Equal Parts Love and Butter: To All Armenian Moms

To all Armenian moms on Mother’s Day,

Thank you.

To all Armenian moms on Mother’s Day. Thank you.

Thank you for showing strength like I’ve never seen before.
For dragging me to Armenian school on Fridays and church on Sundays.
For making sure that I never went without.
For shoveling an extra helping of pilaf onto my plate even when I’d had enough.
For chauffeuring me to birthday parties, AYF meetings, and barahantesses.
For somehow saving enough money to send me to Camp Haiastan for not one, but two sessions each summer.
For sharing your culinary secret: equal parts love and butter.
For opening our home every weekend to my friends and for treating them like family.
For piecing together pennies and scraps of fabric to make a costume for my Armenian dance recitals. It still hangs in my closet even today.
For patiently guiding me through the awkward steps of a traditional haleh.
For running a houseful and still managing to find time for work, the ARS, Ladies’ Guild, and the Church Board.
For taking me to get my eyebrows done at twelve years old because—let’s face it—that could have been tragic.
For stuffing my bags full of homemade snacks packaged neatly in Tupperwares before I left for college.
For sitting proudly in the front row for every Sunday School pageant, April 24th speech, and talent show I’ve given.
For lathering my back with madzoon when I was sunburnt and my front with Vicks when I was sick.
For demanding that I always do my best and to walk with pride knowing just that.
For sending me off on an eight-hour bus ride to Junior Seminar and trusting that the Seniors would take good care of me (they did).
For being tough on me when I needed it and warm when I needed it more.
For buying all of the leftovers at the AYF bake sale—even though you aren’t fond of sweets.
For embarrassing me by taking too many pictures, which at the time I hated. Now I look back with such fondness at the memories you saved.
For being a mother to my friends as well.
For showing me how to be kind.
For teaching me how to stand up for what I believe.
For making me into the Armenian and the woman I am today.
For loving me unconditionally, and for understanding that I’m trying my best to make you proud.

Thank you.

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  1. avatar Zepur Kesserian Loulou // May 16, 2017 at 3:08 am // Reply

    Thank you,for sharing, wonderful article,bravo engerouhis Arev,whatever you are remembering I do toooo.😃
    God bless you,and our dear mothers and grand mothers,they left us great memories,I am proud to be an Armenian.

  2. Arev has always been sunlight in my life. Literally, from the moment she was born, I knew she ‘got it’. She was an old soul in a new body. In her, I see our past, our present, and our future. I’m blessed that she’s my daughter. The world is blessed because she’s making it a better place every day.

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