ARF Supreme Council of Armenia Issues Statement on Azerbaijani Aggression

Once again Azerbaijan is resorting to aggression. In order to divert attention from its own domestic problems, this time it has targeted the northeastern border of the Republic of Armenia, during which peaceful civilian homes were shelled. Azerbaijan’s military efforts on the sovereignty and territory of the republics of Armenia and Artsakh, just as before and now, are doomed to fail due to the professional and dedicated defense by the valiant Armenian Armed Forces.

The Republic of Turkey blatantly is expressing its support for Azerbaijan’s invasion attempts, once again proving its government’s ingrained racism and hatred. Through their sacred resolve for the homeland, the Armenian people will thwart Turkey’s blind hatred toward Armenians and Armenia. History has shown time and again that the Armenian people are united in the defense of the homeland.

As always, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF), with its global structure, steadfastly stands with the victorious Armenian Armed Forces and its soldiers who are on the frontlines of the homeland’s defense.

At the same time we insist that the international community and the civilized world not remain indifferent toward the warmongering by the Turkey-Azerbaijan alliance, which can be catastrophic not only for the fragile ceasefire but for the entire region.

Thus, in appealing to the international community, we call on them to not simply issue their usual restrained overtures to the sides, but clearly understand the Turkey-Azerbaijan aggression and come up with necessary measures to avoid a calamity.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation
Supreme Council of Armenia
July 13, 2020

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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