Maksim Manukyan Becomes World Greco-Roman Wrestling (80 kg) Champion

Armenia Claims Second Gold Medal at World Championship

PARIS (A.W.)—Armenia’s Maksim Manukyan became the world Greco-Roman Wrestling champion (80 kg) after beating Belarusian Radik Koulin 5-2 at the World Wrestling Championship in Paris on Aug. 22.

Armenia’s Maksim Manukyan (Photo: Artur Aleksanyan/Facebook)

Manukyan’s gold medal win comes one day after his Armenian teammate and reigning Olympic champion Artur Aleksanyan became the world Greco-Roman Wrestling champion in the 98 kg category after beating Russia’s Musa Yevloyev 3-1 by decision on Aug. 21.

Manukyan competed at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, taking the 16th spot out of 21. He was eliminated from medal contention by Hungary’s Viktor Lorincz.


  1. I think Armenian needs to start supporting its athletes in every way possible so we can have more Olypmic Champions this time in every sport.

    God bless Armenia.

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