Detroit Hamazkayin Hosts 15th Annual Dance Performance

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NOVI, Mich.—Detroit’s Hamazkayin Armenian Educational & Cultural Society hosted a high energy program to celebrate Yerevan’s 2800th anniversary, Gomidas Vartabed’s 150th birth anniversary and Detroit Hamazkayin’s Arax Dance ensemble’s 15th anniversary on Saturday, November 9 at Novi High School.

The 500-member audience was treated to Detroit Hamazkayin’s own talented Arax Dance Ensemble during a two-hour dance program. Detroit Hamazkayin Chapter Chair Shoghere Ourlian opened the program, greeting supporters and recognizing the event contributors: ARF Azadamard Gomideh, the four Metro Detroit Armenian Churches and various donors in the community. She conveyed special appreciation for the performers’ hard work and promised attendees a very special evening.

Under the direction of Nayiri Karapetian and co-instructor Dikran Callan, the Arax Dance Ensemble has blossomed over the years into a mature and sophisticated troupe of performers ready to take risks for the sake of authentic performance. The group has approximately 150 dance members.

Hamazkayin’s junior dance ensembles Hrashk and Houys also contributed to the program and displayed their developing talent and growing attention to choreography to a delighted audience.

Dance selections included the following: Der Voghormia, Gomidas tribute, Dagh Gorani, Donagan Hayasdan, Vagharshapati Bar, Varatavar (Performed by the Houys group), Haygazunner, Desnem Ani’n, Shalakho, Qele Qele, Kamancha (Performed by the Houys girls), Chinar Es, Hye-Hye, Kedashen (Performed by the Hrashk group), Artsakh, Daroni Kertsi (Performed by the Hrashk boys & Houys group), Al Ayloughs, Hayasdani Yerke, Gindo bar, Dzaghgadz Baleni and a Gomidas medley performance by the Hrashk girls.

The evening ended with bouquets for Nayiri Karapetian, Dikran Callan and all the assistants. Ourlian closed the program by thanking the instructors, the dance performers and parents for their dedication and tireless efforts.

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