AMAA’s Support Sustains Life in Lebanon

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PARAMUS, NJ – In spite of the increasing economic difficulties and challenges faced, the Armenian Evangelical Social Action Committee (SAC) of Lebanon reported that the first phase of its relief distribution project is complete.

Two large trucks full of food and household items arrived at Trad Center of SAC on June 16, 2020. The goods were stored in the warehouse by church youth group volunteers in Beirut.

The following two days were the most laborious ones for the young team. Along with their difficult, meticulous work and passionate service, they were able to complete the task before the deadline.

The youth were organized. They packaged the items into two different bags to differentiate between edible and non-edible supplies and placed them in boxes to deliver en masse. They distributed a total of 200 boxes and 400 bags to 200 needy families. Each family received one box and two nylon bags. “I had the privilege of serving our community with good friends over a few short days…seeing the happiness in their eyes was in itself enough to be grateful,” said Harout Melikian, a youth volunteer.

The youth distributed most of the food parcels at the Center, while they delivered the rest to the designated houses. Short prayer opportunities were also created upon delivery. Volunteer Talar Haidostian, who delivered parcels to an elderly woman, said, “I asked her whether she had any prayer request I could pray for. Her face lit up and she thanked me repeatedly.” 

The families who received this support included those who have long suffered from financial difficulties and many others who have just recently lost their jobs or are receiving 25-percent of their salaries due to the economic situation or the pandemic. “According to what I experienced, the present difficult circumstances made the community service even more impactful,” said youth volunteer George Sahili.

Thanks to contributions from  supporters, the AMAA was able to help 200 families in need. The Armenian Evangelical Social Action Committee Office received calls from the families the next day, stating that it was the first time they received such an abundant and good quality parcel donation. Youth volunteer Garin Atamian, thankful for the opportunity to serve, said, “I thank God for giving us the chance to give back to our community and to serve Him by serving others.” 

“Despite an ominous outlook of things to come pressing on our minds and souls, the impact from distributing food to families in need and the testimonies of the young volunteers gives us a glimmer of hope, encouragement and fulfillment,” said Zaven Khanjian, AMAA Executive Director and CEO. “This is not and should not remain an isolated act, but rather an ongoing ‘must do’ service to a community, innocent of local, regional and foreign dark elements, who have applied this unfair collective punishment and created the current tragic situation in Lebanon.” 

Armenian Missionary Association of America
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