Lebanon: A Cry for Peace and Resuscitation

By Zaven Khanjian, AMAA Executive Director

The explosion that took the lives of scores of innocent Lebanese and wounded thousands in Beirut on Tuesday is beyond devastating. Whether an accident or the cunning deliberate act of evil hands and minds, the damage is beyond extensive and bearable. The resulting devastation and destruction caused is so widespread and immense that some describe it as unseen or unexperienced during the 15-year Civil War.

A country severely suffering from political, economic, financial and health crises has now experienced violence and physical damage to life and properties. Our hearts cry for the victims of the explosion and their families. It is my hope and prayer that this does not lead to widespread violence in a country that has for ages offered the illumination of education, freedom of movement and expression, its natural beauty and the warmth of its people to the region and beyond. It is where my alma mater is. May the victims rest in peace and may the Holy Spirit console loved ones and families with its power which is beyond understanding.

Lebanon, now, more than ever, desperately needs two things.

PEACE, first and foremost

Since independence in the 1940s, and because of the abundant vital freedoms that are native to the region: the atmosphere of free expression, free press and the beautiful natural amenities the country is blessed with and has offered, Lebanon has been the focal point of all clandestine and covert operations, intrigues and conspiracies plotted in the region. This small, once majority Christian nation in the heart of the Near East, lying on the shores of the Mediterranean is tired of the rivalries and duels, strife and struggles carried out on its soil. Lebanon today, beyond its corrupt political elite, has been subjected to collective punishment through direct or indirect sanctions which have suffocated its economy, paralyzed its trade and is on its way to starve the country and its population. It is imperative that inhumane sanctions in the region leading to and resulting in the suffering of millions be lifted immediately. Rival powers in the region should settle their differences around a negotiating table and not the dinner tables of its peaceful and innocent population. Peace is imperative and a top priority in Lebanon and beyond.


Struck with the curses of political, economic, financial plus COVID-19 ailments, Lebanon now needs all decent, loving and caring hands in the world to come to its rescue. Emergency assistance including food, provisions, medicine, and shelter that was urgently needed yesterday are supplemented today with the simplest of needs including cover (glass or other) for the shattered structural and moral windows and doors of the country.

All destructive hands off Lebanon.

This is an appeal to all peace loving, compassionate and Christ-centered hands and hearts to reach out and save Lebanon and the region beyond.

The AMAA is committed to unabashedly continue its indiscriminate emergency assistance to our communities in Lebanon injecting hope and revival.

Thank you for your support.

Armenian Missionary Association of America
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