Boston Youth Organizations Commemorate Genocide

Genocide Comm, heritage park memorial

A scene from the commemoration

BOSTON, Mass.—On April 23, the Armenian General Benevolent Union Young Professionals (AGBU-YT) of Boston and the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) Greater Boston “Nejdeh” Chapter hosted a candlelight vigil at the Armenian Heritage Park in downtown Boston to commemorate the 98th anniversary of the genocide. Despite the poor weather conditions, a hundred-strong crowd gathered to honor the victims together.

Armine Afeyan of the AGBU-YP and Nairi Khachatourian of the AYF initiated the proceedings by thanking everyone, on behalf of their organizations, for coming. Afeyan spoke about the tragedy that befell the city the week before on Marathon Monday, and how all victims of violence should be honored. Khachatourian spoke about the genocide and why it is important to continue remembering and honoring those who lost their lives.

Fr. Vasken A. Kouzouian of the Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church in Cambridge recited “Our Lord’s Prayer” in Armenian, and blessed victims of terrorism and genocide everywhere, specifically the victims of the Boston bombing and the Armenian Genocide. Following this, David Babikian read one of Zabel Yesayan’s poems in English, and Meghri Dervartanian read Paruyr Sevak’s “We Are Few” poem.

The event concluded with a duduk rendition of “Der Voghormia” by Martin Haroutunian of the Musaner and Arev Folk Ensembles, and by David Gevorkian of Rhode Island.

This marked the first genocide commemoration at the Armenian Heritage Park, which was completed last May.

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  1. This event is symbolic of why we should all have hope. First , we lead with our faith in our endeavors. Second, as long as the emerging generations connect to the responsibility to carry forward, our quest will continue and the truth will prevail. God bless these young Armenians.

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