Obama Proposes Record Reduction in Aid to Armenia

WASHINGTON—The Obama-Biden Administration budget released on April 11 includes a 38 percent cut in Fiscal Year 2014 (FY14) economic aid to Armenia, a proposal that, if approved by Congress, would reduce U.S. assistance to Armenia to its lowest level since the 1988 earthquake, reported the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA).

President Obama
President Obama

The president’s proposal of $24,719,000 in Economic Support Funds for Armenia was dramatically less than last year’s actual economic aid allocation of $40 million, and less than half the $50 million in FY14 aid requested earlier this year in an Armenian Caucus letter and ANCA Congressional testimony. The White House’s proposal did, however, maintain parity in terms of appropriated military aid to Armenia and Azerbaijan, with International Military Education and Training (IMET) assistance set at $600,000 and Foreign Military Financing (FMF) set at $2,700,000.

Combining all the FY14 appropriated assistance to Armenia that the president is proposing, including economic, military, law enforcement, and health, his current request represents a 14 percent reduction of his last request of Congress, as part of his FY13 budget.

“President Obama, who came into office pledging to maintain aid to Armenia and increase bilateral trade and investment, has consistently cut Armenian assistance programs, while failing to take any meaningful steps to promote the growth of economic relations through investment treaties, tax accords, trade missions, or other commonly utilized policies and practices,” said ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian.

The administration’s budget does not include any figures for aid to Nagorno-Karabagh, although over the past several years USAID has allocated $2 million annually for this purpose. This level of Nagorno-Karabagh funding is considerably less than the intent expressed by Congress over the course of many years, including the minimum level of $5 million approved in the House Appropriations Committee’s version of the FY13 foreign aid bill.

Economic Support Fund Foreign Military Financing Int’l Military Education & Training Int’l Narcotics Control & Law Enforcement Global Health Programs – USAID
Armenia $24,719,000 $2,700,000 $600,000 $2,824,000 $0
Azerbaijan $11,029,000 $2,700,000 $600,000 $1,226,000 $0
Georgia: $43,028,000 $12,000,000 $1,800,000 $3,947,000 $0

The administration’s FY14 international affairs budget is available at: www.state.gov/documents/organization/207305.pdf.


Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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  1. He is using us
    like the ottomans used us…
    Because we belong real christian belief
    Jesus said…”If someone hits your cheek you turn your other cheek..to get more slaps…!”
    Thank you Jesus Christ for your advice…
    But i will no longer obey to your advice …
    We gave our artful nation to you …
    You never helped …through so called Christian race…!

  2. So American aid to Armenia is being cut overall by 14%. So……..so what is the message from the President of the United States that comes with this announcement of a reduction in foreign aid to Armenia? I suggest Obama’s message begins with “I wanted to get your attention………

    If I were Obama, disappointed with the political/electoral corruption displayed in the last Armenian election, I too might choose to cut aid as meaningful statement about American disappointment with continuing Armenian corruption. What a well placed, pointed, statement for him to make to all of those in power, with influence, both inside and outside Armenia.

  3. It is a sin that the Armenian Genocide has not received the attention of Mr. Obama, and yet punishing Armenians in Armenia to make New Ottomans denialist blood sucker Islamist government happier than ever!!

    • Turkey is important to the US. Armenia is not. Accept this reality and get over. Jesus.

    • RVDV… i am sorry to tell you.. but no one is getting over anything… but thanks for the note..

  4. Another piece of evidence clearly demonstrating the Anti-Armenian and Pro-Azerbaijani orientation of the Obama Administration
    (Remember Bryza ?)
    Azerbaijan has more cash than it knows what to do with.
    Throwing money at useless white elephants megaprojects.
    Azerbaijan has enough free cash flow to spend US$4 BILLION annually on acquisition of military offensive weaponry.
    Yet hard pressed US Taxpayers are asked to give $11 million for economic aid to Azerbaijan ?
    $3 million for military aid ?
    So Axerbaijani fascists can kill more Armenian soldiers ?
    So terrorist leaders of Axerbaijan can shoot down Armenian passenger airplanes ?
    Maybe our good friend honorable Ambassador John Evans can explain why would a US Administration give – give – any money to a country that has about $35 Billion of cash reserves and gets about $20 Billion annually from oil and gas ?

  5. I am surprised the U.S. is giving any aid to Armenia. Armenia is essentially Russia’s colony, with little value to the U.S. Which of course is a result of lack of democracy. The ruling regime, which enjoys zero trust of its people, has to cling to Russia’s ruling thugs to remain in power.

