Hand In Hand repairs mobile dental vehicle to reach rural residents of Artsakh

STEPANAKERT—Hand In Hand is dedicated to delivering free dental services to the people of Artsakh. Our clinics are located in Stepanakert, Martuni, Martakert, Karmir Shuka and Yerevan and are run by a team of 23 full-time local staff totally dedicated to the service of the Artsakh population. In total, the clinics see more than 11,000 visits on average every year for free. 

A casualty of the 2020 Artsakh war was one of two mobile clinics lost in the occupied territory. This winter, Hand In Hand finished a $9,000 renovation of the remaining mobile vehicle making access to the rural villagers possible again this spring once the snow and ice melted off the alpine roads. It will run March/April through October/November, weather permitting.

Hand In Hand mobile clinic

The vehicle allows for village children and some displaced adults to get checked by a dentist for preventive care instead of letting dental problems continue. Hand In Hand offers comprehensive care, including complete exams, cleaning, x-rays, fillings, extractions, sealants and space maintainers.  

The mobile clinic provides therapeutic, minor surgical and oral cavity disease prevention services to the population villages of Artsakh. The vehicle has full facilities for comprehensive dental treatment, including a chair, light, handpiece delivery unit, compressor, suction and digital x-rays, computer and dental software and sterilization equipment and supplies.

In addition to providing care, our staff also shares knowledge about nutrition as well as oral hygiene instruction in each village, which will serve people for their entire lives. 

Presently, the mobile clinic is being stationed in Stepanakert, outside of our office, to care for the displaced children. 

Hand In Hand’s vision is for all the children and people of Artsakh to have strong oral health that will save them pain, money, poor health and set them up for confidence and well-being throughout their lives.

All services provided by Hand In Hand are made possible by the generous support of donors, making them absolutely free to the people of Artsakh.

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