Serge Momjian publishes Vardan: Armenian Supreme Commander

Vardan Mamikonian was the supreme commander of the Armenian armed forces from 432 to 451 AD, when ancient Armenia had been partitioned between the Byzantine and Persian Empires for more than four decades. The Armenian nobility, also divided into two political camps, pro-Byzantine and pro-Persian, competed for absolute power.

Mamikonian led the rebellion against the Sasanian overlords and their attempt to force Armenian Christians to convert back to Zoroastrianism. He and his army of 60,000 soldiers bravely confronted the Persian imperial army of 260,000 men and their war elephants in the Battle of Avarayr, in what became one of the first holy wars between the Christian and Mazdian religions.

In this book, author Serge Momjian splendidly recaptures the horror of the Christian martyrs of the past and Mamikonian’s terrific spirit, who, along with the Armenian people, defended their principles during a turbulent period of their history. Vardan: Armenian Supreme Commander offers fresh and captivating insights into the battle, as well as crucial events during the dominant reigns of Persian kings and Roman emperors over Armenia. It includes corroborated dialogue and speeches, which bring the ancient world and the main characters to life.

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