Telethon Raises $22.6 million

The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s worldwide Telethon 2013 raised $22,661,372 in pledges and donations for numerous projects in Armenia and Artsakh (Karabagh), including the Vardenis-Martakert highway construction, which was approved during the fund’s annual Board of Trustees meeting.

Below is a breakdown of the initial list of pledges, in U.S. dollars:

Russian Federation: $12,350,000
U.S. Western Region: $2,000,000
France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Greece, Belgium (Phoneathon): $1,984,000
Armenia: $1,642,372
Switzerland (private donation): $1,250,000
Artsakh: $1,000,000
U.S. Eastern Region: $1,000,000
Argentina: $700,000
Toronto, Canada: $225,000
Brazil: $170,000
Montreal, Canada: $120, 000
Great Britain: $100,000
Lebanon: $94,000
Iran: $60,000
Austria: $10,000


  1. Yes! Another slap on the face of Armenia’s government. The U.S. Western Region (where Armenian-Americans are most concentrated) pledged (note, just pledged, not actually donated) less than Armenia and Karabakh combined. Last year’s telethon had similar results. This is yet another powerful message to the regime in Armenia that we Diasporans are not going to blindly support the illegitimate regime’s projects and tolerate the regime’s denial of democracy to its people. Good job, fellow Diasporans, and we need to keep it up.

    And by the way, Russia’s large donation is not surprising. The close criminal ties between the Russian-Armenian oligarchs and those of Armenia are well known (and much of such “donations” by organized criminals are merely a cover for money laundering). However, the honest Russian-Americans need to realize that any support of Armenia’s regime merely prolongs its existence and drives more Armenians out of the country.

    By the way, according to other sources, the U.S. Western Region pledged $1 million, not $2 million, which would be even bigger slap for Armenia’s government:

  2. Actually Vahagn, this year’s Armenian telethon raised 1.2 million dollars more than last year’s telethon. Although the United States did not arrive in first place, it still managed to take second place with 3 million dollars in donations. Russia, of course, came in first place with over 12.3 million dollars in donations. That makes perfect sense, because after all, Russia contains the largest Armenian population outside of Armenia. This year’s Hayastan All-American Fund’s Telethon, was dedicated to raising financial support for the construction of the Vardenis-Martakert Highway, which will further the economic development of Artsakh, as well as Armenia. By functioning as a direct road link, this highway will become a second lifeline between northern Armenia and northern Artsakh, significantly reducing travel times between these two countries, and also bringing big economic benefits to numerous Artsakh communities along its path.

    By the way Vahagn, these Armenian telethons have absolutely nothing to do with the Armenian government’s denial of democracy to its people. Why do you keep using this absurd excuse against those Armenians who wish to donate money to finance important economic projects that benefit both Armenia, and Artsakh? The truth of the matter is that you’re firmly against anything that benefits the improvement of economic opportunities for Armenia, as well as Artsakh.

    • Actually, Yerevanian, I am very much in favor of Armenia’s development. What you fail to realize is that the lack of democracy is precisely what prevents economic development of Armenia. These kinds of projects are the responsibility of the government, and they should be done with investment and revenues from economic development, not by begging from Armenians abroad. Democratic Armenia would have invited much greater investment from Diasporans than these pathetic “$20 millions.” That’s less than 3 percent of my home town Glendale’s budget ($737 million).
      Instead, Armenia is limited to begging from Diasporans for building a road. That is what lack of democracy leads to.

      Building roads in Armenia is the job of Armenia’s government, not the Diaspora. By sending money to these telethons, we are helping Armenia’s criminal regime avoid its responsibility to develop the country (not to mention that much of the help is most likely stolen by the corrupt officials anyway). And doing this prolongs the existence of the undemocratic regime, which in turn delays the true development of Armenia.

      Given the wealth of Armenian-Americans and their numbers, they could have donated much more than the meager 3 million. 3 million from the United States is indeed a huge slap on the face of Armenia’s regime.

  3. {“…. that we Diasporans are not going to blindly support the illegitimate regime’s projects and tolerate the regime’s denial of democracy to its people.”} (Vahagn // December 3, 2013 at 8:54 pm //)

    That’s funny: I didn’t know Turkbeijanis have a Diaspora in US Western Region ?
    {“ the regime’s denial of democracy to its people.”}: Does that mean that you and your ilk are planning a protest in front of the Azerbaijani Consulate in West LA ?

