Sireli Unger Mark

In Memory of Mark Alashaian


Sireli unger Mark,

To some, you were a stranger with a recognizable voice. To many, you were a peer, always ready with a funny story. To several, you were a mentor with an inspiring lesson. To all of us, you were an unger—a leader with a stern reprimand, an adviser with experience to share, a friend with a joke to get through a long day, a coach with a particularly difficult drill, and quite simply an unger. Your reprimands were not taken lightly, your experiences will be learned from by  generations to come, and your jokes will be repeated to get through the long days that lie ahead.

‘To all of us, you were an unger…’

Today’s generation of AYF-YOARF ungers was lucky to have learned a lot from you. We learned to respect our elders for their wealth of knowledge, our peers for what they have to share, our communities for they are our structure, and our nation for it is our future. We learned to give as much as we could and then give a little more. We learned to be leaders and not followers. We learned to question others no matter the circumstance. We learned that being tired is not an option when there is a job to be done. We learned to live life to the fullest and make every minute count. Some of us also learned a few choice words that we were not allowed to repeat…

Surely, there was more to learn and we are sorry to have missed those opportunities. Please know that your lessons will not be forgotten, your larger than life nature cannot be replicated, and your positive outlook will be something we continue to strive for.

Sireli unger,

Meetings with you were both excruciating and entertaining. Your genuine feedback to every suggestion was a refreshing example of honesty for many. The boards you sat on and the executives you chaired are simply a fraction of the work you accomplished over your years of service to the Armenian people. You constantly and consistently showed an unwavering dedication to the Armenian cause for which you fought day in and day out. This may be the most important lesson we learned. Our cause, our nation, and our purpose cannot wait and we, as ungers, have no right to make it wait.

Thank you for everything you have given us. We will continue to hear your voice and look for your guidance, sireli unger.



Nairi Khachatourian

Nairi Khachatourian

Nairi Khachatourian

Nairi Khachatourian grew up in the Boston Armenian community. She attended St. Stephen's Armenian Elementary School as a child, took on an active role in the AYF Greater Boston "Nejdeh" chapter as an adolescent, and worked in the Hairenik and the Armenian Weekly offices while pursuing her degree. Khachatourian has served on local and regional committees and executives throughout her AYF career and currently serves on the AYF-YOARF Eastern Region Central Executive.
Nairi Khachatourian

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