Prominent Diasporans Sign Statement in Support of Equality in Armenia

More than two-dozen prominent Armenians in the Diaspora have signed a statement supporting equality and justice for all in Armenia. Among the signatories are poet Diana Der Hovanessian, filmmaker Atom Egoyan, actor and producer Arsinée Khanjian, musician Serge Tankian, and photographer Scout Tufankjian. This array of Armenian artists, intellectuals and professionals felt moved to release this statement in the light of anti-gay legislation that was recently proposed, and later withdrawn, in Yerevan. “This anti-gay legislation is part of a disturbing pattern of intolerance for marginalized people and opposition voices in Armenia,” said publisher Veken Gueyikian. Writer Nancy Agabian said, “People of conscience must not stand by as our LGBT cousins are targeted and demonized.” The statement represents their collective commitment to human rights and to Armenia’s nascent civil society movements.

Below is the statement and the list of signatories.

“In response to reports of draft ‘anti-propaganda’ legislation in Armenia, modeled on Russia’s recently passed and widely condemned bill, we, the undersigned members of the global Armenian community, say such attempts to codify anti-gay prejudice into law are contrary to our values. We believe in dignity, equality and the right to self-expression for all people regardless of religion, sexual orientation, gender, or race.”

Nancy Agabian

Mika Artyan

Arlene Avakian

Peter Balakian

Anthony Barsamian

David Barsamian

Eve Beglarian

Chris Bohjalian

Melissa Boyajian

Diana Der Hovanessian

Atom Egoyan

Dahlia Elsayed

Houry Geudelekian

Veken Gueyikian

Nonny Hogrogian

Aris Janigian

Nina Katchadourian

Nishan Kazazian

Arsinee Khanjian

David Kherdian

Nancy Kricorian

Micheline Aharonian Marcom

Neery Melkonian

Arthur Nersesian

Joan Aghajanian Quinn

Aram Saroyan

Serj Tankian

Scout Tufankjian

Hrag Vartanian

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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  1. Inversely, these “prominent Armenians in the Diaspora” (aka: agents) should be ignored and shunned publicly.

    They are anti-Christian, anti-Family and anti-Armenian. Their advice taken will crumble the family and ultimately the nation.

    They should keep their advice and opinions in the west, where they belong.

    If they’re unhappy, they’re welcomed to change their names, adopt their host country’s identity and culture and embrace their beliefs privately in their own families, whatever “family” they have—otherwise, they have no right to stick their noses in Armenia’s affairs.

    The Armenian church and government also needs to show strength and leadership or they will allow infiltrators to further destroy the nation. Also, the Armenian Christian marriage and family needs to be reinforced and ready to stand as it has much to lose with these western ideals.

    God help Armenia.

  2. The Armenian government must NOT recognize an entity of gay(queer)people.This movement would be unChristian and ridicules our Holy Bible.As in other countries this will lead to and promote marriages of same sex couples. If gays want to co-habitate and/or perform their unorthodox behaviors they can do so in private.

  3. Aram, they have the same right to express their opinions just as you have that right to criticize and disagree with their’s. However, you DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to claim Armenian, Christian or familial values for yourself or for those with similar opinions. You can complain all you want, the Armenian nation is not monolithic and you absolutely don’t have the right (nor will you will ever) to tell us who we are as Armenians, whom we love and our Christian faith. They are all intrinsically and inalienably interwoven fabric of our being all created in the image and likeliness of God.

    • Michael,

      At hand is an issue that must be addressed autonomously by the Armenian people within Armenia– they know what is in their best interest. This is not an issue for prominent Armenians acting as agents of destructions for NGO’s with ulterior motives.

      You diaspora “Armenians” have become corrupted by the west and you have corrupted yourselves with the wickedness available to you. What a shame that the most famously known “part Armenian” in your country has gained recognition from a sex tape.

      It has become politically expedient for you to divide and control the people in the west by breaking down your marriages and families. But stay away from our marriages, families and children in Armenia. We’ve suffered enough under the Ottomans and communism and don’t need it from diaspora “Armenians” who fled when times got tough only to come back and meddle in our affairs. You are all odars to us now. The irony is that you diaspora “Armenians’ beat the ceremonious genocide recognition drums each year while you yourselves actively seek to commit a self-inflicted genocide on your fellow Armenians in Armenia. The enemy is within our own culture, not the Turk or Azeri, and you are that enemy.