    Let us educate the buddy boy some more about the Fund.

    The report by Armenpress was premature and obviously incorrect.
    The figures reported here @AW are the same as from the official Armenia Fund website.
    Too bad: yous lose again.

    And it is quite amusing to see these nomadic characters and their ilk see “good news” in one disaster after another for their failed Anti-RoA and Anti-NKR campaigns.

    Let us educate the buddy boy with some figures:

    Telethon 2013
    US Western Region/Los Angeles: $2,000,000.
    US Eastern Region: $1,000,000.
    Armenia+Artsakh: $2,640,000.

    Telethon 2012
    US Western Region/Los Angeles: $1,500,000.
    US Eastern Region: $600,000.
    Armenia+Artsakh: $2,500,000.

    What is significant here is that despite the massive negative campaign by Ara Manoogian and his ilk to stop Western Region/Los Angeles County Armenian-Americans from donating, they actually donated 30% MORE than last year.
    So we kindly ask Mr. Manoogian & his ilk to continue their efforts: apparently by some unexplained psychological phenomenon, his “Don’t Donate” campaigns actually promote more donations.
    Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

    Not only that, but this year, despite the relentless campaigns – by certain ilk – to drive a wedge between Armenia and Armenian Diaspora, Armenian-Americans stepped up to the plate and donated $3,000,000, exceeding the total by RoA & NKR.
    (We Armenian-Americans need to keep beating them natives at the cash register from now on, Ye hear ?)
    A massive endorsement of RoA and NKR by the Diasporan Silent Majority.
    Good job, fellow Diasporans, and we need to keep it up. (…where have I heard that before ?).

    Yes! Another slap on the face of Anti-RoA and Anti-NKR shills.

    And, buddy boy: I am sure all these years and all those donors just “pledged” and no money was ever actually collected, right ?
    Getting really, really desperate, Turkbeijani buddy, buddy boy.

    And, buddy boy: the ones who are criminals and are engaged in money laundering are the members of the Aliyevoglu Crime Syndicate.
    You know, your kin from Baku Khanate.
    Hello Dubai.

    • Another three-page whining from our “Armenian” buddy boy. Our resident apologist must be quite sore from some well-delivered lessons lately. Let’s educate him some more.

      So, Armenian-Americans, with all their wealth, donate just $360,000 more than the poverty-stricken Armenia+NKR. Yes, such a “massive” endorsement of ROA and NKR. Let’s look at other numbers:

      Glendale alone (a city virtually belonging to Armenian-Americans) has a budget of $737 million.
      A result of Armenians prospering under their own local democracy.
      Armenian-Americans donating $3 million. Less than 0.5 percent of the budget of the Armenian-Americans’ jewel city. And with average population estates of 1 million Armenian-Americans, that boils down to about average of 3 dollars per person. Such a “massive,” “smashing” endorsement of ROA. The Azeris (with their military budget of over $2 billion) must be shivering in fear.

      The Bolshevik-style exaggerations by you and other lackeys of the regime do not change the pretty powerful and well-deserved slaps that we patriotic Armenian-Americans deliver each year to Armenia’s criminal government, buddy boy. And we do that with one goal: to help our brothers and sisters in Armenia have the kind of country that they deserve.

    • Oh, wow, քոչվորoğlu: I am impressed you can count up to three.
      All my efforts educating you have not been wasted.
      Next we will try to move you to larger numbers: 4, 5, 6,…
      In a couple of years, we can move you to higher math: 10, 11.
      We will use sheep to count, so that your nomadic psyche does not get a shock.
      We can use white sheep or black sheep: your choice.
      No doubt when you were little, you were told about glorious stories from your ancestral history about the white sheep and black sheep nomadic Turkic tribes.

      And you know nothing about Glendale, its budget, where the money comes from, who owns it, who doesn’t.
      You are confused son: don’t worry; you are in luck. I am a very patient teacher. We will work on your confusion together, OK son ?

      Some more education, buddy boy: don’t play with higher numbers until you have been educated.
      Here is one for you: the 1 million Armenian-Americans are not all working adults.
      You understand what that means ? children don’t produce income; senior citizens are on limited budgets.
      Students borrow money for college. Clear ?

