Two Armenians Killed in Aleppo Shelling

ALEPPO (A.W.)—Two Armenians were killed in a blast in the Qasser al-Baladi region of central Aleppo on June 20, according to the Syrian-Armenian Kantsasar news site. Pastor Eduard Petrosyan, a missionary from the Word of Life Church of Armenia, and Garo Megerdichian (Abu Hagop) of Aleppo died during the shelling of the Qasser al-Baladi municipality building.

Eduard Petrosyan (Photo: Artur Simonyan's Facebook page)
Eduard Petrosyan (Photo: Artur Simonyan’s Facebook page)

“Yesterday I lost one of my closest friends, Pastor Edik [Eduard] Petrosyan, with whom we have served side by side for many years,” said Artur Simonyan, head pastor of the Word of Life Church of Armenia, in a Facebook post dated July 21.

According to the church’s Facebook page, Petrosyan was in Aleppo to support the Syrian-Armenian community through missionary and humanitarian efforts. His visa had recently expired, which is why he and Megerdichian, who was assisting Petrosyan, happened to be at the municipality building applying for a visa renewal.

According to, nine civilians were killed and several dozen were injured by rebel fire in the areas of al-Medan, al-Khaldia, and al-Neil, and around the Qasser al-Baladi municipality building on June 20.

In May, the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) of Eastern USA called on its members and supporters to aid the Armenian community of Aleppo during the ongoing civil war in Syria.

“Today, more than ever, the fate of all those who remain in Aleppo is in jeopardy, and we must respond immediately. Please donate—by visiting— so that the ARS can continue to provide desperately needed assistance to the most vulnerable still trapped in Aleppo,” read a part of their statement.



  1. For its role in the plunders and destruction of the Christian communities in Syria and Iraq, Turkey is not only NOT penalized, but as member of NATO is in the know of all the secrets and plans of the Western governments through NATO.
    What will it take for the “civilized” world to defeat/eliminate those continuing to commit crimes against humanity?
    One hundred years after the Genocide of the Armenians by Turkey, we are still losing precious Armenian souls. As it was then, so it is now. “Christian countries” remain silent.

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