      So is your wish to turn the whole country homosexual? If so, prepare to see the country disintegrate to the point that the Turks and Azeri’s push through in only a few generations—what you encourage is a threat to Armenia’s national security. Rest assured, we Armenians are steadfast and won’t let that happen.

      You’ve also failed to show any shame and restraint in how you openly push your lifestyles on children. In crafty speech, we’re continuously taught how we’re bad when we object to you—no, it is your agenda that is a threat to our lives and is bad.

      Feminism, idolatry, wickedness and godlessness have infiltrated you diaspora “Armenians” and your clergy are both weak and corrupted—so it is no wonder why you diaspora Armenians are no different than the odars.

      If you want to live in sin, live it in your society but don’t tell us that we have no right to reject it when you openly push it upon us.

    • We Diasporans have enough wealth to buy your entire pathetic “Republic of Armenia.” That is a testament of our strength, not weakness. Your “family values” are a joke. Your “families” and “marriages” are being broken due to emigration and your women seeking to become prostitutes in Turkey, while your men have turned into thieves and beggars. The rest of your families are tools of oppressing your women, making it understandable why your women look outside for men. All a result of your criminal leadership denying democracy and other Western values to your people. We Diasporan can teach you how to get rid of your criminal rulers and build a system to make yourselves stronger, instead of becoming a nation of prostitutes and beggars.

  4. Those “prominent Armenians” who signed the statement of equality should have made provisions for
    those of us “non-prominent Armenians” who share their views to concur in their statement.

  5. People forget that Christianity itself is foreign to Armenia. Armenians are a race and a nationality, not a religion.

  6. This is news? Who cares, there’s more important things for these diasporans to change or petition for in Armenia. Homosexuals will eventually be accepted into society over time, this county is still coming off fresh from Soviet rule and growing out of that culture, per se, well gradually happen overtime. How long did it take in the US for homosexuals to be accepted?

  7. 1) As a Diasporan Armenian I am a bit tired of being instructed when I may wag my tale for the Republic and when I may not. If we trust today’s population figures, 2/3 of Armenians live outside their ancestral lands. Either we have a say at all times, or not at all. I say we do. It’s up to the Republic, however, to decide whether it will listen.
    2. I hardly think that women and homosexuals are threats to the Republic and the Church, both of which seem to be beset by serious systemic problems which need to be addressed. Perhaps the latest attacks against them are to turn the attention of the people away from those actual threats which threaten their very existence.
    3. The petition is still open and anyone can sign, prominent or not. I have as have several hundred others.
    4. People are flocking out of the homeland; there is a massive brain drain, yet the hetamnats amongst them seem intent on adding to the list of all who are leaving by driving all LGBT Armenians out of the Republic and to continue to dominate women. Can it really afford to lose hard working, passionate Armenians? Just think to yourselves who will be left.
    And as to the continuing insane discussion about who is and who is not Armenian, I have one criterion. Anyone who tells me he or she is, is. Christian, atheist, Catholic, gay, straight, Jew, etc. If they did not feel so, what possible reason could they have to claim it.
    It is amazing that at the very moment their should be unity dedicated to the survival of renascent homeland, we continue our penchant to tear each other to shreds. If that is not insanity, I do not know what is.

  8. These signers are not family people nor do they comprehend what has kept the Armenian Family together for generations. Just because they are “Prominent Diasporans” does not mean they have the right to preach anti-Armenian sentiments.

  9. “You are all odars to us now. The irony is that you diaspora “Armenians’ beat the ceremonious genocide recognition drums each year while you yourselves actively seek to commit a self-inflicted genocide on your fellow Armenians in Armenia. The enemy is within our own culture, not the Turk or Azeri, and you are that enemy.”
    As someone who was born and lives in the Diaspora, and knows very closely the reality of Armenia, I find personally shameful that someone with an Armenian surname would express infamous ideas such as Diasporan Armenians are “odar” or “enemies” (I would say exactly the same if someone uttered the same concepts about Armenians from Armenia). Fortunately, I believe this kind of mentality is not the one that predominates among the population of Armenia.
    Որպէս մէկը, որ Սփիւռքի մէջ ծնած է ու կ՚ապրի եւ շատ մօտէն ծանօթ է Հայաստանի իրականութեան, անձնապէս ամօթալի կը գտնեմ որ հայկական ազգանուն կրող մէկը այսպիսի խայտառակ գաղափարներ արտայայտէ՝ սփիւռքահայը «օտար» ու «թշնամի» նկատել (նոյնը պիտի ըսէի, եթէ մէկը հայաստանցին «օտար» կամ «թշնամի» նկատէր)։ Բարեբախտաբար, նման մտայնութեան տէր անձեր Հայաստանի բնակչութեան մեծամասնութիւնը չեն կազմեր։
    (Այս տողերը հայերէնով ալ կը գրեմ, որովհետեւ Սփիւռքը — կամ ամերիկահայ համայնքը — միայն կազմուած չէ հայերէն լեզուէն լուր չունեցող անձերէ, որոնք չեն հասկնար այսպիսի խօսքերու մէջ պարփակուած ատելութիւնը եւ ազգը ներկայացնելու անհիմն յաւակնութիւնը՝ հայութեան մասին մակերեսային գաղափար ունենալու պատճառով)։

