Prime Minister Karapetyan to Join Republican Party

YEREVAN (A.W.) – Recently appointed Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan announced on Nov. 24 that he would join President Serge Sarkisian’s Republican Party (RPA). Karapetyan made his announcement during a weekly cabinet session in Yerevan.

Karen Karapetyan (Photo:
Karen Karapetyan (Photo:

Karapetyan also added that the Republican Party is in complete support of his agenda, which include several reforms in various sectors.

Currently, nine of the 19 cabinet ministers were not a part of Armenia’s previous Prime Minster Hovik Abrahamyan’s cabinet.

Two of those cabinet members, Transport and Communications Minister Vahan Martirosian and Agriculture Minister Ignati Arakelian, told reporters after the Nov. 24 cabinet meeting, that they too have applied for RPA membership.


  1. Ugh… This may be the death of the people’s hopes for a reformer not affiliated with RPA. Was his joining RPA really necessary? The party doesn’t seem to enjoy broad-based popular support, so why would he take such an unpopular measure?

  2. Agree.

    These guys keep tripping over themselves.
    Karapetyan should have stayed independent: even if his decisions are fair and balanced vis-a-vis the existing bureaucracy, citizens will rightly suspect it as favouring RPA.

    A really dumb move.
    Not an auspicious start for the “new, improved” PM.

  3. Despite all its flaws the Hanrapetakan party has become a national institution. The party therefore has to be preserved, it also has to be improved. The party need fundamental changes. That is why Karen Karapetyan has been brought in. In other words, you have to be in it to fix it.

  4. The only way to fight these corrupt government officials is not to give money to those charitable organisations until they stand up to corruption. How can these lowlife officials put our freedom fighters in prison not to mention war hero Samvel Babayan. I however gave $8000 to 2 wounded soldiers personally. Also I have traveled all over the world and have never seen so many policemen. They are like wolves preying on the poor population. Is it any wonder why the people are leaving Armenia.

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