Obama Not to Recognize Armenian Genocide

White House Briefs Armenian-American Leaders about President’s Decision to Exclude ‘Armenian Genocide’ from his April 24 Centennial Statement

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff Denis McDonough and Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes confirmed to Armenian-American leaders, during a White House meeting this afternoon, that thepPresident has chosen against recognizing the Armenian Genocide in his April 24 statement marking the worldwide centennial of this crime.

“President Obama’s surrender to Turkey represents a national disgrace. It is, very simply, a betrayal of truth, a betrayal of trust,” said ANCA Chairman Ken Hachikian.

“With the world’s attention drawn this April 24 to worldwide Armenian Genocide Centennial commemorations, President Obama will, tragically, use the moral standing of our nation not to defend the truth, but rather to enforce a foreign power’s gag-rule. He has effectively outsourced America’s policy on the Armenian Genocide to Recep Erdogan,” said Hachikian.

“As Americans of Armenian heritage–despite the repeated surrender of President Obama to foreign pressure–we will, with our allies, continue to work, with increased vigor and determination, to build American support for a truthful and just resolution of the Armenian Genocide,” he added.

Prior to his election to the oval office, Obama was clear and unequivocal in promising to properly characterize Ottoman Turkey’s murder of over 1.5 million Armenian men, women, and children between 1915 and 1923 as genocide. In a Jan. 19, 2008 statement he wrote: “The facts are undeniable. An official policy that calls on diplomats to distort the historical facts is an untenable policy. As a senator, I strongly support passage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.Res.106 and S.Res.106), and as president I will recognize the Armenian Genocide.”

Click here for a complete record of Senator Obama’s statements on the Armenian Genocide prior to his election to the White House.

Thousands across the U.S. have taken action through the ANCA’s #MarchtoJustice advocacy tool (www.marchtojustice.org/take-action) to call on Obama to properly characterize the Armenian Genocide in his annual April 24 address.

The U.S. first recognized the Armenian Genocide in 1951 through a filing that was included in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) Report titled, “Reservations to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.”  The specific reference to the Armenian Genocide appears on page 25 of the ICJ Report: “The Genocide Convention resulted from the inhuman and barbarous practices which prevailed in certain countries prior to and during World War II, when entire religious, racial, and national minority groups were threatened with and subjected to deliberate extermination. The practice of genocide has occurred throughout human history. The Roman persecution of the Christians, the Turkish massacres of Armenians, the extermination of millions of Jews and Poles by the Nazis are outstanding examples of the crime of genocide.”

President Ronald Reagan reaffirmed the Armenian Genocide in 1981.  The U.S. House of Representatives adopted legislation on the Armenian Genocide in 1975, 1984, and 1996.


Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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  1. There’s a surprise! Yes, yes, yes! Of course I’ll acknowledge the Armenian genocide when I become President. Just give me your votes, let me in to the White House, and then watch me LIE THROUGH MY HYPOCRITICAL TEETH!

  2. And this should be a surprise? He did not condemn the killing of Christians by ISIS and refuses to call them Radical Islamists.

    Don’t waste your breath with him, and for the 1.5 million who perished, don’t waste your vote on Hillary. She has already stated previously what she believes.

    • Agree 100%! Why people are up in arms over this is beyond me. Obama was shrouded in secrecy before his election, so no surprise there. I guess now that his term is running out he’s looking to where he’ll be fed. At the end of the day, we will all have to account for our actions & inactions.

  3. I don’t get it! Every year in the US they vote for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide???!!!Once isn’t enough?? what is it a game??? I don’t believe in such “democratic” game! Shame on you Mr.Obama because with your act you have shown to the World that the US isn’t anymore the valiant protector of Human Freedom and Justice.

  4. I trust our armenian leaders in the U.S. will put a “you are not welcome” sign at the Washington Cathedral on May 7th if Obama shows up on hypocritical attendance.

  5. by NOT respecting our GENOCIDE WE should call them erdogan obama [first and last name ] since they are without any respecting morals should not be called mr president anymore MAY ALL GENOCIDE SAINTS REST IN PEACE GO BLESS ARMENIA

  6. Based on the position and action by our President and the majority in Congress the United States government has no right to claim to be a worldwide leader of freedom and justice for all. What a disappointment. However, as Americans of Armenian descent we must continue to champion our cause – truth will eventually prevail.

