COAF, Debet Municipality and Gradarak establish a library in Debet village

L-R: COAF managing director Korioun Khatchadourian, Gradarak NGO co-founder Arusik Zeynalyan, Debet village mayor Ashot Ghazaryan

YEREVAN – On March 10, Children of Armenia Fund (COAF), Gradarak Libraries, an educational and cultural NGO determined to spread libraries throughout Armenia and Artsakh, and Debet (a village in the Lori region of Armenia) Municipality signed a memorandum of cooperation at COAF’s Yerevan office. 

Thanks to the partnership, a new modern multifunctional library will be established on the first floor of Debet Village Municipality. The space will also serve for seminars, workshops and community events. The new library is part of COAF’s SMART Debet initiative that aspires to become an exemplary holistic development model in rural communities. 

“Our goal is to transform Debet into a SMART village. By altering the municipality building, we also establish an authentic 21st century library that is indispensable for every community. Moreover, a catchy library will motivate more villagers to visit the municipality and thus be active community members,” said COAF managing director Korioun Khatchadourian. “We value our partnership with Gradarak, which has the mission and broad experience of building modern libraries in rural communities.” 

Debet library rendering

The library will occupy 100 square meters and will feature a small quiet work area, a study room, as well as larger reception halls for events and meetings. 

“Currently, there are people who use the municipality library, but it is less motivating for them as the condition of the books is not that good. The new library will increase the flow of people with its attractiveness and variety of books,” said Debet Village Mayor Ashot Ghazaryan

Debet library will be available to all villagers above three years old and will be equipped with computers, a projector, a big screen, microphones, speakers and furniture. The number of books will gradually increase from 400 to 4,000. Table games will also be available. 

“We value our collaboration for two main reasons․ First, we are glad to enter a new community and be able to serve more children and adults of the Lori region. Second, this is a great way of showcasing how successful and effective cooperation between non-profit organizations can be. Uniting forces for creating a better Armenia is amazing and should be a priority for all of us,” emphasized Arusik Zeynalyan, the co-founder and director of Gradarak Libraries NGO. 

The cost of the project is $40,000. COAF will cover the building and furnishing costs of the library, while Gradarak will ensure the continuous and smooth operation of the institution, including the provision of a librarian by hiring a local specialist. Debet Municipality will cover part of the operational costs and ensure access to the library seven days a week. 

Debet library rendering
Children of Armenia Fund

Children of Armenia Fund

The Children of Armenia Fund is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2003. Our community-based, comprehensive approach to reducing rural poverty has helped Armenian village youth access the resources to achieve and in turn, give back to their communities and the world.

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