    • Vahagn,

      Yet again you show yourself to be anti-Armenian. By your logic, Germany is a colony of the US, and for that matter, any nation which hosts a major US military presence is a colony of the US.

      Following your posts I strongly suspect you to be part of the recently uncovered DoD sponsored cyber-warrior initiative. Basically you are paid to post comments related to Armenia as well as cliches about Democracy, alarmist rhetoric, hostility towards Sargsyan administration, Amerophilia, and of course Russophobia.

    • Indeed: what ‘Armenian’ calls our indigenous heroic brothers and sisters of Artsakh, quote, “separatists”, a term commonly used by AxeriTatarTurk foreign invaders to denigrate and delegitimize the native owners of the historic Armenian lands.
      And according to this ‘Armenian’, Presidents Sargsyan and Kocharyan are, quote, Azerbaijani citizens.

    • AR, Germany is a democracy, while the regime Armenia is an semi-authoritarian government that is being controlled and backed by Russia, without which it will collapse. That is what makes Armenia a Russian colony, not the Russian military base in Armenia.
      Criticizing Armenia does not mean being anti-Armenian. As I have stated many times, I believe Armenians are a great people who deserve a much better state than what they have now. You, on the other hand, have expressed contempt for our people, by calling Armenians “self destructive peasants” who are somehow genetically contaminated by “Asiatic traits” and who are incapable of mature political thoughts. A few of your quotes:
      quote by AR: “Too much of our society has become self-destructive peasants in thoughts and deeds” http://armenianweekly.com/2012/10/01/political-persecution-in-armenia-against-former-foreign-minister-oskanian/
      quote by AR (from the same page): “when Armenians can rid themselves of the Asiatic traits imposed and adopted by us in the past 600 years, then we will see many positive changes take”
      another quote by AR: “Armenians may be good at many things, but sober political analysis is not one of them.” http://armenianweekly.com/2013/03/23/why-the-diaspora-should-join-armenias-barevolution/
      And here is Avery’s self-hating quote once again, which calls our Genocide victims “sheep” and blames them for the Genocide: quote by Avery: “no wonder we were slaughtered like sheep by Turks. Turks glorify their military, while we glorify our spoiled brats.” http://armenianweekly.com/2013/02/23/a-story-of-defiance-activists-reject-international-observers-assessment-of-election/
      This kind of self-hatred is typical of the pseudo-“patriots” who put down our people in the name of supporting Serzh’s regime. Perhaps one could say that you are paid agent hired to disseminate racist views against Armenians.

    • Vahagn, buddy boy:

      I already debunked, in the other thread, your desperate attempt – by grabbing on to sheep – to extract yourself from the tar pit you stepped into when you inadvertently revealed your true self and true motives by calling our heroic indigenous brothers and sisters of Artsakh, quote, “separatists”: same term used by invader AxeriTatarTurks and Turks to denigrate and delegitimize the natives.
      And we are still waiting for you to produce another ‘Armenian’ that calls Artsakhtsi “separatists”.
      And another ‘Armenian’ that thinks like you: that Serj Sargsyan and Robert Kocharyan are “Azerbaijani citizens”.

    • Avery, your only accomplishment on other threads was to prove your obsession with me since I debunked you over and over. And because I exposed your self-hating pseudo-“patriotic” nature. Who is this “we,” you and your sore-losing self? You can wait as long as you want, I am not here to cure your ignorance of our people. I tell you what. Why don’t you do a survey of every Armenian and learn how many consider Serzh and Robert “Turks,” and how many hold unfavorable opinion of Armenians from NKR because of them (not that I agree with them). And you still have not done the assignment that I gave you. Try to remove NKR from the list of separatist movements on Wikipedia and keep it that way permanently. Without that, your Bolshevik-style rhetoric about is worthless.

  6. Has anyone else noticed the biggest aid to the littlest country who also happens to be running the world’s largest open-air concentration camp?

    And the Obama regime thinks it is going to make Armenia “beg” for peanuts? Armenia: act smart. Implement a plan showing the Obama regime that it should be the US who should be begging Armenia to accept increased aid, or face bigger losses to its interests in “other areas” – whatever they may be, while playing their game of being “friends”.

    Hint: accidentally burst Azeri pipelines can send gas prices in the west sky high. (It is just an example).