    • Sorry, but the rest of the world doesn’t see the US as leaders of justice & democracy. That’s just BS fed to its citizens.

  7. You…Obama you choose killers to be your friends
    And not honest people, like the Armenians…
    Congrats for your chose …
    You are scared from their scimitars,
    They can slay your neck…
    You know Armenian have arts
    can’t slay anyone buy their pen… their brush …!!!


  8. Is that all the White House chief of staff and deputy national security advisor said? As nice as it is to hear the ANCA’s position again, I’m more curious about the details of what the president’s people had to say at the meeting.


  10. And just last week a group of naive and wet behind the ear types were celebrating and installing billboards with a big ‘Thank You’. How is that ‘Thank You’ going for you now??

    • [100 Years of American Philanthropy

      “American We Thank You” billboards were erected to thank American people who saved Armenian lives during the AG.
      Nobody was thanking President Obama.

      {“ a group of naive and wet behind the ear types…”}

      Have you checked behind your own ears lately ?

  11. That again shows how effective Turkish denial, turkish politics is. We should not lie to ourselves- that is a great defeat for us. It is clear that behind the scences a lot happened and that Turks got academic help from some Jewish an other scholars (like Hakan Yavuz, Ed Erickson, Justin McCarthy, Heath Lowry, Tal Buenos, Hilmar Kaiser etc.). We should openly discuss that.

  12. Shame on you Obama! Once again, you have failed to keep a campaign promise that you made when you were seeking the lofty position that you now have. Now that you have had it for the past six years, to hell with what I promised. Is that how it goes? Well, as an American Armenian, whose grandparents were lucky to escape with their lives from this travesty, you have lost my support for the rest of your term. I will not give you another red cent in support of your agenda for your remaining term. Once again, you have extremely disappointed me. I have one question that I have to ask and that is how does it feel to be a bought and paid for puppet of the Turkish government? Once again, shame on you! As much as I despise Ted Cruz, he at least had the stones to call the Turkish government on this issue and stated that what they did was Genocide. What is wrong with you? In case you forgot, here is a quote that you made back in 2008 when you were campaigning for the Presidency: In a Jan. 19, 2008, statement he wrote: “The facts are undeniable. An official policy that calls on diplomats to distort the historical facts is an untenable policy. As a senator, I strongly support passage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.Res.106 and S.Res.106), and as President I will recognize the Armenian Genocide.”

    Read the last line over and over. How quickly we forget huh? Grow some stones and stand up to the Turks. Tell it like it really is and keep your campaign promise of 7 years ago.


    Peter Kahigian

  13. I applaud Pope Francis, Germany, Austria and the EU for acknowledging the Armenian Genocide in 2015. I was born, grew up and graduated from a university in the US. If Obama does not recognize the Armenian Genocide this year it will constitute a betrayal by him as a nobel laureate and President of the United States. Should the United States fail to recognize the Armenian Genocide by 2020, a hundred years after the event came to a close, I will renounce my US citizenship.

    • You may come to Canada after 2020. I assure you no American president will acknowledge and recognize the killing of 1.5 million Armenians in the hands of the Ottoman forces as GENOCIDE. When the candidates for the 2016 presidency come knocking on your doors (Armenian Americans) and ask for your votes and make empty promises, which they know will not be able to keep it, tell them to take their promises and shove them up their …..

  14. I wanted him to do this. Even more I want him to go to an Armenian Church and pray. But:

    Maybe those who understand our efforts better can explain this to me: since the US in the 50’s, and President Reagan in 1981 are of record on this issue affirming the AG, why do we worry about what subsequent Presidents do or do not do?

    Yes, I want US gov policy to affirm the AG, but Obama is a lost cause. Even if he affirmed the AG, it would just make Mt Vesuvius Erdogan and all the mini Erdogan-ettes explode in their stagecraft fury, as all that pseudo fury is designed for the Nazi vote at home.

    Cops and Marines say: only pay for the same real estate once. I’m not urging that we give up, just that we not be surprised or wrenched into feelings of betrayal.

  15. I propose to our leaders to send a letter to president Obama and ask him to not talk on April 24 , we don’t need condolences and fake sympathy we need recognition and respect for one and half million martyrs. Obama has nothing less than Erdogan , closing his eyes on truth, maybe he is planning to become president of Turkey after he is done here

    • I propose to the RoA government not to allow entry to Armenia for Obama’s envoy–Secretary of the Treasury and his delegation on April 24th.

