ARF Parliamentary Bloc Won’t Participate in Sarkisian Inauguration

YEREVAN (A.W.)—In a statement issued on April 8, the ARF parliamentary bloc said that it would not participate in the parliamentary session dedicated to Sarkisian’s re-inauguration.

Members of the ARF parliamentary bloc (Photo: Yerkir)
Members of the ARF parliamentary bloc (Photo: Yerkir)

In its statement, the bloc noted that regimes in Yerevan, in their attempts to amass power, have undermined Armenia’s statehood and national unity, while at the same time ignoring injustices, poverty, social polarization, emigration, and a loss of confidence in the leadership and future.

“Despite these realities, the authorities remain unresponsive to the popular demand to conduct structural, radical changes,” read the statement.

Members of the Armenian National Congress and Hovannisian’s Heritage Party will also not attend the parliamentary session.

Sarkisian will take the oath to office on April 9. On the same day, a large rally will be held in Freedom Square, where opposition leader Raffi Hovannisian, who argues that he is the real winner of the presidential elections, is also expected to take the presidential oath.


  1. Wtf did they do to the articles and comments format? We wanted radical change in Armenia, not ArmenianWeekly. This is way too confusing.

  2. I think it is time for the ARF leadership in Armenia to change and rethink its long term strategy on the National scene in Armenia. It seems that the current leaders are unable to keep a clear political thinking and are confusing tactics with strategy.Election after election ARF has failed to obtain , in the best circumstances,more than 8 % of popular vote in any single case .So there must be something wrong in its approach otherwise one would normally expect the popular support to increase in the past 20 years since Armenia became independent and ARF moved there. You can always attend inauguration of a President without agreeing with his policies and supporting them. You buy political goodwill and somehow reflects on the maturity of the political process.

  3. I suggested a couple of tiems and do now again.The over age old ARF ought to consider a few-perhaps just two important changes in its structure. Much as many of its members may not wish following to happen, it is to their prestige and as their own MANIFEST declares subject to modifications..
    1. A name change(actually also effectually so) from A.Revolutionary to (Evolutionary) the samed time with the stroke of a pen*so to speak, adding the (s) making it open to (Other revolutionaires) ,Thus, become:-¨ARMENIAN EVOLUTIONARIES FEDERATION¨
    2. Another FORMALITY, BUT ALSO IMPORTANT FOR THE mainstream public both in Armenia and overseas, to not use the RED Flag,(can easily be w/whie one) with emblem on it.This has -believe you me-left the wrong impresion on the ordinary modest rural area farmers -workers that ARF is the cousin, if not brother of the Communists.Nothing especial but the effect is more than important,in order to gain much more sympathy and have more in their Rank & File…
    Next,the fact that this prestigious political party of ours forms part of the INTERNACIONAL SOCIALISTA, sOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL,MORE COOPERATION AND IN PLACE CHANGES TO BE JOINTLY ENTERED IN the Structures of its branches all over the world,where possible(meaning outside USA) but in almost all EU ,S.American RF and the Middles East.
    I do believe that if this political party undergoes above,which in no way will affect adversely its prestige…on the contrary add to it, then it will perform more important changes both in RA and in Diaspora.
    I , for one will then applaud and ask many other Armenian political parties t,small or large or even non political entities to join up both in Diaspora and Homeland.

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