  10. What’s next, legalizing same sex marriages? There is no question all people must be considered equal in the eyes of the law but NEVER at the expense of our traditional values. Let’s keep certain western values that are detrimental to our culture away and out of our culture for good.

  11. Regarding the ignorant poster who called Diasporans “odars” and claimed that we Diasporans have been corrupted by the West, this is the asinine propaganda tacitly encouraged by the ruling thugs of the pathetic Russian colony called “Republic of Armenia.” Ironically, the biggest outside corruptor of moral values in Armenia has been Russia, which is well known to the rest of the world as a nation of prostitutes, its most valuable export. Russian whores have for decades destroyed numerous Armenian families. The disregard for the law so prevalent among the ruling thugs of Armenia comes from the punk (“patsanskiy”) attitude so prevalent among the Russian nation.

    The biggest internal corruptor of the moral values in Armenia is the abject poverty, oppression, and lack of hope resulting from the criminal regime. Armenian women are running to Turkish men to be their prostitutes. Those who cannot flee the country or join the criminals have become beggars relying on Diasporan handouts. The ruling thugs have turned Armenia into a society of prostitutes, thieves, and beggars. So much for “traditional Armenian values.” We Diasporans, with our wealth of knowledge of how successful Western democracies function, have the unique ability to teach our brothers in Armenia how to have a livable country. And with our ability to give or refuse aid, we have the ability to force change in Armenia. It’s time we use these weapons to save our country.

    • Russian colony ?

      Well, nomad: if – IF – RoA is a colony, it is better to be a colony of a country than to be a colony of BP, like your homeland – Turkbeijan.

      Yous getting really desperate, homes: throwing all that oil-sludge at Armenia: maybe some will stick. Who knows.
      I understand: you have no choice, really; you gots to do it, homey.
      Otherwise people might start asking yous about the carrion your nomadic cousins are eating in Baku.

    • Getting less and less articulate and more desperate with each post, buddy boy? Azerbaijan can afford to be BP’s colony: it has oil, and it can use it to squash Armenia, if Armenia’s ruling thugs keep driving the people away. Armenia, on the other hand, is doomed to disappear from the face of the earth the moment Russia decides to throw away its colony, as it has done many times before. That is, unless Armenians drive away the ruling thugs, establish a democracy, and control their own destiny. But of course, you can keep defending the doomed thugs while staying in safety of the U.S. and enjoying its benefits. Like a true nomad.

  12. Diaspora “representatives” in the US are doing their best to alienate their community from Armenia. Do these “democratically” driven people realize that a vast majority of Armenians in Armenia want absolutely nothing to do with their “western values”? Where is the democracy in that? Do Armenians have the right to choose to live in a nation that does not promote homosexuality and multiculturalism? I visit Armenia every year. With each passing year I feel more and more ashamed to be an Armenian-American…

    • Wrong, the majority of Armenians are dreaming about living under rule of law, with their rights being respected by the government. All Western values. That is why many flee the country to live in Western Democracies. But if you so hate Western democracies, why don’t you drop the “-American” from “Armenian-American”, move to Armenia, and live there. See how long you will last.

    • I fully support the idea of equality and justice for all Armenians in Hayastan. After all, in order for our Fatherland to make any kind of progress in this world, it must embrace the concept of equality and justice for all its people. As for those particular people in Armenia, who make it a point of viewing the diaspora Armenians as being inferior to them, and even going so far as to label them as “odar”, is really sad and shameful. Exactly what sort of Armenian unity is this supposed to be? Whether an Armenian is from Yerevan, Stepanakert, Beirut, Istanbul, Aleppo, Tehran, Moscow, Paris, Toronto, or Los Angeles, we are all Armenians. There is no single group of Armenians better than the other. Remember that!

