Breaking: Lapshin Extradited, Detained in Baku

BAKU, Azerbaijan (A.W.)—Images of Russian-Israeli blogger Alexander Lapshin being detained in Baku were released by the Interfax news agency just hours after news broke out that the Supreme Court of Belarus rejected his appeal and upheld the decision of the Prosecutor General’s office to extradite him to Azerbaijan.

A scene from Lapshin’s detention in Baku (Photo: Interfax)

Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh/NKR) Ombudsman Ruben Melikyan was quick to condemn the decision to extradite Lapshin. “Demonstrative prosecution of Lapshin is an attack [on] free speech and freedom of movement. Should be condemned in the strongest terms,” Melikyan tweeted, adding “Lapshin’s case is a black-and-white issue. Oppression v. Freedom. Human Rights defenders and journalists should visit NKR more as a response,” in a separate tweet.

Lapshin faces criminal prosecution in Azerbaijan for “illegal border crossing” and “public calls against the country.” Following the Supreme Court decision, Nagorno-Karabagh President Spokesperson Davit Babayan said that Lapshin’s extradition is a “challenge” to Israel.

A scene from Lapshin’s detention in Baku (Photo: Interfax)

“The decision causes serious damage to the credibility of the country,” Babayan told reporters on Feb. 7, adding, “We deem the decision of Belarus as scandalous, disgraceful, and illegal.”

A scene from Lapshin’s detention in Baku (Photo: Interfax)

Babayan said that he is confident that the people of Belarus do not support the decision and believes that Israel should suspend cooperation with Azerbaijan, especially since the life of Lapshin will be under serious threat in Azerbaijani prison.


Lapshin behind bars (Photo: Interfax)

The Armenian Weekly will be closely following the story and providing further details as they become available.


  1. Well , so much for Israel selling drones to Azeris to kill Armenians. Serves them right , I say. Reap what you sow.

  2. Let’s overlook the fact that this a ” country ” that rewards filthy cockroach cowardly scum killers in the night. We will just overlook that.

  3. The silence of Israel in this matter makes me wonder if this sharade isnt it another agreed deal between the two countries, especially when the victim was detained a day after the official visit of Netanyahu to Baku. Hence, Azerbaijan hopes this act will discourage others of visiting NKR, and the Azerbaijani propaganda machine will claim an outstanding victory once again over Armenia, NKR and the Armenian diaspora. Petrodollars well spend…or ?

  4. Belarus is in the CSTO, the usless Russian fraternity make beleive organization of nobody important. Same Belarus that is corrupt and horrible human right violator that also recently claimed Azerbaijan’s ‘territorial integrity’. Armenia needs to distance themselves from this garbage country and from the CSTO as long as Belerus is there and hostile towrads Armenia. That simple. How long would Azerbaijan be in group with any one country that works againt it? NOT LONG. Politically, Yerevan leaders are sometimes stupid and exceptionally weak. Time to cut the cord. If nothing else, as a statemet of protest.

  5. Israel? do you really think they will “suspend cooperation with azerbaijan”? they supply arms, technology, drones and the works, you really cannot be serious. I have extreme doubts.

  6. “Following the Supreme Court decision, Nagorno-Karabagh President Spokesperson Davit Babayan said that Lapshin’s extradition is a ‘challenge’ to Israel.”

    But yet, throughout this whole time, the Jewish state of Israel has done absolutely nothing in challenging its dear friend (Islamic Azerbaijan) for the severe human rights abuses committed against one of its own citizens (Alexander Lapshin). Instead, Israel shamefully urged Mr. Lapshin to apologize to Azerbaijan’s terrorist leadership.

    And even after all this, Israel, who has been a huge supplier of military weapons to Azerbaijan (which are being used to kill Armenians), will surely continue to supply it with so many more military weapons.

  7. The world goes I walk to being a disaster, also the humanity, if we continue looking for another side and do not defend the most elementary rights to the self-determination of the peoples, the individual civil laws, the freedom of expression and do not attack the impunity in which there are unrolled the authoritarian, hegemonic and dictatorial governments. Only do they import the economic interests? Already there do not stay ethical, moral values, the justice and the life? Where are we living? What they are thinking to do with the future of our children and the rights of the subdued, chased peoples and siniestramente murdered in so many Genocides.

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