Aleppo Community Leader Tours East Coast, Discusses Syria

WORCESTER, Mass. (A.W.)—Dr. Nerses Sarkissian, a member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Central Committee of Syria and the Syrian Armenian Committee for Urgent Relief and Rehabilitation, is touring Armenian communities across the Eastern United States from Dec. 1-24 to speak about the current situation in Syria and the challenges facing the Armenian community there. The tour is being organized by the ARF Central Committee of the Eastern United States and the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) Eastern United States.

An Aleppo neighborhood devastated by the war
An Aleppo neighborhood devastated by the war

The first event featuring Sarkissian took place at Worcester State University on Dec. 1, at a symposium on refugees organized by the university’s Center for the Study of Human Rights. There, he spoke in detail about the safety of the Syrian-Armenian community, the economic and day-to-day hardships they face, the state of the Armenian educational system in the country, and the political situation in areas populated by Armenians.  Sarkissian spoke in Armenian; Rupen Janbazian provided the English translation.

Sarkissian’s speaking tour will continue in the coming weeks with events in Detroit (Dec. 4), New York (Dec. 5), Boston (Dec. 10), Providence (Dec. 11), Washington, D.C. (Dec. 12), Chicago (Dec. 13), Granite City (Dec. 14), Philadelphia (Dec. 18), and New Jersey (Dec. 19).



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