      Now, for those particular Armenians in Hayastan, who believe that the diaspora Armenians have no business meddling into the affairs of the Fatherland, I have a question for you. Without the financial assistance of the diaspora, where would Armenia be? Its poverty rate is 35 percent. The number of children going hungry in that country is enormous. People continue to migrate out of Hayastan, year after year. After a peak population of 3.6 million in 1991, it has fallen sharply all the way down to 2.8 million. And the corrupt government of Armenia is doing absolutely nothing to solve the problems of its people. After all that, it’s still the money of the diaspora Armenians that continues to keep Hayastan rolling. The people in Hayastan should always remember that.

      In this particular thread, I noticed a great deal of discussion on the subject of Western cultural values. Aram Gharibian was talking about how the diaspora Armenians have become corrupted by Western cultural values. There is actually a bit of truth to that. I, who was raised in the United States, have observed throughout these years, how so many young Armenians out here in the states have become dominated by many of the immoral cultural values of Western society, such as drug use, weed smoking, beer drinking, promiscuous sexual activity, and occupying one’s time with those mind corrupting video games. And just like the vast majority of people in Western capitalist societies, so many of the Armenians who live in these societies, seem to measure everything based upon money and constantly strive to gratify their enormous materialistic desires. However, I would also like to point out to Aram, that these same immoral Western cultural values are also dominating many of the Armenians in Hayastan. In other words, this problem is affecting most of the world’s Armenian population.

      As for you Vahagn, as I recall, you were preaching to Aram that “We diasporans can teach you how to get rid of your criminal rulers.” I actually like that idea, but exactly how on earth do you plan to accomplish this? Do you have any clue as to how much power those corrupt guys in the Armenian government have? If the diaspora had the power to get rid of those guys, they would have done this a long time ago. This kind of power can only come from inside the Republic of Armenia. There are actually certain people over there with that kind of power, however, they have chosen to do nothing so far. Anyway Vahagn, why are you pretending that you suddenly care about Armenia’s problems? Because, the truth of the matter is that you’re here to degrade and ridicule the Armenian people and their Fatherland in any possible way.

    • To begin with, I fully support the idea of equality and justice for all Armenians in Hayastan. After all, in order for our Fatherland to make any kind of progress in this world, it must embrace the concept of equality and justice for all its people. As for those particular people in Armenia, who make it a point of viewing the diaspora Armenians as being inferior, and even going so far as to label them “odar”, is sad and shameful. Exactly what sort of Armenian unity is this? Whether an Armenian is from Yerevan, Stepanakert, Beirut, Istanbul, Aleppo, Tehran, Moscow, Paris, Toronto, or Los Angeles, we are all Armenians. There is no single group of Armenians better than the other.

    • Yerevanian, true, the people of Armenia have the ultimate power to get rid of the criminal rulers. We Diasporans can help the people of Armenia to accomplish this and establish democracy through moral support, financial support, and knowledge. We Diasporans have accumulated vast knowledge as to how a successful democratic state functions (this especially applies to our attorneys, who know the system), and how to achieve it. We should share it with the activists there. Moral support includes not sending aid during the upcoming telethon and other government sponsored projects. It will send a powerful message to the government and to the people. Cutting aid will also be a financial pressure against the government. As you recognized, Armenia depends on Diasporan aid. Without Diasporan aid, both the government and the people will feel the pain, and it will force the people to start being more active in changing the government. And financial support means giving aid to those groups and NGO’s that are prepared to bring about the change.

      Your “assessment” regarding my posts is gravely wrong. I have always been interested in Armenia’s problems, as they directly affect my people, Armenians, who suffer there. I never ridicule the Armenian people. In fact, contrary to some pseudo-patriots, who claim that Armenia is a wonderful state while the Armenian people are flawed, I believe the reverse is true: Armenians are a great people who have a bad state. I ridicule our “Fatherland,” otherwise known as the state of Armenia, because a country that treats my people the way it does deserves ridicule. I also do it to emphasize the sad reality of the state of Armenia, so more and more of my people will feel the need to turn it into the kind of state that we deserve to have.

    • [Yerevanian]: although I disagree with many of the assertions in your post, your “assessment” of the comments of our nomadic Azerbaijani guest, posting under an Armenian name, is quite accurate.
      There are a number of AzeriTatarTurk and Turk posters posing as Armenians throughout the blogosphere, attempting to sow discord amongst our people.

