Armenia Tree Project revitalizes communities in Tavush

How tree-planting can aid the most vulnerable communities in Artsakh

Children in Artsakh during ATP’s Environmental Education lessons

On Sunday, July 12 , Azerbaijan’s armed forces started an aggressive military attack, targeting civilian infrastructures and the population in the border villages of Armenia’s northern province of Tavush, despite an international call for a ceasefire amongst a global pandemic. This has endangered the lives and safety of the peaceful population of Tavush, as well as Artsakh. These provocative actions have been effectively repressed, thanks to the bravery and proportionate actions of the Armenian army.

One of ATP’s biggest concerns for the security of Armenia and Artsakh is the well-being and prosperity of its border villages. Since 1994, our work has been concentrated in the most vulnerable communities in villages, cities and towns with the most need of greenery. 

In Artsakh, trees have been planted in village and city parks in Stepanakert, Martuni, Berdzor and Shushi, at a hospital in Martuni, around memorials, at Tigranakert Museum, in kindergartens and schools, churches and monasteries such as Gandzasar, military bases, as well as along borders. 

ATP has largely concentrated on greening military bases in Artsakh which have created more beautiful and pleasant environments for the army. 

Trees have also been distributed to locals in Tsiternavank community and to Syrian-Armenian refugee families in the Kashatagh region. In 2015, ATP gave fruit trees to 200 families in Kashatagh and taught them how to grow and care for the trees. After some years’ time, the families will be able to sell the fruit and earn income for their households. 

In total, ATP has planted 35,884 trees at 42 sites in Artsakh. 

The focus and attention that is given to these areas help ATP’s trees to grow and flourish and create a stronger bond between the people and the land they live on. 

Now more than ever, ATP is relying on the financial support of its donors to aid us in our mission to assist the Armenian people in using trees to improve their standard of living and protect the environment, by revitalizing communities through tree-planting initiatives and providing socio-economic support to the most vulnerable inhabitants. 

We’re honored to work with the inhabitants of these villages, whose bravery and resilience inspires us with every visit. We’re grateful to be able to support them. ATP will continue to bring its environmental and educational programs to the border villages of Tavush and Artsakh for years to come.

Armenia Tree Project (ATP) is a non-profit program based in Woburn and Yerevan conducting vitally important environmental projects in Armenia's cities and villages and seeks support in advancing its reforestation mission. Since 1994, ATP has planted and restored more than 6,000,000 trees, and hundreds of jobs have been created for Armenians in seasonal tree-related programs.

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