Knights to Honor Hasan Cemal

TENAFLY, N.J.—On April 13, the Knights and Daughters of Vartan will honor Hasan Cemal, the grandson of Young Turk Party leader Jemal Pasha, at St. Thomas Armenian Church in Tenafly. Cemal, a journalist, scholar, and author, will be presented with the National Award Banquet. The evening will also serve as an opportunity to introduce his new book titled, 1915: Armenian Genocide.

Hasan Cemal
Hasan Cemal

The book, which has become a bestseller in Turkey, presents factual information about the Armenian Genocide and speaks about Cemal’s personal transformation—from someone who once denied the Armenian Genocide to someone who not only recognizes it, but is willing to risk publishing a book on his findings.

In addition to his personal story and evidence of the planned massacres, passages from Cemal’s grandfather, Jemal Pasha, one of the masterminds behind the Armenian Genocide, are also quoted from his own memoirs from 1919.

Cemal visited the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan five years ago, and writes in his book, “To deny the Genocide would mean to be an accomplice in this crime against humanity.”

The banquet, which will take place in Saddler Hall of St. Thomas Armenian Church, located at 9W and East Clinton Avenue in Tenafly, will begin with a cocktail hour at 7 p.m., followed by dinner at 8 p.m. Donation is $125 per person. Limited seating is available. For reservations, call Sona at (201) 746-0409, Nurhan at (201) 507-3301, or Hirant at (212) 764-8730.


  1. Very good move in my view. I heard Hasan speak at Harvard about 2 years ago before he wrote the book on the genocide. The audience was a mix of Armenians, Turks and academics. He spoke about his personal transformation over the years vis a vis the genocide. A highlight of that evening was when he took on a Turkish denialist from the audience. His response was outstanding. It was quite a dynamic for the Armenians to witness a Turk responding to another Turk with the Armenians applauding his response. Events like this are the right thing to do and they will help the Armenian community focus on justice not hatred. The Knights and Daughters are to be commended. It is in our interest to support those who have the courage and integrity to change Turkish society.

  2. The move, as you put it, is good per se and will hopefully catch on amongst others. Also prompting Armenians to focus on demanding justice ,rather than hatred. One other important factor would be to concentrate as well upon (yes from now on) restitution/compensation,as otherwise the number of Turks, heeirs of the Genocide State will grow (to which I or others should no object at all) overlooking/forgetting Eviction and confiscation of riches etc.
    Time to reconsider our overall demands,not just be glad to have a few do so.

  3. As a follow up question, will the lands that were once Armenia ever be given back…will Mt Ararat once again be referred to as being in Armenia….will our borders be restored….will our ancestors souls be lifted and satisfied with the final outcome…

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