  16. I told everyone many times what a liar Obama was and he is also a hater of both Christians and Americans he has rotted the soul of our once great nation

  17. Armenians should not seek anyone to say Genocide. What they must do is support Armenian army. If you have strong Armey, who cares about Obama or any one else for that matter says Genocide or not. We have to spend our energy to support Armenia!

  18. once a liar always a liar even though 43 states in America recognize the genocide our so called president is not a honorable man, he is not worried about the Christians at all.

  19. Come on. Did you really expect Obama to mention “GENOCIDE”. Obama does not have the guts or the conviction. Did you really expect anything else. Please do not be blind to the truth coming out of Obama and for that matter America. They need Turkey now. Truth is non existence when politics comes into it at least in America.

  20. Big surprise…

    Obama, in my opinion, is no leader. Never has been, and never will be, just another jellyfish pol holding office.

  21. Maybe he is planning to surprise us. Maybe he is just being a tease.

    But then again, with the U.S. having to use Turkish airspace for the war against ISIS; with Armenia siding with Putin the thug in the UN and outside; with many Diasporan Armenians (including a few columnists here) overtly siding with Russia vs. the U.S. on issues ranging from Syria to Iran to Ukraine to EEU, should we be surprised?

    Or, alternatively, imagine what would happen to Russian-Armenians if their self-appointed leaders and columnists attacked Putin the thug and his policies every chance they had? In fact, forget what *would* happen to Russian-Armenians, and remember what *did* happen to Boris Nemtsov and other heroes like him. And feel blessed. Sure, keep the pressure on Obama, but feel blessed that, yes, indeed, we can.

  22. President Obama should be ashamed of himself. As well as the U.S senators and congress.
    Do they read all of the history, The survivors testimony on u tube, on YAhoo. The past. Ambassadors to Turkey
    History books newspapers etc.

    President Obama, we are dissapointed and very sad on you’re recent decision on the Armenian Genocide.
    My both parents were young children who lost their parents and waLked from desert to desert leaving behind their baby sister, named Mary rose. They never knew if that sister survived or not. This is our families story there are thousands like this. My mom and dad lived in tents in orphanages. We do see pictures on u tube with the tents
    To see if we can recognize them as children. However, it is very difficult. Pictures are not clear.
    Myself, my brother, my sister are survivors of the sadness we have heard from our parents. My father brought
    Us to America 1956 to have a better life here. We were Luckey to live in U.S. President, Obama you have to
    Reconsider your decision.

  23. let ask him, could he imagine his wife, his children and his mother being forced, raped and killed like Armenians. We all understand that politics creates everything, and can cover everything, but not the Genocide. Wake up, People, it is 21 century, but nothing has been changed….

  24. In addition to this disgraceful behavior of the president of the m-o-o-ost powerful nation in the world, the US will be sending Treasury Secretary to attend a ceremony in Yerevan marking the Centennial. Not even the Secretary of State, which would be more appropriate, but the Treasury Secretary. Cowards…

  25. Several things come to mind:
    Mr. Obama has proven to be a gutless wonder.
    Don’t count on Mr Cruz. Did you hear his voice as a Senator each time the resolution failed? I didn’t. Now, just like Mr Obama he is looking for votes. Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. Vote or don’t vote for Mr Cruz as you choose but don’t be taken in by his words on the Genocide. He’s clearly afraid of Turkey and Israel.
    Finally, anyone ashamed to live in America is always free to leave. We do not prohibit emigration

  26. I thought that Obama , having his last term, will recognize the Armenian Genocide, and be the one who will pass in history. But I guess I’m wrong.
    Only Pop Francis had the courage to say the truth and he will pass in history.
    Obama will miss this opportunity.
    My father was lucky to escape the massacre.

  27. By not acknowledging it as Genocide, Obama and his office condone it. So, all talk of the US being a champion of peace and democracy is rubbish.

  28. I am not surprised, those people, governments and the leaders who are denying the Genocide of the Armenians they don’t have any character, principals, values and logical way of thinking. I am asking our Lord Jesus Christ to give wisdom to those people, governments and the leaders.
    Historical facts are historical facts, indeed. You like it or not, that’s your problem.

