ARF will participate in upcoming elections

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) held its Supreme Convention over the weekend. Following is a translation of the announcement released at the convention’s conclusion.

The 24th Supreme Convention of the ARF in Armenia, having discussed the political and security situation in the Republics of Armenia and Artsakh, and after assessing the prevalent sentiment and morale in civic life, as well as the external and domestic challenges and threats resulting from the post-war realities, states the following:

  • For the future of our people and the state, it remains of vital importance to remove the unpatriotic government through the previously announced means and rid the country’s government of “Nikolism.”
  • Although the authorities had to call the early parliamentary elections as a result of the popular struggle, it is evident that the authorities will do everything to prolong their rule under the guise of the elections.
  • If held, early parliamentary elections will be crucial for the preservation of our national identity and statehood. 

Based on the aforementioned assessments, the ARF Supreme Convention of Armenia decided:

  1. To participate in early parliamentary elections, in the event the vote takes place, as one of the means to oust the unpatriotic authorities;
  2. Decisions about the manner in which the ARF will take part in the eventual elections will be entrusted to the ARF Supreme Council of Armenia.

The ARF Supreme Convention of Armenia calls on our compatriots, in any event—whether elections will take place or not—to continue the fight to remove the unpatriotic authorities, for the sake of the country’s future.

April 18, 2021

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