The Hamazkayin Arax Dance Ensemble Celebrates Armenian Culture and Heritage in its 13th Annual Show

DETROIT—The Hamazkayin Arax Dance Ensemble’s 13th annual recital celebrated Armenian culture and heritage with Detroit’s Armenian community on Nov. 12.

A scene from the grand finale: “Msho Tashder” (Photo: Hamazkayin Detroit)

The theme of the performance was “Celebrating 50 years of Cultural Perseverance,” dedicated to Detroit Hamazkayin’s 50th anniversary. Hamazkayin Arax Dance Ensemble has close to 150 dancers, and all were on stage to perform.

A scene from “Im Anoush Davigh” (Photo: Hamazkayin Detroit)

Detroit Hamazkayin chair Shoghere Ourlian opened the event with welcoming remarks. She thanked the guests, sponsors, and parents for their support and commitment. She especially thanked the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Azadamard gomideoutiun of Detroit for its continuous moral and financial support of the Hamazkayin Arax Dance Ensemble since its inception. She also invited the Armenian youth of the Detroit area to become active members of the Armenian community and to join Hamazkayin and other Armenian organizations that speak to their heart.

A scene from “Der Zor” (Photo: Hamazkayin Detroit)

Following introductions, the Arax group performed the dance “Avarayr,” filling auditorium with enthusiasm and pride. The Arax, Houys, and Hrashk groups performed 24 dances, meticulously prepared and beautifully choreographed. The youngest group, Hrashk, stole the show and captured the hearts with their smiles and passion. The audience was especially moved by the “Naz Bar” and “Msho Tashder” dances. The crowd of 500 left the auditorium rejuvenated and filled with Armenian spirit.

“Nareh” by the Houys group (Photo: Hamazkayin Detroit)

Dance instructors Nayiri Karapetian and Dikran Callan did a wonderful job teaching and presenting the dances, along with their two young assistants Tamar Changelian and Allen Oganyan.


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