  29. Extremely sad, outrageous, disappointing, disrespectful, insulting, deceitful, shameful, dishonest, disgusting, spineless, morally corrupt, liar, dishonorable, and many other adjectives that the AW will not deem fit to print, but not totally surprising coming from a person who has absolutely lost his moral compass.
    Neither Obama, nor anyone else in this world will stop us from the pursuit of Justice. We shall never give up; recently significant progress has been made, major favorable developments occurred. We shall continue, as long as it takes.
    What this wimpy action by the President of the USA clearly shows is that politics and elections are dirty. Armenian-Americans should cast their votes very carefully in the next election cycle.
    I believe in addition, to Ken Kachikian’s statement, the ANCA, the AYF, the HMEM, and all other Armenian organizations in the US, should organize an email campaign that floods the White House with a very strong message, conveying our deep disappointment in him.
    It is also important to know who were the Armenian-American leaders who attended the meeting, what was their reaction and if Obama’s puppets explained why ?
    Vart Adjemian

  30. I just want to extend my heart felt sorrow at this news. With tears in my eyes … I send my love to all of you x

    – Carla Friedman (author of ‘Discovering Zabelle’)

  31. What a shame Obama ! Aren’t you ashamed of what you say and deny the truth,it seems you want to rewrite and reinvent a history with your friend Erdogan. I’ll suggest to get some history courses .The truth never dies.Listen to your conscience specially , today when you put your head over your pillow ….think 1,300,000 Armenians that were killed inhuman methods by your Turkish Friends.

  32. To President Obama: From the notice that you wrote on January 19, 2008, I am taking a different excerpt

    which stood out in my mind: “Genocide, sadly, persists to this day, and threatens our common security and

    common humanity. Tragically, we are witnessing in Sudan many of the same brutal tactics – displacement,

    starvation, and mass slaughter – that were used by the Ottoman authorities against defenseless Armenians back

    in 1915. I have visited Darfurian refugee camps, pushed for the deployment of a robust multinational force for

    Darfur, and urged divestment from companies doing business in Sudan. America deserves a leader who speaks

    truthfully about the Armenian Genocide and responds forcefully to all genocides. I intend to be that President.”

    So, what made you change your mind about strongly supporting, recognizing, and speaking truthfully about the

    Armenian Genocide? Well, I think I could probably answer that, as we all know that the USA’s military corps are

    based in Turkey and this is one of the reasons you have gone back on your word. Perhaps you fear Mr. Erdogan?

    As we speak, Armenians are still being persecuted in Turkey today. Not just Armenians, but other ethnicities as

    well, who presently make Turkey their home, are not allowed to use their family last name, but rather, must

    choose a Turkish last name. So, in that sense, Armenians and others lose their identities. Also, Armenians cannot

    speak their language in the streets of Turkey. They must speak in Turkish, French, or English. (I know this is so

    because I had a friend who, when visiting her cousin in Istanbul, was reminded to speak English when they went

    outside of the cousin’s home.)

    We are not blaming the people, i.e., Turkish individuals nor are we blaming the country. How can I blame the

    country of Turkey when it is where my grandparents were born? It is never the fault of individuals but, rather,

    the individuals that run the government because, in the end, it’s all about politics anyway. The people, who

    make up the country, usually have very little to say about anything. We are not blaming today’s young Turkish

    government because they did not commit the atrocities against the Armenians and that is the reason they will

    not admit to any wrong doing and that is understandable. However, it was their predecessors — the Ottoman

    Empire — that committed Armenian Genocide.

    Look, all we are asking is for today’s Turkish government to admit that their predecessors, the Ottoman

    Empire, committed these attrocities. The simple fact is that the Ottoman Empire was the state responsible for

    the Armenian Genocide. Just like the Nazis were responsible for the Jewish Holocaust, the Ottoman Empire was

    responsible for the Armenian Genocide. Both massacres were historical fact, tragic, and heartbreaking.

    At this point in time, we know that you will probably never recognize the Armenian Genocide and, of course,

    that is at your discretion; however, at the same time, I don’t think you should count on the support and

    backing of the Armenian-Americans here and now or in the near future.

  33. How utterly disturbing! What ever happened to “justice for all?” what does “justice” even mean anymore?
    It’s almost as if the US is giving into blackmail by Turkey. This is UNETHICAL! President Obama, you definitely left a dent in the books as one of the most hypocritical leaders ever. Stop playing politics with history!

