The Pashinyan-Aliyev meeting is not only about the final status of Artsakh, but the disintegration of Armenia

Lilit Galstian, National Assembly of Armenia MP

The following article by Lilit Galstian first appeared in Yerevan Today on May 22, 2022 and has been translated for publication in the Armenian Weekly. Galstian represents the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) as a parliamentary member of the National Assembly of Armenia.

This translation offers the English-speaking world the opportunity to evaluate the extent of the damage inflicted upon Armenia and Artsakh by the current administration. It reflects the fundamental collapse of statecraft and the oath to protect the nation by this collaborative government. Similar to Vichy France, the current administration pursues the policies of the enemies of Armenia and Artsakh as its own and curiously shares the same “detractors” inside and outside Armenia, as do our enemies. 

The statement made by the President of the Council of Europe Charles Michel following the Pashinyan-Aliyev meeting is not only about placing the final nail in Artsakh’s coffin, but it also initiates the disintegration of Armenia and the final capitulation of her statehood. 

At this meeting:

  1. There was not a single word about the ongoing Azeri aggressions during the last year, multiple violations of the territorial integrity of Armenia and the presence of Azerbaijani military units on Armenian soil.
  2. Nothing was mentioned of the return of the POWs and captives.
  3. There was no mention of the right and status of Artsakh’s self-determination, a complete abdication of responsibility on the issue. The settlement of the Artsakh conflict has been reduced to the level of “issues” related to the security and rights of the Armenian population of Karabakh (assuming there is an Armenian left there).
  4. A prompt demarcation procedure is outlined, which is aimed at ceding territories from Armenia to Azerbaijan, leaving Artsakh to Azerbaijan, and recognizing the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.
  5. Under the point of communications, it is clear that Armenia will suffer new losses of territorial integrity and sovereignty. Azerbaijan and Turkey will subject Armenia to transport regulations, which means that free movement through Armenia will be limited and hampered. This is an unthinkable threat to depopulate Armenia.
  6. The peace agreement, which has already been finalized, will announce the final capitulation of Armenia, courtesy of the Anglo-Saxon “democracy” project that brought this administration and its catastrophic plans to Armenia in 2018.
  7. In parallel with all this, the Rubinyan-Kilic talks are ongoing, which in turn contribute to the political downfall of Armenia.
  8. The EU’s promises of socio-economic development are roughly equivalent to the US-backed democracy in Afghanistan and the Arab world. Your Counsel is paid by the price of Armenia’s destruction.

And while an expertly placed insidious traitor is selling our statehood and the country piece by piece, some people still choose to sit in their living rooms, sip their coffee and discuss Ishkhan’s voice, Vanetsyan’s hair, Ashotyan’s shirt color, Galstyan’s sneakers, the sound of patriotic songs from the square or the rising smoke from the bonfires. We are living the proverbial Nero playing the violin while Rome was burning. Will we wake up in time to extinguish the fire, or must we look for what remains of us in the ashes, if any?

There is judgment, and there is a judgment day.

The trilateral meeting of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, the President of the European Council Charles Michel and the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, Brussels, May 22, 2022
Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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  1. I am seriously concerned about Armenia. It seems Armenia is being sold out by Western nations who profess to want to help her. History repeats itself. Praying for Armenia!

  2. The writer perpetuates one of the oldest and dangerous fallacies of Armenian culture, that Armenia, its society and history are somehow manipulated by dark external forces to destroy us. According to this conspiratorial theory, Armenians do not have agency and are at the mercy of these external forces. In my reading of Armenian history and also recent events (the 2020 Artsakh war) the explanation is simpler and more transparent. Armenians were out maneuvered diplomatically, economically and militarily. During the twenty five years after the first Artsakh war victory, I did not see the Armenian governments and diaspora coming together with a plan to counter Azeri oil. I did not see a movement to industrialize and repopulate the country. In fairness, Armenia faced many of the same economic problems that ex Soviet states faced after the Soviet Union collapsed. But the simple fact is that because of its location between genocidal Turkey and Azerbaijan, Armenia has no choice but to be strong. It is in the collective hands of all Armenians to come together as a civil democratic society with a real government and opposition (not traitors !!). The opposition should leave the Square and go back to parliament. Any major foreign policy decisions should pass Foreign Relations and National Defense parliamentary committees with a bipartisan vote, even though Pashinyan’s party enjoys a majority. It will require mature politicians and civil society to do this. Maybe there is a silver lining in the Artsakh war, that Armenia and Artsakh will mature politically, which can end up being a more powerful weapon against autocratic Turkey and Azerbaijan.

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