Artsakh Supports Catalonia’s Right to Self-Determination

STEPANAKERT, Artsakh (A.W.)—The Information and Public Relations Department of the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Artsakh released a short statement on Oct. 28 in support of the right of the people of Catalonia to independently determine their political status through a “democratic expression of will.”

“The right of the people of Catalonia to independently determine their political status through a democratic expression of will is undeniable,” read a part of the statement, which highlighted the right of peoples to self-determination in accordance with several fundamental UN documents.

“We consider it important that the resolution of the political crisis between Barcelona and Madrid be achieved by exclusively peaceful means, through dialogue,” the statement went on.

The Ministry statement also recalled Azerbaijan’s refusal to recognize the people of Artsakh’s right to self-determination and the use of force by Baku to resolve political issues.


  1. This is so stupid. Catalinia’s move is akin to Artsakh one day trying separate itself from Armenia. Do Armenians think before they open their mouths?

    • Norserunt is alas typical of too many Armenians – those who take pride in displaying their lamentable ignorance of and indifference to the wider world beyond Armenia, yet still expecting everyone in that wider world to know all about and be concerned for Armenia. Thankfully this statement from Artsakh indicates there are competent persons in the Artsakh administration who realize that human rights and democracy are far more powerful forces to weld against Azerbaijan than obsolete Russian weaponry. The parallels between the Catalana situation in relation to the Madrid regime and that of Artsakh and the Baku regime are numerous; many of the statements issued by those regimes could be almost interchangeable.

  2. Norserunt, you are on the right track, but not on the mark. I don’t think that Artsakh will ever attempt to break away from Armenia once it is united. This is the advantage that we Armenians have compared to other races. Artsakhtsis would not have any motivations for it, we all the same people and speak the same language, save for the two dialects.

    My own concern is, that in comparing itself to Catalonia, and supporting its independence without consideration, Artsakh is inadvertently suggesting that it was once a part of Azerbaijan “legitimately”. Moreover, these movements which have suddenly popped up like Scotland and Catalonia are not comparable to Artsakh. They are motivated by economic reasons and not because their respective governments is attempting genocide on them like what Artsakh went through.

    This simply shows the limitations that Artsakh has and it is sadly a result of inexperience as a young nation, and lack of diplomatic training and insight. The underlying logic here is, “oh did we hear the term self-determination? Yeah we support them” – this is too simplistic an approach and can set a dangerous precedent not to mention give Azerbaijan more ammunition, given that these independence movements are not even successful. In these cases it is best for the Artsakh leadership to not state any opinion at all.

  3. My parents have been born and raised Artsakh, moved back to motherland after 27 years of leaving away from the country they can’t live without . It’s hurting me to watch them fighting for they rights and defending themselves against to Aliev’s aggression. Artsakh and citizens had enough, we deserve to be recognized!!! Thank you, Anna Turcotte!

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