Skulls and Bones Exposed in Mass Grave Near Van

VAN, Turkey (A.W.)—Skulls and bones, possibly from the Armenian Genocide, have been found protruding from the soil near a school in the district of Westan (current name, Gevaş) in Van, according to a newspaper report.

Skulls and bones, possibly from the Armenian genocide, protrude from the soil.
Skulls and bones, possibly from the Armenian Genocide

The pro-Kurdish Ozgur Gundem reported that in the village of Ili (current name, Dağyöre) in the district of Westan, a mass grave was unearthed last year during the construction of the Dağyöre Elementary School. The bones remain there, protruding from the soil, to this day. Villagers say the mass grave is likely that of the Armenians who lived in the village a century ago.

The village of Ili is southwest of Gevaş (Armenian name Vosdan), and had 21 Armenian households prior to the Armenian Genocide.

The mass grave is near the elementary school of the village.
The mass grave is near the elementary school of the village.


  1. Kill and deny
    See…but pretend blind
    Put your flag on the top
    to say, “this is my land” …
    but underneath that red bloody flag
    there are skulls with open mouths of innocent race
    children…mothers grandmothers aunts…
    who were tortured…raped till death…
    can any one forget…!!!


  2. The events listed in this article are all so common right across the country. Scratch beneath the shallow surface, and a whole different nation and its people are exposed for the world to see, yet most will not question, nor demand explanations, and the denial and mistruths continue in the name of completing the agenda of its founding fathers.

  3. Untill such time that Turkey has not recognized, and apologized for, the Genocide, that flag, the red flag, will be a symbol and embodyment of the barbarism committed and covered up just a few meters under it everywhere in Turkish soil.

  4. What an opportunity to notify the world in different languages’ newspaper.we do not need to come emotional one more time.we wept enough,no more tears left.I think our focus should be to touch worlds emotions,enough of educating us. Just the picture with one sentance will draw attention even if we have to buy the space.I leave it to experts.It is time for action.

  5. The suggestion from our colleagues should go to action…
    as soon as you can…
    Thanks to all

  6. What’s stopping the Turks to claim that those skeletons belonged to their ancestors, who “were brutally murdered by Armenian terrorists”?

  7. If this were to happen in an enlightened location of the world, there would be teams of archaeologists called in, an immediate halt to the construction, and a proper excavation done with appropriate internment of the bones.

    Why isn’t the Armenian Government calling for such actions?

    Why aren’t we getting Amnesty International, or another similar organization, involved to put pressure on the Turkish government?

    If these bones are ignored, then the shame is upon us.

  8. Armen, as long as those oligarchy blood sucker traitors ruling our beloved Armenia, then don’t expect world to hear our voices, never mind, Armenian Government!!

  9. the west is so concerned and ready to go to war about the dubious gas attack against Syrians (they can’t even be sure who did it) and yet they shut their eyes to this. When will we realize that we are alone in our fight against the turks. No one will help us, not the west, not Russia, and not the international courts, unless its in their interest.

  10. It appears from the Özgür Gündem article that the skulls and bones were discovered a year ago! What a shame that nothing has been done about it!

  11. Dear Sylva-MD-poetry
    Even your few lines above are enough to alert all Armenity….
    I thought enter to see what goes on in this thread.And behold,this heart rendering find. Yet another blow to our consciousness to arouse us worldwide to the evil deeds of the Ottoman Turkish devils! I was in the midst of reading dear prof. Vahagn Dadrian’s booklet entitled “A textual Analysis of the Key Indictment of the Turkish Military Tribunal Investigating the Armenian genocide”…wherein 61000 Armenians were deported from the Province of Ankara*yozgad’s 1800 Armenians inclusive.In brief, all requests through german and American Ambassadors to prevent deportation*actually out of the towns all slaughtered*kesilmisler-turkish for same…to spare them since quite a few were non Armenian speaking Catholics.They were not involved in any politics…
    SO IT DAWNED ON ME right near the present capital of great Turkey there are thousands of such skuls….that if popped up or dug up to show the East and West alike,would water down all Turkish DENIALISM…
    Hope discovery will be brought to the attn of mentioned East,West powers and they will begin to understand the depth of the THE CRIME THAT WAS BEFALLEN ON OUR ANCESTORS IN great Turkey.
    Bless you Sylva,keep up with those well written verses!!!

    • The inhabitants of Turkey is a tragicomical lot of people.. if they can claim Batman they can claim the bones of Santa.. even though they are Christophobes to the core.

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