  7. Maybe US knows how they use this money.Where does this money go? Do they give right explanation and show the programs and plans? Our government is getting money from different countries and sources, but the real issue is to use it for the right purpose.

  8. Given that Armenia has little value for the U.S., these millions that the U.S. is giving to Armenia are thanks to Diasporan lobbying efforts. Another reason why the Armenian republic owes its existence to the Diaspora, and how the regime in Armenia is jeopardizing the republic’s existence by alienating that vital resource.

    Kirk Krikorian cut aid to Armenia’s corrupt regime (by 100%). Why should be expect more from Obama?

  9. Mr. Obama is doing the right thing! Rats have to leave the steamer when storm is starting. The illegitimate Armenian President Sarksyan had personally asked Genocide recognition from Mr. Obama. Now, poor Mr. Sarksyan has short tongue because his cucumba grows in the wrong direction.

  10. YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE!!!!a Brit would frankly utter it ,like that!!!!Armenians have to understand that we obstruct the flow of cash -from oil -to wherever it is directed to…period
    As rgds, Avery,trying to set forth a formulated question to ex Ambassador John Evans…it is futile.He forgets that he was released,shall we say from the position ,exactly because he wanted to defend the downtrodden Armnenians..
    So make do with whatever is allotted Armenia and learn where to spend it. Someone here also mention K.K. sttoping his aid to RA.That is his previlege he can do as he pleases.Reason is known of course to all…
    So first of all dear compatriots try to PUT YOUR OWN HOUSE IN ORDER IN DIASPORIC COUNTRIES…O.K.

    • Avery did not forget.
      It was an allusion to a post in another thread by honorable Amb Evans: {“Dear Armenian Friends, it makes me sad to see you all fighting among yourselves…..Compromise is difficult, but it seems to me to be essential for Armenia right now.”}
      My point being that Armenians can take care of themselves if genocidal invaders (AxeriTatarTurks and Turks) and their foreign enablers (oil gorged US Neocons) would leave us alone.

  11. Wake up Armos! Uncle Sam is doing this to punish Armenia for its close ties with Moscow. But look on the bright side folks, ending American bribes to Armenia may be a blessing in disguise!

    PS: Did you guys hear about Raffi going to Moscow? LOL!!!

  12. Of course, Raffi speaks pretty good Russian-learnt it- but question is will he act correctly there and get some results….
    Russians so far have not given to us what USA has.Just calculate ab average of 50/80 million dolalrs a year multiplied by 22 yrs.Russians are pretty stingy people….with all the minerals and oil/gas that they have and sell…
    Hope Raffi at the least gets financial help from them ,not political back up.To come and restart all those factoreis completely abandoned.I have seen a few of those Gigantic ones around Yerevan with all window panes broken,inside empty or almoast so,machines dis assembled and sold as scrap iron et., etc., etc.,
    Time to think financially ,not just politically.See how Turkls are ahead of us by doing so…they don´t or wojuld´t car(believe you me if Aghri Dagh /Ani was given back to Ra. and Kurdistan according to Western wishes declared a s An Autonoums Republic etc.,
    they ARE AFTER DOUGH/MONEY…PARA.That´s why they are reluctant to accept Genocide recognition.But I have the remedy to that,knowing them better than the westerners..
    They wilñl never part with their belonggings or any financial instruments.But….we can ask and- rightously-the Oil compnies ,in esxtension their Gov.ts to make amends for bypassing armenian for the BTJ oil pipeline.Why did they do such a thing???
    As a punishment to us ‘ who fought alongside them with gen.Allenby in palestine, also on the Western fronts in WWII.While great Turkey stayed out of the war and on the 11th hour declared war in Germany when lattter had been capitulated already …
    Think of something like that.or the Insurance companies that were willing to pay for Life insurance to Armenians who possed policies, for their life. They did not die in their sleep, were murder, killed like Azerbaijan axe man with the Armenian offices in sleep.WE need to think money wise, from now on.If we wish to progress in all fields, have our own NATIONAL INVESTMENT TRUST FUND, NUCLEUS OF WHICH BY OUR MAGNATES THEN ALL JOINING IN THE INVESTMENT.At geneva, CH,not in armenia for 7 million ARmens live outseide RA and We can from there through our PCA´s Professiona l colelaguse assoc. members with offices in Genva oversee that loans are given to those who wish to Repatriate and live in armenia and artskah.i ahve said this a few times here.Any reponse? even in negationb of same? pleasse. For silenmce bodes bad…

  13. This “aid” (formerly $40M now $24M) may be significant for an individual, but when you take a whole nation into context, it becomes more of a symbolic gesture.