  34. President Obama. You had the opportunity to act like a statesman, like the Pope, who is brave enough to say the truth, but you’ve proved to be just an ordinary politician who’s timid, afraid to stir controversy. I regret voting for you twice. Come April 24 please spear us your baseless “meds Yeghern” comments and don’t pretend that you give a damn.

  35. If he really does not recognize the Armenian genocide on the 100th anniversary, it would truly be a sad day. What I don’t get is why is the USA afraid of Turkey. Who is the super power and who is the ally??? Maybe that is the question we should be asking and have asked to our government. USA is the type of country that if you question their ego or their pride , then you will get results. For the Armenian Genocide to them is not “their issue”. We need to let them see this was a major crime against HUMANITY not just Armenians. But until we get there, we need to ask “why are you afraid of Turkey?”. Lets be realistic, Turkey needs us more than we need them. Plus if they complain, than take away all the financial aid we give them every year. When a little dog barks at the BIG DOG the big dog shouldn’t and in nature doesn’t care. So wake up and for once do what is RIGHT not what you think will be better financially for u USA

  36. Just a random thought, but since when does a US President say ahead of April 24 what he is not going to recognize the Armenian Genocide? Could it be that he is trying to influence the German vote scheduled for April 24 to recognized the Armenian Genocide? If that is the case, that what Obama is doing is even more despicable, i.e. he is aiding and abetting genocide denial which in my opinion makes him a genocide denialist. And you know what they say about genocide denial… that it’s the last stage of genocide. What a shameful indictment of a US President. So much for Obama’s legacy.

  37. It is such a shame! A country like United States of America, Land of the Brave and Land of the Free bows down to a country like turkey that has been rejected from joining the European Union because of denial of genocide. Whether you say it or not Obama, the whole world knows it was a genocide. Democratic party cannot count on my vote.

  38. I guess most are disappointed, but not surprised.

    And I don’t buy that “we (the US) are allies with Turkey and cannot recognize the Genocide because of American interests”. That’s another way of saying “we are on the side of criminals, murderers, terrorists and Genocide perpetrators”.

    In fact, if you believe that nonsense you are not an American but a traitor and just an operative for special interests, who is blatantly violating American values.

    Truth, justice and morals are not mutually exclusive with American interests, and there isn’t a country on this earth the USA needs to appease.

    • I agree. End of the day Turkey is still NATO allies with those European nations that do recognize the Armenian genocide and Turkey still maintains mutually beneficial trade relations with those nations.

  39. It is said that the US needs Turkish (Western Armenian) airspace to fight IS. My question is why? If ‘IS’ is in Syria and the US already uses Syrian airspace. There has to be another reason.

  40. The fact is, as a lifelong Democrat and as much as I would like to deny it, Obama DOES favor Muslim states, esp. Turkey. The FIRST country he visited after his inauguration was Turkey. The very FIRST state. He has repeatedly called Erdogan a close friend and remarked early in his presidency that he frequently spoke to Erdogan by phone and asked for his opinion and advice.

    This man was NEVER going to upset Turkey. So… to the Armenian leadership and those whose feeling are so hurt, do not despair; you did nothing wrong and you did not “Fail”. The game was stacked against you from the start. Turkish “pressure” and influence did not win the day here, so do not despair or blame yourselves. This was fully predictable.
    However, having said that, any invitation for Obama to speak at any Armenian American gathering should be immediately withdrawn and any speech by Obama at the National Cathedral or wherever should be publicly and loudly BOYCOTTED; in fact, it should be protested with more people protesting outside the venue than can fit into it. Grab the media’s attention with these actions. The Pope recognizes the Armenian Genocide but Obama cannot?!?!

    Obama should be informed LOUDLY that he cannot walk a “middle road” on the Armenian Genocide (BTW, ALWAYS use a Capital “G” in Armenian Genocide; not a small one which serves to diminish the Genocide and generalize it), promising to recognize the Genocide as a candidate and then reneging once he gained Armenian votes and money contributing to his victory.

    Obama (and others who will be watching how the Armenian American community reacts) needs to understand that there is a High Cost for this betrayal and double cross.

    The Armenian American community and its friends should OPPOSE any campaign to honor Obama as a peacemaker, or any other honor people might try to bestow on him, like an honorary degree or other recognition.

