Providence Plays Host to the Homenetmen Regional Tivan Meeting

Navasartian Games Kick Off on July 1

PROVIDENCE, R.I.—The Homenetmen Providence Chapter welcomed participants to the Homenetmen Eastern Regional Chapter Executive’s “Tivan” meeting. The meetings took place at the Sts. Vartanantz Church Aramian Hall on March 25, organized by the Homenetmen Eastern Region Executive Committee. The following chapter Tivans were in attendance: Albany, Boston, Detroit, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, and the weekend’s host, the Providence chapter.   What is traditionally known to be a busy weekend was met with great enthusiasm by all in attendance.

The Homenetmen Providence Chapter welcomed participants to the Homenetmen Eastern Regional Chapter Executive’s “Tivan” meeting.

Many organizational, athletic, and scouting matters were discussed by the Homentmen Eastern Regional Executive and the chapters in attendance. The meeting agenda included a summary of the regional annual report, a financial outlook, circulars and directives, the 40th anniversary of the Eastern Region, the 100th Anniversary of Homenetmen, the Regional Athletic Committee’s report, updates on the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Navasartian Games, the Pan-Homenetmen Athletic Games 2017 in Armenia, the Homenetmen Canadian Regional Games, public relations, Marzig magazine, the organization’s website, the joint Armenian Youth Federation (AYF)-Homenetmen Youth Newsletter, the Regional Scout Council report, updates on the 2017 and 2019 Regional Scouting panagoums (camps), and the Pan-Homenetmen Scouting Jamboree 2018 in Armenia.

During the Regional “Tivan” meeting, the host Providence chapter’s official “kick-off” of the highly anticipated event, the upcoming Homenetmen Eastern Regional 27th Navasartian Games on July 1-4, 2017 in Providence was presented.  The informational booklet already transmitted in advance to all eleven chapters and to the Canadian Region.

As always the host city was sure to promise a weekend full of entertainment, sportsmanship, and camaraderie.  Over 750 athletes and scouts from the East Coast and Canada will travel to Providence to participate during the upcoming Navasartian Games.  This year’s games will offer events in basketball, soccer, volleyball, track, swimming, and tennis.  Athletic games will take place at the East Greenwich High School and will stay at the Biltmore Hotel located in heart of Providence.

In addition to the sporting events, the steering committee has a number of events planned to keep all attendees entertained:  Sunday night dance, on July 2 at Biltmore Hotel, featuring renowned singer Kevork Artinian and band (also featured during the 2017 Armenian Heritage Cruise), also DJ Rams from Boston.  Monday night Victory Gala Banquet on July 3 at the R.I. Convention Center featuring energetic and renowned singer Elie Berberian and band, also DJ Rams.

Providence is excited to be hosting these games in a “Providential Way” and is looking forward to welcoming all the scouts, athletes and their families to Rhode Island.   Organizers said that they hope that all can make it to the Homenetmen Eastern Regional 27th Navasartian Games

This year we will not only look back and reflect on the 99 years of memories and service that the Homenetmen has provided to the Armenian Youth around the world, but also the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the Homenetmen Eastern USA Region.

Please visit the official Homenetmen Navasartian Games website at for more information and purchase ticket /VIP passes in advance at the discounted rates.



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