    Some people are saying that Armenia is not important for the US – I don’t think I agree, I actually believe Armenia is very important to the US, only the US tries to downplay it. Armenia is where the US and Russia are at a face-off. They have been since WWII. The US has their base on western Armenian territory, while the Russians have theirs on eastern Armenian territory. The losers here are we Armenians, and we got a worse deal than the Turks. At least the Turks are holding and benefiting from Armenian lands, while we are only wishing to get them back. And the reason we can’t get them back is because the WWII allies trained and armed a fanatical, genocidal country and continue to do so.

    • Well said. Not by accident that the US embassy in Armenia is one of the largest they have ever built.

  14. George w drastically reduced it as well. The final budget committee eventually raised the sum. I hope the same happens here. Also, recently the ANCA argued that the money promised Armenia was not given, I wonder if the US is holding back because of the corrupt nature of the current system? Not sure.

  15. Many of you are splitting hairs and chasing your tails.

    Everyone knows that Raffi (and many of his Washington-led supporters) represents the interests of the political West in Armenia. Along with men like Paruyr Hayrikian and Vartan Oskanian, Raffi is in Armenia to sow the seeds of a Color Revolution. What’s more, there is an army of Washington-led cyber-warriors (i.e. organized internet activists spreading Western propaganda within the Armenian community) providing this agenda tactical support.

    The grand agenda is to of course expel Russia out of Armenia and thus out of the south Caucasus so that the political West (and their Turkic/Islamic allies) can realize their geostrategic interests of containing Russia and Iran, and exploiting Central Asian energy.

    At the end of the day, what Armenians need to realize is that no Russia in Armenia means no Armenia in the south Caucasus. Therefore, any Armenian that disseminates anti-Russian propaganda is in effect a traitor to Armenia. In fact, our Russophobes are more dangerous to Armenia’s long-term existence in the volatile Caucasus than the Azeri/Turkish military.

    PS: A majority of Armenians are indeed “self-destructive peasants” when it comes to political matters. Also, the practice of “democracy” in an underdeveloped nation surrounded by predators and populated by politically illiterate sheeple is SUICIDAL. We have seen what democracy has brought to places such as Serbia, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Nationalist Armenians reject the Anglo-American-Zionist notion of that the ignorant masses must be made to decide political matters. We nationalist Armenians will stick with the devil we know. In other words, Serj Sargsyan’s government has our support because it represents the lesser of all the evils.

    • Gurgen’s post demonstrates the self-hatred that I have observed over and over among “patriots” who put down Armenians to defend Armenia’s corrupt regime. He states that majority of Armenians are “self-destructive peasants.” This is exactly the quote that has been used by commenters such as “AR,” which are taken directly from Rusophile “Armenian” blogs like theriseofrussia, a site which calls Armenians genetically damaged peasants who should not have an independent state. And these “Armenians” are calling others “traitors”?
      Notice how these apologists claim that “everyone” knows Raffi to be a Western agent, without presenting any evidence. It is ironic how these “patriots” are concerned about the West while Armenia is being raped by Russia.
      Acknowledging the true nature of Russia does not mean advocating breaking away from Russia. We should remain Russia’s ally, but we should also recognize what Russia is.
      Russia is an authoritarian country that controls the Armenian economy to keep Armenia a Russian colony.
      Russia supports Armenia’s corrupt regime, preventing Armenia’s progress.
      Russia has abandoned Armenia at key points in history, either due to incompetence, indifference, or for through a well-known policy called “Armenia without Armenians.” Remember, the Genocide happened under the very nose of Russia, while Russian troops moved back and forth in Western Armenia.
      Whenever Russia has “saved” Armenia, it has occurred after much delay and extremely high Armenian casualties.
      While Russia is currently Armenia’s ally, it will trow Armenia away like a handkerchief at the first moment when it does not need Armenia. This has happened over and over in history.
      Because of that, while Armenia needs to remain a Russian ally, Armenia also needs to be a democracy, which is the only way to make Armenia stronger, so next time Russia abandons Armenia, Armenia will be able to defend itself.

  16. Obama never seize to surprise me.. but then again.. what do you expect from a politician who is a puppet for bigger boys… makes me sick just by looking at his face..

  17. Do you guys know where the G20 (Top 20 economies in the world) forum is going to be held in 2015?

    Google and find out.

