Coalition of Armenian professional organizations announces June conference

NEW YORK CITY, NY and LOS ANGELES, Calif. – In furtherance of intra-diasporan cooperation and the protection, prosperity, and progress of Armenia, the diaspora’s professional organizations, with the support of several sister Armenian organizations, have joined forces through the United Armenian Inter-Org (United AIO) coalition. This alliance aims to build a stronger, well-connected community of professional Armenians who can work together to address the issues facing Armenians today.

United AIO will be hosting a virtual conference on Saturday, June 5th titled “Building Armenia Together: Wiser & Stronger.” The purpose of the conference is 1) to explore problems facing Armenia and the Diaspora, 2) to propose solutions to those problems, and 3) to solicit active

participation in implementing those solutions. The conference will feature panels of speakers from various fields and specialties and include presentations of noteworthy proposals submitted by the Armenian public at-large. Interested individuals will soon be able to submit their proposals online.

The various substantive panels will address issues of Public Health, National Security, Innovation and Education, Business, and Public Relations and Advocacy. “We will go beyond just examining what Armenia’s strategic needs are now and proposing solutions in the abstract to meet them,” explained conference advisor and organizer Armen Morian. “United-AIO will create a forum for engagement in which conference participants will be able to bring their best ideas forward and propose specific projects, and give those projects an opportunity to attract human and donor capital in a marketplace that will serve as a ‘non-profit accelerator,’” he continued.

Lucy Varpetian, Chairwoman of the Armenian Bar Association, one of the participating groups, expressed, “If the diaspora is our earth, then Armenia is our sun. Year in and year out, we revolve around the source of our light, our love, and our loyalty. This admirable initiative will help the diaspora and the homeland keep in sync on matters aimed at preserving and protecting our nation.”

A full list of participating organizations, along with conference registration and contact information, can be found online. A full list of speakers is forthcoming.

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Guest Contributor

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