      Won’t work: Armenian sentinels can spot these nomads a mile away, despite the ridiculous overuse of the phrase “my people”, “my people”…

      An ‘Armenian’ surely wrote these:

      {“…a sweet miniseries about the love story between a beautiful woman and her first cousin.”} (Vahagn // July 16, 2013 at 3:28 pm // @AW)

      Here, the ‘Armenian’ poster is waxing romantic about a Turkish miniseries, wherein two first cousins fall in love.
      Now, in what culture not only is it acceptable, but a widely practiced custom to marry one’s own cousin ?
      Not Armenian for sure. Turkish ? AzeriTatarTurk ? Uygur ?

      { Furthermore, I think it will benefit our cause if we do not antagonize our moderate Turkish brothers, as we may need them in our struggle against our more extremist Turkish siblings.} (Vahagn // October 31, 2013 at 9:19 pm //)

      Oh my: all this time we had ‘brothers’ and extremist Turkish ‘siblings’ we did not know about.
      In case you guys missed it: “our” more extremist Turkish siblings. Our ?
      Siblings ?
      When did that happen ?
      Did you guys know we Armenians had extremist Turkish siblings ?


      So, next, our Azerbaijani nomad guest will bring up something about some sheeps.
      I will reply to thems sheeps.
      And we will live happily ever after.

      So much fun. More fun than I have the legal right to have.
      Thank God for ArmenianWeekly.
      Where else can one have all that fun and learn new things every day.

    • It’s quite amusing watching our self-hating “Armenian” (posting under the foreign (!) name of “Avery”), rambling with absolutely no substance, except pure rage. Trying to get even after being debunked so many times, buddy boy? Let’s debunk you some more. We true Armenians pride ourselves with our sense of humor. A true Armenian would sense the humor in a fellow Armenian calling a Turkish miniseries about loving cousins as sweet. A fake “Armenian” might or might not. What does that make you, buddy boy? I will give you three chances to answer.

      Now, let’s, again for fun, read our self-hater’s post blaming our Genocide victims for the Genocide: by Avery // February 26, 2013 at 3:17 am // “no wonder we were slaughtered like sheep by Turks. Turks glorify their military, while we glorify our spoiled brats.”

  13. How can you possibly say that you never ridicule the Armenian people? In one of your earlier posts on this thread, you stated that the women in Armenia seek to become prostitutes in Turkey. Don’t you think that’s a horrible insult? As for the Fatherland, it has absolutely nothing to do with the corrupt Armenian government. The Fatherland represents historic Armenia, as well as the rich and ancient Armenian culture. The corrupt Armenian government is totally disconnected to the Fatherland. As a matter of fact, they represent the exact opposite of what the Fatherland stands for. What is worthy of ridicule is the government of Armenia. As for the Fatherland, it is always worthy of the love and affection of the world’s Armenian population.

    Cutting Diasporan financial aid to Armenia would be a bad idea. The people of Armenia need that money. Why should they suffer at the expense of their corrupt government? They’re already suffering as it is. Anyway, even if the Diaspora were to cut off its financial aid to Armenia, that would still have no impact on the Armenian government. It’s not as if those corrupt guys are just going to suddenly alter their way of leadership. They have enormous power, and are firmly committed to their corrupt practices. They have no intention of changing their wrongful ways. The more I think about it, the more I come to realize that a revolution seems like the only possible solution for Armenia. The people of Armenia need to find a way to band together, and rid themselves of their extremely improper government. And if they pursue this, they should try to do it with as little bloodshed as possible. But then again, in any kind of revolution, you always end up having lots of bloodshed.

    • Yerevanian, my post about Armenian prostitutes was directed at Aram Gharibian, who made a quite offensive post directed against Diasporan Armenians. He was calling us, Diasporan Armenians morally corrupt, and I was merely pointing out that his own arse was naked (metaphorically speaking). I was ridiculing his hypocrisy, not the Armenian people (and at the same time pointing out real ills in the society of the Republic of Armenia). I hope you realize that Armenian prostitutes are not equal to our people as a whole.

      You are absolutely right, our Fatherland is the historic Armenia, from Euphrates to Kura, not that semi-authoritative-sorry-excuse-for-a-state called “Republic of Armenia.” And it is the state of Armenia that is oppressing our people there. We Armenians deserve a better state, and we can get it if we all work together.

      If you are for revolution in Armenia, then you should be in favor of cutting aid to Armenia. The suffering will force people to change the government instead of relying on Diasporan handouts. If you are in favor of peaceful change, cutting aid and increasing people’s suffering will again accelerate such change. I agree we should avoid bloodshed, and that is where the sharing of our knowledge and expertise in democracy with our brothers in Armenia becomes important.