    • Ahmad, have your raki, melon and cheese ready, for celebration!!Make sure you will raise your raki filled in an Armenian made silver cup, for 20 times!!

  18. Why of course.In Istanbulla, in great Turkey!!!!
    In once of Shakespear´s tales(stories) The down trodden Jew ,who is a creditor, tells the debotor I want a Pound of your flesh…rather heart…
    There is NO ESCAPE FROM JUSTICE TO THE ARMENIANS.Believe you me.It may be delayed and it has.But it will come,sooner rather than late.
    Fpor the world ows justice to a people EVICTED FROM MILLENIA OLD HABITAT.The rest is well known,no need to repeat it.
    Sometimes I´m surprised to see so many scientists searching for Armenian Genocide facts etc.,
    Why not just refer to cousin of great Turkey Axerbaiajan and see how they opine re thos Ermenis…
    Why lately it has been VERY OPENLY STGATED IN LATTER COUNTRY,if you can call it that.In schools they are teaching how to hate and kill ermenis!!!!! go sesarch for proof that turco azeris are this that.Just follow the latest…no need to go back a near century..
    But again.We shall not hinder if these people who hate us to the gutts, advance become really great!!!!
    for it is better to have a rich neighbour than a pooor one.All know that.

    • Great answer! I Googled it and got the same answer. Ahmet’s Google must be broken because he most likely got a whole different answer. Ahmet, it is time to send your Google engine for a tune-up and an oil change.

  19. First off, I’m rather surprised to see the artificial state of Axerbaijan, which claims billions in annual oil revenues and never ceases to denigrate Armenia, panhandling for a few million bucks from the United States. If I was the Axerbaijani oil sheikh Aliyev earning $20 billion dollars annually from oil and gas revenues and never fail to openly boast about it, not to mention stashing them in foreign banks and investing in military for false hopes instead of helping my people, the last thing I do would be to accept a few million US dollars in foreign aid. Instead, if I had any honor the first thing I do would be to decline the handout.

    American presidents have always been and are nothing more than figure heads serving the interests of big corporations and politicians on their payroll. President Obama is no different. There is no free lunch as they say in the states. The foreign aid provided by the United States, as small as it may be and disguised as humanitarian aid, always comes at a price. If the US cuts foreign aid to Armenia that simply means the Americans are not getting the expected returns on their investments. What may some of the investments US is making by giving Armenia a mere $24 million one might ask? Well, I believe the US foreign policy toward Armenia is to force the Armenians to make concessions on the Artsakh front so they can secure their oil investments in the South Caucasus and to reduce, if not eliminate, the sphere of Russian influence in the region. The former is being attempted by bribe money in the form of foreign aid and the latter through Turkish influence, the only Muslim NATO ally, over the artificial state of Axerbaijan and the anti-Russian and western-educated corrupt Georgian politicians.

    Folks, when the US government of president Woodrow Wilson, a man with good intensions surrounded by corrupt politicians, at the end of WWI had the opportunity to save the Armenian people and secure Armenia’s future against the defeated and genocidal Turkey it failed to do so and instead threw its support behind the newly formed fascist state of Turkey against the Soviet Union. They sacrificed Armenia’s independence, after years of ethnic cleansing and genocide by the Turks, to a degree that Turkey was the only defeated country in the world that gained even more Armenian territories by invading what was left of Armenia.

    Politicians are self-serving weasels whose hypocrisy knows no bounds. We must be smart enough to see the intensions behind these handouts and strong enough to refuse them when it comes at a cost. Let’s face it, Armenians not only can raise that kind of money in a day and any day but there are many wealthy Armenians out there who can write a check for $30 million dollars every day if they have to help Armenia in time of need. We Armenians must be wise enough to distinguish our true friends from our enemies disguised as our friends. Armenia must continue to maintain very close military alliance with Russia and get stronger for so long as Armenia is surrounded by its traditional enemies who are bankrolled by western interests disguised as our friends.

