Providence ARF Holds 8th Annual Panagoum

The Providence ARF “Kristapor” Gomideh’s 8th annual panagoum took place on Aug. 28-30 at the Husenig Grove, a secluded and tranquil spot in Rehoboth, Mass. Twenty ungers participated in the panagoum while others joined on Sunday for the traditional “Family Day Picnic.”

A scene from the panagoum
A scene from the panagoum

The educational portion of the weekend consisted of two in-depth group discussions. The first discussion touched on the duties and responsibilities of all levels of the Gomidehoutiun, including of the individual ungers, committees, and the Gomideh. The second discussion focused on community relations and the Gomidehoutiun’s interaction with affiliated and other Armenian organizations in Rhode Island.

Social activities began Friday evening with the traditional “Friday Night at the Movies,” which is always an Armenian comedy film. Saturday night’s activity was the informative and entertaining “Armenian Jeopardy,” which showcased three teams in a highly contested match. Throughout the weekend, ungers spent their free time playing bocce, badminton, horse shoes, card games and tavlou. Bon fires and tales of the past filled the evening hours.

Chef Hagop Donoyan, chairman of the Gomideh, once again outdid himself with a variety of daily meals from breakfast to dinner, culminating with a kebab and chicken dinner for the ungers and their family members on Sunday afternoon. Close to 50 people were present for the picnic, where some enjoyed a team volleyball game and all enjoyed the camaraderie.

This year’s event proved to be another in a series of successes for the Providence ARF and its supporters, who are already looking forward to next year’s panagoum. 

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