White House Issues Statement on Armenia’s Independence

The following message was issued on Sept. 18 by United States Secretary of State John Kerry on behalf of President Barack Obama on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of Armenia’s independence.

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I send my best wishes to the people of Armenia as you celebrate your independence day this September 21.

The United States values our relationship with Armenia, which remains as strong as ever, as evidenced by the historic level of American investment in Armenia’s economy today. We are grateful for the dedication and sacrifice of Armenian troops serving in international peacekeeping missions and celebrate the many achievements of Armenians who have enriched the cultural fabric of both our nations.

As you celebrate 24 years of independence, know that the United States is a partner and friend and that we fully support the security, prosperity, and democratic development of Armenia.

Congratulations and best wishes to all Armenians around the world for a peaceful and prosperous year to come.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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  1. First of all the Obama administration can start recognizing the Armenian genocide – then we can talk about other stuff. The US with its friends in Turkey, Israel, and the Arab Peninsula have managed to kill and destroy people and cultures in Iraq and Syria, including Armenian heritage, they better stop what they are doing!

    • I agree with you 1000%. The US and its regional allies are guilty of crimes against humanity in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine.

  2. Until the USA officially recognizes the Armenian Genocide once and for all, this is more, typical hypocrisy by the country which has destabilized the Middle East, harming and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, including many, many Armenians. Shame!

  3. While criticism is right and proper to point out the nations of deniers, why does the United Kingdom continue to get a free pass?

  4. And Russia comes with clean hands??? Was the Iraqi dictatorship concerned with human rights? I think not. Did the U.S. bomb the Twin Towers or was it radical Islam.? The US was attacked and has a right and duty to respond. An aggressor always takes the risk of destruction when first it begins aggression. It is a sad but true fact that throughout the history of the world the innocent suffer.

    • If it were radical Islam and Iraq was in possession of WMD, as President George W. Bush has assured the American people back in 2001, where are those weapons? Has the U.S. found any link between radical Islam and the attacks on the Twin Towers? Has the U.S. found Iraqi WMD or we’re still searching for them?

  5. It’s interesting yet ironic that Sjur above, a seemingly non-Armenian, knows our priorities a lot better than a lot of Armenians who comment here, the regulars as well as some that make a post and disappear.

    It’s quite a laugh when US officials start yapping about Armenia needs this and Armenia needs that… you want to “help” Armenia? The first step is to unconditionally recognize the Armenian Genocide. That’s the first step. And that is also the simplest litmus test for the USA’s approach to Armenia, and so far both Armenia and many (I’m hoping most) of us in the diaspora know the approach is disingenuous every time.

  6. Very disappointing. This statement was written by a 3rd level technocrat in the State Dept. It is shamefully hypocritical and lacks honesty and integrity. It is so superficial that it may be considered an insult.
    American Investment in Armenia’s economy is minimal and it cannot be the main criteria of the relationship between the US and Armenia. It flagrantly shows that the US values economic issues more important than the threats of the Turks and the Azeris to Armenia’s independence and well being.
    It is very sad and disheartening .
    Vart Adjemian

  7. I also agree with Sjur and the failure to bring world powere together to eliminate IS in Syria & Iraq. All Christians in these two countries are gradually being elimiated. Armenians in those two nations should pack their bags & whatever wealth they have & move to Armenia before it is too late.

  8. I totally agree with Harutik comment.

    Obama and his administration has shown aggressive behaviors, like an International bully, telling the world, “I am ordering you, do as I tell you, your president MUST go”. I would like to ask Obama, who do you think you are? You have the audacity to come and order the world to obey you? You claim we have a democratic system in USA? Your action speaks louder, ordering around a soverign country, torn by civil war, and the sad news is Obama and his cronies created the ISIS, the reason? Just to topple the President of Syria and furthermore president Assad was elected by the Syrians, to govern Syria. Stop meddling Syrian internal affairs, no body ask you or the Turkish Erdogan.
    Obama has absolutely no consideration for the welfare of an destitute people, by war torn and physically, financially, and emotionally drained, tortured and killed by the ISIS, and AL quaida, no thanks to Obama, he created the Arab spring and the civil war.

    • Ardemis,

      The problem in Washington is not President Obama per se because all US presidents are nothing but salesmen/spokesmen for a handful of special interests that actually run the American empire behind the scenes. The fundamental problem in Washington is the political and financial elite that run the American empire. Make no mistake about it, the US is a global empire, and a very violent, decadent one at that. The US is the world’s top predator. Consequently, Uncle Sam is out to destroy its competitors around the world, both real and imagined, essentially because Uncle Sam jealously wants to preserve the 25-plus years of global hegemony it was handed by default when the Sov8iet Union collapse unexpectedly. In other words, Uncle Sam is out to destroy upstarts like Russia, China and Iran. From Ukraine to Syria, from Libya to Afghanistan, Uncle Sam’s desire to preserve its status as world’s the top predator is the root cause of most if not all the bloodshed we see today.

    • […when the Soviet Union collapsed unexpectedly]

      The Soviet Union did not collapse unexpectedly. The Soviet Union was an antisocial experiment that was put into effect after series of Masonic plots (‘Russian revolutions’ and all that) have destroyed the Russian Empire. The demise of the Soviet Union was a thoroughly calculated event by sinister behind-the-scene globalist elites. Gorby was just marionette acting at their behest.

    • John, I agree. I just didn’t feel the need to get into that aspect of the discussion. With that said, it can be argued that the demise of the Soviet Union became all but inevitable when Stalin was poisoned to death and Khrushchev came into power. Nevertheless, no one, including the globalist banking elite that conspired against the Soviet Union, knew the exact date of the collapse.

  9. Harutik.

    Thank you so much for the detailed information, very eloquently expressed. I know everything you stated, but somehow I just can’t imagine any government would go through by degrading and bullying, dehumanizing any person or any country. I don’t trust politicians, they never tell the truth. I wish we can elect Pope Francis as our President, wishfull thinking, he would be a perfect leader.

  10. The times of such textbookish congratulatory messages have passed. Really. You want to be Armenia’s and her world Diaspora’s sincere partner and friend? Recognize the Armenian Genocide as the first step. Everything else is just Dixie-whistling…

  11. Ah yes, the “novice politician”.. Erdogun 2008, called after Obama claimed to be the only candidate having the moral conviction to finally recognize the Armenian Genocide, during his first campaign..

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