    • While it may be tempting to criticize the leaders of foreign countries, they will do what they will do and what they believe is in their interests or the interests of their countries. It is more relevant to assess the failures of the leaders of Armenia, who, just like any politicians, are self-serving weasels.
      Wilson was a cripple from a stroke who could not even sign his own name. The fact that Armenia relied on him reflects the incompetence of the first Republic’s leadership, which at the time was a one-party dictatorship and operated without much advice from other political forces in Armenia. That is how lack of democracy will destroy Armenia, again.
      Serzh and his regime need the West’s economic and political support, which is the only reason why they maintain good relations with the West in addition to Russia. Because they lack the legitimacy of their people, they rely on the support of Russia and the West and will do anything to remain in power, including making concessions to the West on Armenian interests, such as the “protocols.” Remember, they made other “democratic” concessions, such as homosexuals and Jehovah’s witnesses, to please the West (despite Armenians’ wishes), while avoiding actual structural democratic changes that the country needs. That is how an undemocratic regime undermines the security of Armenia.
      While Armenia needs to remain a Russian ally, it needs to be strong enough to be ready for the moment when Russia will abandon Armenia as it has done many times before. Armenia will not become stronger without a democracy, because Armenians will not want to live, invest in, and defend Armenia as long as Armenia remains a corrupt, semi-authoritarian state.

  20. That $24,000,000 US aid to Armenia is way far much less than what the corrupt Armenian politicians swallow each year. A bit reduction in corruption will highly compensate for the reduction in US aid.

  21. GAYtzag,
    Yes, justice will prevail. ermeni will have to return Karabag back to its rightful owner, Azerbaijan.

    • Ahmet…

      You ignorant illiterate individual.. when addressing to a commentator on our pages, you address them correctly you understand?

      You disrespecting Mr. Palandjian by making sure you point out the first part of his name vs the whole name shows your stupidity. don’t embarass yourself.. get a life..

      You are just a sad individual…

  22. Ahmet,babam,AHMAD not Ahmet(Europeanized turkish..

  23. Vahagn strikes again:

    {“ It is more relevant to assess the failures of the leaders of Armenia, who, just like any politicians, are self-serving weasels.”} (Vahagn April 15, 2013 at 4:26 pm)
    {“ the first Republic’s leadership, which at the time was a one-party dictatorship and operated without much advice from other political forces in Armenia. That is how lack of democracy will destroy Armenia, again.”} (Vahagn April 15, 2013 at 4:26 pm )

    Blaming Armenians themselves for the supposed “destruction” of the tiny, 1st Democratic Republic, by two ginormous Dictatorial powers:
    Fascist Nationalist genocidal dictatorial Turkey of Mustafa Kemal and Bolshevik dictatorial Soviet Russia of V.I. Lenin.
    Yes, two massive authoritarian, dictatorial countries pouncing on a little democratic country.
    No doubt about it: Armenia, a tiny democratic Republic, was supposedly “destroyed” by “lack of democracy”: not by two Dictatorial, authoritarian Giants.
    Armenia: population ~2 Million. (circa 1920).
    Russia: population ~90 million.
    Turkey: population ~12 million.
    Fact is ARF was the dominant party, but Democratic Republic of Armenia was indeed democratic.
    Fact is ARF entered into a coalition government with Eastern Armenian Populists party, a coalition government that lasted from November 1918 to June 1919.
    Fact is democratic infighting by multitudes of political parties of all stripes weakened DRA, not the supposed “one-party dictatorship”.
    A weakened DRA fell victim to overwhelming external forces. Although it is arguable whether any tiny 2.5 year old republic of about 2 million people, weakened or not, could have survived the attacks and pressures of external forces of such overwhelming magnitude.
    Nevertheless, the heroic creation of the 1st Armenian republic initiated and preserved a level of sovereignty for the Armenian people after centuries of having lost it; led to Armenia becoming one of the 15 Republics of USSR (and not an Autonomous this or that doomed to death), the 2nd Republic Armenia SSR, and finally led to the creation of the 3rd Republic of Armenia.
    Fact is, “leaders of Armenia” have been by and large very patriotic, selfless men and women, who have served and sacrificed for the Armenian people.
    And the irrational belief that democracy is some kind of a panacea and is necessarily the answer to myriad problems besetting a given country, was utterly debunked, by yours truly, in another thread by the factual example of two Asian giants: China and India.
    China: one party authoritarian rule.
    India: a multiparty federal, parliamentary democracy with a bicameral parliament.
    China has 3X the GDP and 2.5X the PPP of India.
    US is worried about growing Chinese military power, not India’s.
    China is one of the only 3 counties in the world to have sent a man into space.
    By myriad crucial social metrics such as food consumption, per capita doctors, infant mortality, etc China leaves India in the dust.
    So much for the magic powers of democracy.
    Not surprising that Barevacadres keep clinging to self generated numerically-challenged myths.
    The poor souls still believe there is some BarevaUniverse where the number 37 is greater than 58.
    BTW: do you consider your Barevaleader, Raffi Hovannisian, who after all is a self-described leader in Armenia and is also a bona fide politician a, quote, “self serving weasel” ?

