Presenting Sam Zadig’s The Earth Was Hers

The Earth Was Hers
By Sam Zadig
June 2020
356 pp.

A beautiful Afghani girl is the lone survivor in her family after an attack by the Taliban. With the aid and encouragement of an American social worker, Nadia opens a school for girls and becomes an inspiration to her people. Americans fall in love with her, turning her into a viral sensation. But Nadia becomes a target. When she flees to the US to attend a university in Seattle, she is closely watched—including by some people with far more sinister intentions than the media.

In Israel, microbiologist Dr. Emily Rabin is contacted to create a vaccine to counter a fast-acting biological plague that may be released into the general population by a mysterious underground terrorist organization called the Evoluti.

Meanwhile, in Washington, DC, the White House is on high alert. The president and his family have been evacuated. Tamar, once a promising artist but now a specialist for a bomb squad, arrives at the scene. If it was a nuclear device, as suspected by the many agents already on-site, her protective suit would do nothing for her.

The tentacles of the Evoluti reach far and wide in this novel of intrigue and deceit. Who can be trusted? How can they be stopped? The lives of the three women involved in the tale intersect in surprising ways as the tension builds in this thriller novel.

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Guest Contributor

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