      And you are no more ‘patriotic’ Armenian American than your Sultan Aliyev of Baku Khanate.
      And your brothers and sisters are in Turkbeijan.

      And your Turkbeijani brothers in Baku Khanate _are_ shivering in fear: otherwise they would have moved already.
      They are spending $3+ billion @ year, and are too terrified of Artsakhtsi Armenian warriors to do anything: they know what will happen to their Khanate if they make a mistake. (did you get educated some more, sonny ? It is $3.7 Billion in 2013, up form $3 Billion in 2012, not $2 Billion: didn’t I tell not to play with large numbers until you are ready ?)

    • Buddy boy, still steaming with anger? 97% whining in each post is a clear sign of desperation. Let’s keep delivering you some more much needed lessons.

      Many senior citizens in the Armenian community send money to their relatives in Armenia from their limited budgets. If they cared about the telethon, they could have each sent some sum to the Fund. Students on loans who spend big chunk of their budgets on smartphones and entertainment could send money too, if they cared. With an average of $3 per person, clearly they do not care, and for a good reason. That, gyavur, is a true slap on the face of your beloved regime.

      It’s good to see that you are giving more credit to the Azeri government regarding their military spending, as a true gyavurածին. Apparently, for you it’s huge news that 3.7 is still “OVER 2”. 2 billion was already bad news for Armenia. With 3.7, you might want to start respecting your returning old masters.

  4. I would like to know, if there was any funds allocated to the Syrian Armenians, the last two years they have been going through a civil war and devastation. Did anybody think about them? They are also Armenian you know, aren’t they?

    Ardemis Antaramian

    • when you go to the DONATE page of the Fund, one of the choices the donor is given is this:

      [I want 100% of my donation to benefit
      Syrian Armenian Relief efforts: Yes] (check if yes)

      So, yes, our Syrian Armenian brothers and sisters are on our community leaders’ radar.
      During one of the telethons a couple of years ago, 10% of the funds were allocated to Syrian Armenians.
      Later it was changed to give the individual donor the choice: it is better that way.

      We Armenian people have many needs, but only limited funds.
      Everyone wishes we could help all those in need, but we simply can’t.
      Harsh reality. No easy answers.

      But in any case, helping NKR infrastructure indirectly helps Syrian Armenians. A number of Syrian Armenian families have already moved to NKR. More would, if there were funds to construct housing, etc.
      RoA and NKR Govs are doing the best with the available, limited, funds.

      One thing for sure: with all the economic and social difficulties in RoA and NKR, no radical Islamist terrorist is going to hoist a black flag on the steeple of an Armenian church.

      So there is the ultimate answer to the plight of our Syrian Armenian brothers and sisters.

  5. No Vahagn, what you fail to realize is that small bits of economic development can actually be achieved in Armenia, even though there is a lack of democracy. How much longer do you plan to keep using this absurd excuse to go against everything good that the Armenian diaspora does for the people of Armenia? It is true that these economic projects are the responsibility of the government, however, when the government fails to assume this responsibility, then it becomes necessary for the Armenian diaspora to help out and contribute to this responsibility. That’s what Armenian unity is all about. As I’ve said before, there’s absolutely no reason why the people of Armenia should suffer due to the faults of their government. Financing the construction of that road between northern Armenia and northern Artsakh, has nothing to do with the Armenian government. It has to do with providing assistance to the people of Armenia and Artsakh.

    • No, Yerevanian, when the Armenian government fails its responsibility, it is time to change the government. You said that you wanted revolution in Armenia. As long as we keep sending help, there will be no revolution. “Small improvements” merely prolong the undemocratic regime and delay much bigger development that Armenians deserve. How long do you plan to be fooled by the regime’s propaganda?

  6. {“What you fail to realize is that the lack of democracy is precisely what prevents economic development of Armenia.”}( Vahagn // December 4, 2013 at 4:03 pm //)

    Our քոչվորoğlu buddy boy keeps riding that dead horse of supposed superiority of democracy, despite my best efforts to educate him with concrete counterexamples.