  14. Equality rights ought to be in place in Armenia,as the trend to a Civil Society progresses there.This much for that.But it strikes me how the issue has taken a U turn to another one that of ¨fianncial aid by the Diaspora to RA,corruption there etc.
    The debate now is concentrated on a totally different,very sensitive issue.Emanating no doubt from the very recent demonstration on Liberty Square.
    No , to Mr. Yerevanian!!! Armenia cannot and should not follow the path of the Arab revolutions.Firstly because we are ¨different¨both mentality wise and a rather more կերտւած,Քաղաքացիացւած*carved and Societized,if you will people-NOW A NATION/STATE.Indeed I do not quickly pass over the infamous march 1 and a few here and there occurrances,bad of course,but that cannot be compared with a multitude wildly on the streets….wreaking havoc.No Siree…
    WHAT IS NEEDED IS A REAL OPPOSITION ,which unfortunately was not attained.I am surprissed ,very much surprised why not..
    I may take a guess though,the ARF,Social Democrats,Ramgavars,heritage,orinatz AIM*Paruyr Hairikians,did not strive hard enough *which they still CAN to form a real Coalition Opposition.There are of course other means to help latter get organized and do so…
    The Diaspora,the Armenian Diaspora lacks plenty as yet governed byut the more than 160 yr old “Sahmanatrutyun” clerics-Amira drawn up charter in Istanbulla*under Ottoman harsh rule.No charter for a Dynamic Diaspora population of today,FACE IT!!!thence, The armenian Dias[pora is truly is concerned with Fahterland’s well being,it should first of all put its own house in order.The BBB’s Bishops, Benefactors and Bosses*quote from ARA Baliozian(cannot be overlooked( they will go on that way pretty much as the Olis in RA.However, alongside these a real CIVIL SOCIETY must by and by take centre stage and act act independently.Until such time when the old timers*BBB’s will give in ,if not totally, at least partially.Then will we see the new blood acting both in diaspora and RA.

  15. I am glad you mentioned Ara Baliozian, gayzag. He is a brave and brilliant Armenian who should be read for his useful insight into the challenges encountered by our people. I may not agree with his generalizations, but he is a must-read. I used to think like some of our pseudo-patriots and viewed him as a “traitor.” I am glad I have evolved.

  16. A revolution, of course, is the last thing that we would want for the nation of Armenia. However, Armenia’s depressing condition continues to remain the same, year after year. With the exception of 10 percent of its population, which lives in high luxury, the other 90 percent are not living so well. The poverty rate is 35 percent. There are lots of hungry children. Opportunities are not abundant. And year after year, large numbers of people continue to migrate out of Armenia. These are all huge problems confronting the nation of Armenia, and its corrupt government is doing absolutely nothing to combat these problems. The nation of Armenia, cannot continue at this rate. It cannot continue to have so many of its people migrating out of the country, year after year. A big drastic change is needed in Armenia. If the Armenian government is so extremely satisfied with Armenia’s present condition, and has no intention of fixing all these dreadful problems, then the people of Armenia should take it upon themselves to clean out their improper government, from top to bottom, and render it a fresh new makeover. And the only way to achieve this, unfortunately, is thru a revolution. What other alternative is there? The opposition parties? During all these years, what have they accomplished against the Armenian government? The answer is nothing. They just don’t have that kind of power. And because they don’t have that kind of power, and because no other kind of peaceful solution has presented itself up to now, there remains only one kind of solution. And that solution, rests in the hands of the people of Armenia, to take action, by any means necessary, against their corrupt government. And the only way to achieve this, is thru a revolution. By employing this kind of action, there will obviously be violence and bloodshed. But then again, that’s how a revolution works. You can’t possibly have a revolution without violence and bloodshed. Yes, it’s a dreadful solution, but when there is no kind of peaceful solution to the people’s problems, they are then forced to employ this kind of a dreadful solution. Anyway, all of this rests in the hands of the people of Armenia. This is their decision to make. They can either continue with their current government, or they can revolt against it, overthrow it, and establish a true democracy, which would truly represent the people of Armenia, in which all its citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives.

  17. Bravo to these diasporan Armenians for speaking out against injustice! There is nothing “Christian” about treating others like second-class citizens. No matter what your religion, it is time we all grew up and realize that love is love. I fully support equality in Armenia and all over the world!

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