embassy is very surprised. We want you to review and make a decision accordingly”.

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