    (get it ? a nomad…. riding a horse)

    Here is the paste from a long time ago, a galactic thread far, far away:

    {As to the baloney about democracy – in and of itself – supposedly making a country better or stronger:
    In another thread, we extensively schooled our buddy boy on this very subject.
    Briefly: China vs India.
    Autocratic, one-party rule China has left fully democratic India in the dust in every metric of human development, and industrial & military advancement. So much for democracy. }(….yours truly attempting to educate our buddy boy, repeatedly on the same subject)

    See if you can refute that, buddy boy, and then tell us about the supposed economic wonders of democracy.
    btw, nomad: your Baku Khanate is an absolute autocratic dictatorship, but they seem to have plenty of money to spend on shiny new glass & steel buildings in Baku that nobody needs, while their residents and troops are fed carrion: how does the democracy magic explain that ?

    Some more democracy magic:

    Very democratic Spain has an unemployment rate for its youth (under 25) of 56% (!): yes fifty six percent.
    Overall unemployment for the country is 25%, with some regions of Spain as high as 42%.

    Meanwhile, over at not-so-democratic Russia, the unemployment rate is…drumroll please…5.5%: yes less than six percent.
    My, my, my: how did that happen ? wasn’t democracy supposed to be some kind of magic economic potion, buddy boy ?

    • “Very democratic Spain has an unemployment rate for its youth (under 25) of 56% (!): yes fifty six percent.
      Overall unemployment for the country is 25%, with some regions of Spain as high as 42%.

      Meanwhile, over at not-so-democratic Russia, the unemployment rate is…drumroll please…5.5%: yes less than six percent.”
      Correlation does not imply causation my friend. To give another example, slightly democratic Turkey has a 9% unemployment rate while fully democratic Greece has a 27% unemployment rate. Yet, Greece still has higher per capita income and higher standards of living. What’s important is how the average person benefits from the economic standing of a nation. Russia may be doing very well compared to many western nations, but they are still not at, for the most part, western standards of life

    • Our gyavuroğlu buddy boy keeps digging up the same debunked arguments. India, buddy boy, is ranked as a flawed democracy. We need to adopt a successful democracy, such as the U.S., not a flawed one.

      Your Spain vs. Russia example is yet another desperate loser argument. Glad to education you on that too, gyavur. Dictatorships, such as Russia and Armenia, cook up their official numbers. Armenia’s official unemployment is 7%, less than the U.S. Even you should admit, gyavur, that it’s a fabricated number. So is Russia’s 5% unemployment.

      At any rate, unemployment is not the sole indication. With per capita GDP (Spain: about $30,000, twice more than Russia’s $14,000), Russia does not even come close. Another indication is the migration rate. It shows where people want to live. With its huge population, only 40,000 migrants move to Russia every year, primarily from its Soviet era colonies such as Armenia. Spain has over 200,000 people moving there permanently every year. Including many from Armenia. Noone is going from Spain to live in Russia, by the way.

      Of course, as I said before, we need to adopt the successful models of democracy, and I prefer the U.S. model of democracy due to its sheer success. Unlike Spain, where the prime minister is appointed by the king from the legisulature, the U.S. president is elected by the people independent from the legislature, which provides for greater separation of powers, a key aspect of successful democracy.

      As for Azerbaijan, with democracy, it could be much more successful, which would surely be the end of Armenia. Luckily for Armenia, Azerbaijan is not a democracy, giving Armenia some time (but very little) to get its act together. However, Azerbaijan’s 60-90 thousand per capita GDP is several times greater than Armenia’s. Which means, gyavur, unless Armenia adopts democracy, you need to start respecting your old masters more. Unless you plan to keep living like a nomad in my country (the great USA).

    • Vahagn, are you educated enough to know that the primary meaning of the word “gyavur” (or giaour) is “non-Muslim infidel”, used by backward Turks as an ethnic slur, a derogatory word for a Christian with particular reference to Armenians? Don’t you see that on these pages you’re the only one—claiming to be an Armenian to the disbelief of many—who insults an Armenian poster with this filthy, typically TurkoAzeri, word? What does it say to the readers about your true identity and your true motives posting here?

    • {“What does it say to the readers about your true identity and your true motives posting here?”}

      it says the ‘Armenian’ poster posting under an Armenian name is a քոչվորoğlu from Turkbeijan.
      its true motives are to create division and discord amongst Armenians.