    • People living in the Western nations have become Marxist-Leninists in their belief that democracy is the answer to everything, the cure for all problems, and that the spread of democracy is inevitable in all places, in all peoples, in all times.

      These people forget that none of the greatest civilizations were built on democracy. Look at the European countries, for example. They were all built when they were monarchies. They were much stronger and more prosperous back then; each individual European country was a superpower. Now they’re all “democracies” and look at their pathetic state. They think they have to be in a union in order to stay competitive with the world.

      Also, the European nations had rich, vibrant cultures when they were monarchies, unlike now. Democracy promotes mediocrity.

      As for the US and all those Captain Americas who want to impose democracy on Armenia, the US is not, was not, and was never meant to be, a democracy. You will never find the word “democracy” anywhere in the constitution. The Founding Fathers knew very well that democracy is the WORST FORM OF GOVERNMENT. The Greek city-states, which were the most democratic, were also the most unstable. So the Founding Fathers wanted the US to be a constitutional republic, not a democracy. Nowadays, the oligarchs that control the US (and Europe) are promoting democracy through the controlled media. They do this in order to give the ignorant masses an illusion of choice, while at the same time, the media tells the masses what to do, how to behave, what to believe in, and who to vote for. In this modern form of democracy, the media has all the power, not the people. It is a brilliant scam.

    • For some reason my response was not posted. Since it touches upon important points, I will retype it in shorter version.
      First, unlike some, I do not blame Armenians in general, I hold the Armenia’s leaders responsible for their failures, which is how it should be. Governments are responsible for the country they govern, and when they fail to do their job, it is necessary to criticize them.
      The fact that the first Republic of Armenia was a one-party dictatorship has been stated by the first prime minister Kajaznuni in his famous 1923 manifesto. While the Populists (or Ramkavars) formed a coalition with the ARF from 1918 till June of 1919, they withdrew from the elections in June of 1919 due to the policies of the ruling party, and after that, the ARF ruled alone. The single-party dictatorship was formalized in May of 1920, when the parliament was dissolved, and the country was ruled by the party bureau under Ohanjanyan’s premiership. Most of the serious failures and tragedies happened after that. Which is not surprising, as the government ruled without much advice and input from other political forces. Some of the mistakes included:
      – placing too much hope on the Western powers, when the Bolsheviks and Turks were right next door.
      – Sending a playwright such as Levon Shant, instead of an experienced diplomat, to negotiate with the Soviets in May of 1920. The negotiations failed, leading to the Soviet-Armenian war in the summer and the loss of Karabakh and other areas.
      – engaging in a border clash in Oltu with the Kemalist Turks instead of negotiating with them, which led to the Turkish invasion and the end of the republic.
      – In addition, the military and the population were completely demoralized, a direct consequence of losing faith in their government, which happens in dictatorships. The fact that Armenia was faced with a powerful enemy does not explain why Kars was taken without a shot. The army’s loss of faith in their government does explain it.
      Just because Armenia was between two powerful countries did not mean that it had no hope of survival. You don’t just give up on independence just because you have powerful neighbors. Careful diplomacy coupled with proper internal and military policies may go a long way to save a smaller country such as Armenia.
      While no one knows for sure whether the first republic would have survived if it were a democracy, having a democracy and therefore avoiding the mistakes that the government made might have increased the chances of survival. Therefore, it is irrational to say that democracy would not have helped when it was not tried. This should be a wake-up call to Armenians now, as Armenia is currently ruled by a single party, the Republican party, without giving the people a chance to change the government peacefully.
      Democracy may not be a panacea, but it is a powerful weapon among other weapons (such as oil and resources). Azerbaijan has oil, Armenia’s best resource is its people. Without democracy, that resource is wasted.
      Finally, the irrational idea that India’s and China’s case somehow disproves the benefits of democracy was actually debunked elsewhere. First, India is a flawed democracy, as labeled in EIU’s Democracy Index, and has often been described as a chaotic democracy. Sometimes a flawed democracy can do worse economically than a dictatorship. In India’s case, flaws include the way its parliamentary system is set up, with numerous parties and unstable coalitions, as well as its flawed federalism (where governors are appointed and not elected). This results in inefficiency, instability, and widespread corruption. Certainly, the logical thing to do is to model a country after a successful democracy (whether it’s the U.S. or another country), not a flawed one.
      In one crucial metric, however, that is also extremely important for Armenia, India beats China, and that is the net migration rate. China’s net emigration rate, at 0.33 per 1000 persons, is nearly ten times greater than India’s .05. which means that about 450,000 people (after taking account both incomers and outgoers) leave China, as opposed to 62,000 from India. Which makes sense, because people do not want to live under a brutal dictatorship.
      In the end, even with its flawed democracy, India has better prospects than China. Dictatorships may have temporary periods of economic and military strength (case in point, Hitler), but in the end they crash and burn because they make mistakes or people just become fed up. China’s 30-year old economic growth is still new. It was preceded by devastating mistakes such as “Great Leap Forward” or the Cultural Revolution, which resulted in tens of millions of deaths. Many experts have predicted that if China sticks to its authoritarian model, its current economic growth is not likely to continue. India, on the other hand, is less likely to go through an socio-political earthquake that is probably waiting China. Armenia, on the other hand, does not have the population of China, and so it cannot afford to waste its human resources.

