Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (June 24, 2017)


He who knows himself best esteems himself least.

H.G. Bohn

Two Key Men in a Dead Lock

I fail to appreciate twelve-tone music
Because there is no key:
For me the music is enlocked;
A lock that has no key is dead.
Therefore, Schoenberg and I remain deadlocked.

A Slight Misapprehension

A happy pair, in smart array,
By Holy Church united,
From London town, in open shay,
Set off by love incited.

The day was dull as dull could be,
So (dreaming of no pun),
Quoth John, “I hope, my dear, that we
May have a little sun.”

To which his bride, with simple heart,
Replied (‘twas nature taught her),
“Well—I confess—for my own part—
I’d rather have a daughter.”

From My Persian Dictionary

Yárí: love
Majnún: love-sick, lunatic
´Ashik: lover
Yár: “

What’s in a Name?

Getzoyan; Armenian in derivation, identified as descriptive term, getzo is defined  as long-live, bravo, well done.

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