  7. You’re wrong again Vahagn. Once again, all of this comes to show how much lack of sympathy you have for the people of Armenia. As I told you before, these kinds of economic projects have absolutely nothing to do with the government of Armenia. These kinds of economic projects benefit the people of Armenia.

    In terms of revolution, I still continue to hope that the people of Armenia will firmly unite together and replace their current incompetent government with a new government that will be committed to their needs and aspirations. However, this is something that will not happen overnight. It needs to be carefully planned and organized. This sort of activity will take time to manufacture. In the meantime, the Armenian diaspora should continue to help the people of Armenia, in any possible way. And truthfully speaking, the Armenian diaspora is doing a real good job.

    • As always, Yerevanian, you are wrong. Just because you keep saying that the telethon has nothing to do with the oligarchs does not make it so. The All-Armenian fund is controlled by the government, who decide how to spend the money. The distribution of the money is controlled by regime-affiliated banks. In a corrupt country such as Armenia, there is no way to tell how much of the money goes to the pockets of the officials. And these roads and projects benefit the businesses of the oligarchs. They do not benefit the people, because they prolong the existence of the corrupt government which denies true economic development to its people. Your comment merely shows how much you are fooled by the regime’s propaganda.

  8. {“However, Azerbaijan’s 60-90 thousand per capita GDP is several times greater than Armenia’s.”} (Vahagn // December 5, 2013 at 11:38 pm //)

    Nomad, I keep telling you not to play with large numbers until you are ready, but you won’t listen, will ya ?

    “60-90 thousand per capita GDP” ?

    What currency is that ? sheeps ?
    Black sheeps or white sheeps, քոչվորoğlu ?

    I hate to spend valuable time educating our Turkbeijani nomad: but, what can I do ?
    Armenian Nation calls.

    OK. Nomad. Here are some numbers from CIA Factbook about per capita GDP.

    Azerbaijan PPP $10,700 (2012 est.)
    Armenia PPP $5,900 (2012 est.)

    So it is not “several times” greater, Turkbeijani Nomad.
    It is not even 2X greater.
    Considering that your nomad cousins were lucky enough to end up on a piece of land that gushes money, the fact that their PPP is less than 2X of Armenia, a country with no hydrocarbon reserves, blockaded on two sides by Turkbeijani nomads, no market-rate transportation routes – proves that we, Armenians, are GREAT people – քոչվորoğlu.
    And it proves that you guys, are……nomads.

    You nomads can’t even feed yourselves with all that free money gushing from beneath your feet.
    So, tell me nomad: have your Turkbeijani cousins related their experience of consuming carrion in Baku ?
    Apparently the nomads tried to consume oil, but got food poisoning.
    So “why not consume carrion”, they said: after all, our ancestors lived on abundant meat of dead animals on the steppes.

    • I know we Armenians are a great people, buddy boy. I have been saying it many times. Unlike you, I do not claim that we Armenians suffer from national diseases or that our Genocide victims are sheep. However, gyavuroghlu, being a great people is not going to save the state of Armenia from eventual destruction, as long as their criminal rules (whom the likes of you support) are allowed to drive our great people away.

      Here are a few more numbers to educate you, buddy boy.

      Armenia’s GDP (nominal): $10.07 billion
      Azerbaijan’s GDP (nominal): $68.8 billion (nearly 7 TIMES LARGER than Armenia’s)

      Armenia’s GDP (PPP): $19.97 billion
      Azerbaijan’s GDP (PPP): $98.36 billion (5 TIMES LARGER than Armenia’s)

      I will translate this for you in simpler terms. Several times more GDP means the ability to have and use a whole lot more deadly weapons against the impoverished and depleted Armenia. And by the way, it’s quite amusing watching how eager you are to prove your “math skills” to your returning masters, gyavur. They will surely prove useful when you resume serving them. Again, unless our great people finally drive away the criminal rules and establish democracy in Armenia.

      By the way, how carefully did you read my impromptu poem for you? There was a nice little message for you to catch, buddy boy.