    • Dro you hit the nail on the head.

      US pretends to be democractic through usage of media to the core.. US is a great manipulator.. and will give the illusion that majority rules.. but we have seen over and over that is not true…

    • Very good post, Dro. All true. The more people know about this, the more hope that evil won’t prevail.

    • Or take the most recent example, the Soviet Union. Considered totalitarian and undemocratic by Western standards, it was a mighty state controlling half of the world, only to be reduced to modern-day nascent Russian “democracy”.

    • The reason that the U.S. constitution does not use the word “democracy” is not because the U.S. was not democratic, but because at the time, by “democracy” the founding fathers meant “direct democracy,” and they make this clear in their discussions. Direct democracies, like the Greek city states, were unstable because they were essentially tyrannies of the majority that lacked meaningful checks and balances. That is why the U.S. system introduced the representative form of democracy with checks and balances, which has been the longest surviving republic for 200 years. By the presidency of Andrew Jackson, “democracy” was used to refer to the U.S. system. And democracy is what made the U.S. powerful and prosperous, as opposed to the other nations in the area. Clearly, I do not advocate the flawed ancient-Greek style of democracy, but the successful American model for Armenia.
      As for the Europe, in terms of GDP, the European nations are much wealthier than the old monarchies. Yes, they were large colonial empires, but they eventually crashed and burned. Which is why Armenia should not follow such failed models, it should follow successful models such as the U.S.
      And by the way, democracy is not ‘majority rule.’ That’s a simplistic definition usually used by the opponents of democracy. Democracy is a rule by a tiny minority (legislature, executive) elected by a majority, subject to restrictions on the majority rule, such as checks, balances, and individual rights.

  24. Just went through couple of videos on Youtube about presidents speaking about Armenian genocide of April 24 during their president period. Clinton, Bush, and Obama all follow one path regarding Armenia, and as an ally we are treated as underdogs v.s. Turkey. The US agenda is to maintain its power presence globally, not neccessarily justice for all. Turkey on the other hand is taking full advantage for long time and still is. Guessing from the patterns the likelyhood the next president will do the same is very high.

  25. It is not surprising Georgia is getting so much more. Their issues with Russia fuels that reasoning and parallels US denial of genocide politically. Both serve strategic means. So, in order for US, the freedom nationa which has saved nations in world war2 to be good frinds to any country; they have to be strategically viable rather than ethical motivation. So, the land locked Armenia is in the mercy of superpower regional supply and demand.
    But, I am surprised Georgia is not doing so well, even with black sea with all the first class US aid.

  26. Wow! I have been following this article for three weeks now and I have a couple of small observations revolving around the weeks comments. Humility compels me to ask: Am I really the only person who uses his real name to make what I think are also honest, personal, and heartfelt comments; who is either too dumb or too smart to use a real name, and it’s not an Armenian name? And secondly, I kind of want to get clarity on everyone else who has commented: Who are all of you guys and gals? Stand up, take a deep breath, and come out from the closet. If the LGBT Communities (sorry you are going to have to look that up) can do it, I suggest you can also. And finally, “while we are writing so eloquently with such a broad brush” let’s see if perhaps there is the possibly of another a member, besides myself, of an Armenian Orthodox Church. A past member of parish council? A co-superintendent of Sunday School? A person who has also taught Badarak? A priest? Worked on property committee in a church? A retired elected official with national and international experience might be too much to ask for.

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