Out With the Old, in With the New: AYF Revives Armenian Cultural Education Weekend


FRANKLIN, Mass.— This year, the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF-YOARF) Eastern U.S. will host Armenian Cultural Education Weekend (ACE)—a new and informative event dedicated to educating AYF members about the historic and abundant Armenian culture. Though ACE is not necessarily a new event, it has been revived by the AYF and has potential to create a strong legacy of educating Armenian youth.

The highly anticipated event will take place in three locations, allowing for maximum attendance

The highly anticipated event will take place in three locations, allowing for maximum attendance:

  • New England ACE: Sept. 15-17 hosted by Greater Boston “Nejdeh” at AYF Camp Haiastan
  • Midwest ACE: Oct. 13-15 hosted by Chicago “Ararat”
  • Mid-Atlantic ACE: Oct. 20-22 hosted by New Jersey “Arsen”

By allowing participants to stay overnight with Armenian friends and family, both the setting and the educationals will allow the Armenian culture to be truly saturated into the minds and hearts of each and every attendee.

The weekend will consist of numerous interactive activities pertaining to the rich Armenian culture. The AYF members will rotate through six stations, each teaching a new aspect of Armenian culture. At the stations, the Junior AYF members will listen to a short lecture (lasting about 10 minutes) about a certain facet of the culture, followed by the majority of time spent creating a craft or participating in a hands-on activity. The various topics include music, art, dance, cooking, poetry, and AYF’s community role.

On Saturday night, there will be a showcase and dinner for families to attend. The ACE participants will have the opportunity to broadcast the intricate crafts they have created and newfound knowledge they have accumulated throughout the event. The entire community is invited to attend the showcase.

AYF members are invited to participate in the exciting and new event. Both Seniors and Juniors are welcome, and Seniors are encouraged to help with stations or be counselors for groups. ACE will truly be a new and creative experience that all Armenians should try.


Please contact the committee (cjc@ayf.org) if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.



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