  41. Well……most American Armenians support the U.S GOVERNMENT…..and any chance they get they call ‘Putin’ a thug…….let’s sit down and think for a moment…who is the ‘REAL’ thug? Putin or Obama?

    Let;s look at things more closely.

    U.S NEED’s Turkey’s airbase/NATO/ally……..blah blah Obama doesn’t want to lose all that and ‘hurt’ national interests……..What about Russia? THEY TRADE billions with turkey per year……….and Russia is currently in bad financial position……BUT…….THE RUSSIANS manage…….to recognize the Armenian Genocide and Putin himself will visit Yerevan on April 24 along with other high level officials………most of you would say…….’that’s because Russia doesn’t want to upset the Armenian’s…….well…just for the record…….if Putin comes to Armenia or not on the 24th Armenia would still be dependent on Russia…..so technically the Russian’s don’t need to risk there national interests to please the Armenians…..

    Obama is a coward was a coward and remained a coward. I suggest not to waste time with the US anymore. Focus on Making Armenia Stronger. Everyone knows who the turks are.

    • Gev:

      Most Armenian-Americans do not call Pres Putin a ‘thug’: those couple of posters that you see regularly calling Pres Putin a ‘thug’ @AW or @Asbarez, etc are not Armenian-Americans. Nor are they Armenians.
      You should know by now who and what they are.

      And don’t extrapolate who or what Armenian-Americans are from a couple articles in Armenian-American media or comments by Anti-Armenian posters posing as Armenians.

      As to Armenian-Americans allegedly ‘supporting’ the US Gov.
      There are three branches of US Fed Gov: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.
      The Fed Executive branch runs US foreign policy: unfortunately, more often than not, its policies are detrimental to the interest of the average American taxpayers. (not just Armenian-Americans).
      That’s the way it is.
      Various Russian governments have also done things very harmful to the interests of Russian people: if you doubt it, remember what happened to the average Russian taxpayer during the Yelstin administration.

      Armenian-Americans participate in the American political process at the Fed, State, and Local levels: if you do not participate, you have zero influence.
      Participation does not guarantee your voice will be heard.
      But non-participation guarantees you will be ignored.

      Your suggestion to “not waste time with the US anymore” is not practical.
      Like it or not, US has tremendous influence in the world. Over and above any other country – by a very wide margin.
      If we Armenian-Americans abandon the American political arena, it will be filled the next day by the enemies of Armenians and RoA.
      You can guess what catastrophic effect that will have on RoA and NKR.

      Your suggestion to make RoA stronger is the right one, and is shared by all of us who care about RoA.
      But it is not either/or: it is and/and.
      What we do here in US for RoA complements what other worldwide diaspora Armenians do to make RoA (and NKR) stronger and more prosperous.

  42. Did anyone really imagine that the president of the USA would really mention the Armenian Genocide? Surely not! Presidential hopefuls always court Armenian votes by talking about it and what they will do when they achieve office, but as soon as they get elected, they don’t even mention it once!

  43. To blame Obama is overly simplistic. We all are complicit for whatever limitations. It’s called being human. Sure Armenia is kissing up to Russia = survival. Sure Obama is caving on the term Genocide = needs Turkey’s support. Sure we live in our comfortable homes in North America but won’t do much other than this. THAT is called moving on. Anger cannot persist. At some point it has to at least rest. Let’s celebrate what recognition we do have and call it a day. Because a year from now, it won’t be like this. Love my heritage AND enjoy my current freedoms. Life is short, live, love and celebrate every chance we get!!

  44. Some commentators are full of hate towards anything turkish no matter how they try to hide it with their replies and some are wise.Regardless all armenians do make same mistake. whats the point of getting armenian genocide recognized ? what does it matter if the whole world but turkey recognized it? and say for a moment that every country on the face of earth did recognize the genocide what then? cause you should be aware there is no legal action possible otrherwise you wouldnt have gone in so much trouble to get it politically recognized.The strategy is greavely wrong here. the only way to get turkey to recognize genocide is to make clear of your demand some of which currently pose threat to integrity of turkish national security.why dont the representatives of armenians from armenian and abroad come together and sit down with turkish authorities to discuss the limits of bothside? Turkey will not find herself in position where she has to give away 1/3 of lands thats a given so what can se do? she can pay billions to relatives of survivors give them back citizenship and confiscated lands more importantly she can publicly admit it was indeed a genocide and she is sorry it has ever happened.? dont let dream of having western armenia stops you from doing whats right but then again its really your choice…

  45. I’m confused. If President Reagan already recognized the Genocide, why does it need to happen again? I think I understand the politics behind the current days president’s decision to back down on his word. What would be good to hear is for him to say why he is backing down on that campaign promise.

