New Book, Spirits on the Mountain, to Support Armenia Fund

Spirits on the Mountain is the true story of an Armenian folk hero named Çatli Samel. The goal of this publication was to share a short story about the Armenians who survived and preserved their identity during the genocide. This story, among many others, was passed down to me from my father about the Armenians of Yozgat, where violent mobs and the Ottoman military attempted to erase all Armenian life and culture, just as the Turkish and Azeri governments are attempting to do so again today against the Armenians in Artsakh.

Spirits on the Mountain exemplifies the indestructible spirit of Armenians. At a time when despair has covered the Armenian highland, there emerged an Armenian folk hero who held back the violent tide long enough for Armenians to seek refuge.

All net proceeds will be directed to the Armenia Fund. Spirits on the Mountain is readily available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and will soon be available at most online bookstores and even accessible to order from book shops.

Aris Govjian

Aris Govjian

Aris is a Los Angeles based writer and businessperson. He enjoys writing about Armenian related topics, science fiction and business.
Aris Govjian

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