2017 AYF Olympics: Affordable

2017 Armenian Youth Federation Senior Olympic Games, Hosted by the AYF-YOARF Racine “Armen Garo” Chapter, to Take Place in Downtown Milwaukee

$120/night. That’s not a typo.

Hyatt Regency Milwaukee in Downtown Milwaukee

$120/night (plus tax) is all you will pay for a single, double, triple, or quad room at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee in Downtown Milwaukee.

$120/night to sleep in a plush Hyatt Grand Bed II™, workout in a StayFit™ Gym, savor market-fresh cuisine at Bistro 333 or wind down in Bar 333.

$120/night to stay in a vibrant urban downtown, within walking distance of 100’s of restaurants, attractions and entertainment venues and, don’t forget, the greatest of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan.

$120/night is only $1/night more than the rate was at the same Hyatt Regency Milwaukee at the 2006 AYF Olympic Games.

$120/night is also $39/night less than the rate at the Hyatt Regency New Brunswick at last year’s AYF Olympic Games. That’s affordable.

What else is affordable? $80 for a weekend Hye Pass.

$80 to listen and dance to…

…Chicago’s own Hye Vibes featuring John Harotian on clarinet, Mark Gavoor on oud and vocals, John Paklaian on dumbeg and vocals, Kraig Kuchukian on keyboard, and Stepan Fronjian on kanoun and vocals.

…Yerakouyn, the reigning AYF band, featuring Shant Massoyan on guitar and vocals, Raffi Massoyan on drums and vocals, and Raffi Rachdouni on keyboard and vocals.

…The spectacular Kevork Artinian and Friends featuring Kevork Artinian on vocals, George Tebrejian on keyboards, Jim Kzirian on drums, Steve Vosbikian on clarinet and Raffi Massoyan on saz and percussion, and Michael Gostanian.

…The Philadelphia All Stars featuring Michael Gostanian on vocals, David Hoplamazian on violin, Aram Hovagimian on keyboards, Antranig Kzirian on oud, Jim Kzirian on dumbeg, Chris Vosbikian on dumbeg, and Steve Vosbikian on clarinet.


Not $90… Not $100…. Not $120.

Anything else? $9.99.

$9.99 or less is only 105 feet away from the Hyatt lobby.

$9.99 or less for “made from scratch” meals using fresh quality ingredients from mostly Wisconsin growers and producers.

$9.99 or less for breakfast, lunch or dinner, at any time, any day.

$9.99 or less. Nothing on the menu at the 24-7 George Webb’s Restaurant is more than $9.99.

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“Oor eh? Hos eh!”

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