  46. It is a crime in itself to deny that this Genocide toke place not only is there documented proof the world is aware of it. We call ourselves a civilized race when our own presidents denies this outrage. As a 2nd generation Armenian American and having my grandparents escape these atrocities what more does our government require as proof

  47. I am ashamed to be an American. Playing politics with genocide should be a crime. There is no excuse for it. Shame on U.S.

  48. And this “individual” represents a country which pretends to be the “Center of Universe”. No, he is a small and miserable lyer, who did not keep the promise he gave to Armenian voters during his electoral campaign. This is just disgusting, same as he is….

  49. Soon enough turks (within turkey) will react on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. We need and must educate them by all means and anytime.

  50. By the same logic, Mr. President, I guess you would say that it was not really slavery in the south US in the 19th century, it was just low priced labor. Your decision, Mr. President, lacks integrity and is frankly cowardly!

  51. The plan of america and israel is very easy : Let the muslim people and the christian people fight & kill eachother and later finish what is left over

  52. The Turkish mullah and terrorist-in-chief Er-dog-an of course does not expect Obama to call the systematic, preplanned and state-sponsored mass extermination of the indigenous Armenians as genocide because he has already sent his top Turkish PIMPS to Washington to bribe and blackmail the corporations, with help from secret societies infiltrating into the US government, who dictate what Obama should and should not say. Don’t confuse ‘president’ Obama with ‘citizen’ Obama, they are two completely different things.

    Here is what Obama has already said on the Armenian Genocide:


  53. In that case WE DON’T WANT HIM TO MAKE ANY SPEECH OR COMMENT !!! What does he want to say that few Armenians died because there was a bad fleu going on???

  54. Obama and this administration is the worst in American foreign policy decisions and this decision is no different. Misguided, weak, unjust and just plain uneducated. Sorry folks. Better vote Republican if you want a backbone.

  55. By his words he shall be gudged . Armenians need to know that we need to spend more energy to have a stronger Armenia than asking to others what to say . He has no spine to stand for truth , scared from Turkish government.

  56. Both parties in the United States are pathetic. I saw one poster above saying how the Democratic party lost her vote. They are both the same. Republican and Democrat, all controlled by puppeteers and $$. The conservatives now magically started to remember the Armenian Genocide and voicing their concern on social media, simply to make Obama look bad. Next month they wouldn’t know what an Armenian is. Even libertarians are shameful, who consider the genocide something that doesn’t affect America and needs to be forgotten. WAKE UP.

  57. Today, I am ashamed to call myself an American. Barack Hussein Erdogan drops his mask once again with his implicit denial of the Armenian Genocide.

  58. To Aya, No way do I wan republicans in the white house. We’re already on the brink of war with Russia and maybe Iran. I can see a republican president starting a full out war with one or both of them to keep the military industry (and Israel) happy. I honestly don’t know where to turn for a good US president. I want a president like Dole. Who I know would’ve recognized the genocide. And I believe he had the old fashioned common sense to not get involved in senseless war.

  59. What a con artist the President turned out to be. His so called ally profits from ISIS stolen oil, Turkish diplomats smuggle heroin. Hillary receives money for her foundation from Turkish sources. Turkey supports ISIS and is a member of the Coalition to combat ISIS??? Go figure. It looks like the inmates are running the asylum.

  60. Obama is a coward. To put a political convenience above the respect and dignity that is owed to 1.5 million Armenians, and to go back on his pledge to affirm – as do a growing number of UN member countries and international organisations – that the Genocide is a matter of historical and legal fact, shows what a shabby and dishonourable character he truly is.

  61. Three maternal uncles were killed by the Turks. My four-year old first cousin Arsain was buried alive with other Armenian children.
    Mr. Obama, please, tell me the adjective one should use pertaining to this crime. I wish I had known your position on the genocide of the Armenian people before the presidential election.
    Albert B. Assadourian

  62. Armenian has to wait until Turky is out from NATO – its ongoing/relativly soon.
    ISIS? Its the work of his own hand (Jesajaovanes)
    There are others who talke of same Genocide, what about them?

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