    • educate yourself first nomad.
      this is what you wrote above:

      {“However, Azerbaijan’s 60-90 thousand per capita GDP is several times greater than Armenia’s.”} (Vahagn // December 5, 2013 at 11:38 pm //)

      “60-90 thousand per capita GDP is several times grater…”

      Show me where PER CAPITA GDP is several times greater. Buddy boy.
      Per capita: Clear ? (how do you say ‘clear’ in nomadese ? anybody ? help, help)
      Don’t throw a bunch numbers at me to cover up your lack of knowledge about the concept of ‘per-capita’.

      maybe you need to educate yourself first that $2 Billion is not the same as $3.7 Billion: it is an easier concept to grasp, buddy boy.
      told you before: start counting small numbers of sheeps before you get confused about higher math concepts like ‘per-capita’.
      2 white sheeps join 3 white sheeps: how many sheeps we have now, sonny ?
      make sure you do not – do not – mix white sheeps and black sheeps, OK son ? it might set your progress, what little there is, back many years.

      And you wrote a poem for me ? Moi ? Oh, so touching: don’t know what to say.
      Didn’t know nomads could grasp higher concepts like poems.
      Why don’t you proudly reproduce it in this thread, buddy boy: let my Armenian compatriots see a Turkbeijani sheep herder expressing its admiration for the indigenous, sedentary, advanced civilization that they so desperately seek to emulate – ever since they nomadded (new verb) from Uyguristan.

    • Oh look, our buddy boy has learned to correct typos. If that doesn’t scream desperation, I don’t know what does. As I said, it’s quite amusing watching you show your skills to your returning masters. Maybe they will find them useful when you get to count their petrodollars.

      Now, let’s resume the fun business of educating our gyavur. Whether you take per capita GDP or overall GDP, your beloved regime is toast. Let’s have you enjoy the reality of numbers some more:

      Armenia: GDP per capita (nominal): $3,021
      Azerbaijan: GDP per capita (nominal): $7,450 (over twice larger than Armenia’s)

      Armenia: GDP per capita (PPP): $5,924
      Azerbaijan: GDP per capita (PPP): $10,365 (nearly twice larger than Armenia’s)

      If you ask nicely, as a good, obedient gyavur, I may provide my sources. At any rate, the per capita numbers mean that individually, citizens of Armenia are much poorer than those of Azerbaijan. However, your beloved regime needs to be more concerned with the overall GDP numbers below:

      Armenia’s GDP (nominal): $10.07 billion
      Azerbaijan’s GDP (nominal): $68.8 billion (nearly 7 TIMES LARGER than Armenia’s)

      Armenia’s GDP (PPP): $19.97 billion
      Azerbaijan’s GDP (PPP): $98.36 billion (5 TIMES LARGER than Armenia’s)

      These overall GDP numbers, gyavuroghlu, mean that Azerbaijan is in a greater position to squash the state ravished by your beloved regime.

      Given your obsession with my posts, buddy boy, I am sure you read my impromptu poem several times. I realize that you wish to relieve the experience again, as a true gyavur. Here is the link. There is a nice little message for you. See if you are skilled enough to catch it.


  10. As always, Vahagn, your comment shows how much you enjoy making up false information about both, the Armenian diaspora and Armenia. Once again, the Hayastan All-American Fund has absolutely nothing to do with the Armenian government. This particular fund is dedicated to economic projects that benefit the people of Armenia, as well as the people of Artsakh.

    Hey Vahagn, no matter how much you might wish to drive a wedge between the diaspora and Armenia, you can be sure that your wish will never happen. And the reason is because the Armenian diaspora loves its Fatherland too much. As much as you might be bothered by this fact, there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

    • As always, Yerevanian, you repeat the same bs like a parrot, hoping it will pass. Once again, you repeating like an imbecile that the Fund has nothing to do with the oligarchs does not make it a reality. I present real numbers and sources. If you have reliable sources to counter my facts, go ahead, otherwise, do yourself a favor and stop acting like an imbecile parrot. And read the following AW article and comments to educate yourself.

      Hey, Yerevanian, no matter how many times you try to parrot the regime’s lines, intelligent Armenians know the truth about the corrupt Fund, so you can be sure that you will accomplish nothing other than act like an imbecile parrot.

    • Yes, Yerevanian: go to that AW article and read the comments.
      The Turkbeijani shill is thrashing about in desperation there, incongruously trying to convince himself that their ‘do-not-contribute’ campaign was not a colossal failure.

