Armenia’s Consul General in Aleppo: Stability Could Lead to the Return of Aleppo-Armenians

‘The Recent Events Have Provided Hope for the Armenian Community of Aleppo,’ Says Consul General Gevorgyan to the Armenian Weekly

ALEPPO, Syria (A.W.)—The situation in the Armenian neighborhoods of Aleppo has remained relatively calm, according to the Consul General of Armenia in Aleppo, Tigran Gevorgyan.

Consul General Tigran Gevorgyan visits an Aleppo-Armenian elderly home in 2015 (Photo: Public Radio of Armenia)

“The recent events have provided hope for the Armenian community of Aleppo, that the end of the war has arrived. This marks the beginning of the reconstruction process of [the Armenian] neighborhoods,” Gevorgyan told the Armenian Weekly’s Ani Avetyan.

According Gevorgyan, Armenian schools and community organizations have continued to operate normally despite ongoing violence.

While Gevorgyan noted that it is still too early to discuss the return of Aleppo-Armenians, he said that many will want to return once peace and stability are established.

“I believe that once there is stability and peace in the region, many will want to return,” Gevorgyan said.

The Armenian Consul in Aleppo is one of the only foreign representatives that remain in the war-torn city. Consul General Gevorgyan has been in Syria since the start of the Syrian Civil War—initially he was stationed in Damascus and later in Aleppo, where he has been for the last three years.

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