      And when the nomads start foaming with anger and calling posters “imbecile parrots”, you know they are sinking deeper into their self-made tar pit, as they thrash about in desperation trying to get out of the muck.

      btw: Don’t know where you live Yerevanian, but I’ll let you in on a little secret from Los Angeles county goings-on.
      The local leader of the ‘do-not-contribute’ parrot brigade, one Mr. Ara Manoogian, was unceremoniously thrown out of Glendale Hilton a couple of weeks ago.
      A delegation of our heroic brothers and sisters from Artsakh was in town for the Telethon, staying at the Hilton.
      So apparently – get this – they called security on our fearless leader for allegedly – allegedly – coming to the hotel and threatening NKR Gov officials. Mr. Manoogian played tough and refused to leave when asked to, claiming NKR Gov people made it all up.
      You should watch the Vid: pretty funny how the fearless leader meekly slinks away as soon as GPD’s 5 or 6 finest show up and mention the word ‘Arrest’.

      My, my, my: what the world has come to.

    • Yes, let’s indeed watch the video by brave human rights activist Ara Manoogian exposing the corruption of the “all armenian fund.” Manoogian calmly but persistently provides facts about corruption in Armenia and “nkr” to the crooks of the fund. And yes, he courageously refuses to budge despite the begging and bullying from the thugs. Of course, as a law abiding man, he complies with the police’s demand to leave. That is what people do under a rule of law: they respect the law, unlike the thugs in the pathetic state of “Armenia” (oh, and in that terrorist entity called “nkr”.)

      But even more amusing, watch how the lackeys of the “Fund” scurry around like cowards, trying to cover up the embarrassing facts pertaining to the “Fund.” Watch how one of the thugs threatens and unsuccessfully tries to bully Manoogian. “You are lucky that I just harassed you?” Who are these, the bodyguards of the “president” of “nkr”? It’s amusing how some idiot from a local terrorist entity calls himself a “president” and asks for protection on U.S. soil.

      These thugs should have encountered the Armenian protestors in Armenia, who are not as concerned with following the law like Mr. Manoogian. Most likely, these thugs from “Karabakh” and the “Fund” would end up with broken bones or worse. Which is bound to happen sooner or later. That, or the Azeris will invade and rape these thugs when the people are gone. I personally prefer the first option.

      This is the kind of lawlessness and impunity that we, patriotic Armenians, need to change. That, or we lose Armenia once again.

  11. “vahagn”

    And I wonder your beloved Axerbiajan with GOP 68.8 billion dollars, where most of them (except Sultan’s Royal Family) live way below poverty level…l look at the picture of the housing on the other side of empty high rise buildings and I felt sorry for those rich oil Sheikhdom people, who are the victim of corrupted Ilham’s dictatorial regime. Do you know most of poor sick Axeri population going the other side of border in Iran’s Azerbaijan to get free medical services??

    This report came from a friendly BP nation, who are digging Shah-Deniz oil fields 24 hrs. a day!!

    • “gb” (or whatever the hell your name is), you can keep “wondering” all you want, or you can look at the reality. Here is some more reality for you, since you spoke of poverty line. In Azerbaijan, 11% of people live below poverty line. In Armenia, over 35%. Azerbaijan has 0 permanent migration rate. Armenia, according to official numbers, has a migration rate below negative 3. That translates to over 40,000 Armenians PERMANENTLY leaving the country. Of course, these are official numbers, so real numbers are likely much worse. And here is a picture for you to feel sorry about.

      Unless you are ready to live there like that poor old man, I suggest you stop being one of the imbecile supporters of your beloved regime.

  12. Hey Vahagn, since when have you become a law professor? Your knowledge of law is just as bad as your knowledge of democracy. You’re actually trying to say that under the rule of law, people will always respect it? Well, here in the United States of America, which happens to be a nation of many laws, you actually happen to have a very high number of people who break the law. Even in the government, you have many politicians who persistently break the law. Take a look at the Republican and Democratic parties. These two political parties are filled with crooks. Take a look at the FBI, NSA, and CIA. These three organizations commit crimes on a daily basis. Anyway, if you would like for me to provide you with more education on this subject matter, make sure to let me know. This is actually one of my favorite subjects.

  13. Avery, Thank you for your information. So, do you think it is sufficient, to allocate 10 percent to the Syrian Armenian’s? There is something wrong. Instead of 10%, it should have been 50%. They are really and truly going through hell, and nobody cares for the poor Armenians.

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