Presentation of ‘Monopolies in Armenia’ Held in Yerevan

On Feb. 11, the Hrayr Maroukhian Foundation (HMF), with the financial support of the Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung (FES) of Germany, presented its research on monopolies and the effects on the domestic market of Armenia to over 70 economists, scholars, researchers, and representatives of relevant state bodies in Yerevan. In 2012, the HMF had invited a working group of experts to undertake this groundbreaking study, which included Ara Nranyan, former Member of Parliament and economist; Hayk Hovhanissyan, economist; and Arsen Petrosyan, economist.

A scene from the presentation

A scene from the presentation

Prior to the presentation of the study, “Monopolies in Armenia,” welcoming remarks were made by the director of the Hrayr Maroukhian Foundation, Maria Titizian; the regional director of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Michael Weichart; and ARF Bureau member David Lokyan. The event was moderated by Artsvik Minasyan, a National Assembly member of the Republic of Armenia.

The HMF Working Group then presented its findings, which included a theoretical and practical analysis of monopolies in a global context; the current state of markets in Armenia; international best practices implemented to regulate monopolies; and the effect of domestic monopolies on the Armenian economy. They analyzed the activities of the Republic of Armenia’s State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition (SCPEC) and made specific recommendations for the implementation of a model for tighter regulation of monopolies in the country.

The overriding premise of the study strived to illustrate that to achieve a competitive atmosphere in the country’s domestic market, which is essential for economic growth, Armenia must demonstrate the political will to ensure regulation and compliance for the management of monopolies.

To view the full electronic version of the study, in English, click here.

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  1. “Armenia must demonstrate the political will…” In other words the handful of oligarch crooks who run the country should demonstrate THEIR will. NOTHING will change because the fossilized crooks will not allow it. We are losing our time with meaningless events of all sorts.
    For 4000 years Armenia outlived all sort of calamities, but unfortunately in another 20 years Armenia will lose another chunk of Armenians replaced with all sorts of eastern races and soon it might disappear thanks to our trio millionaire presidents and their acolytes. Already some parts of Armenia are being “leased” to Iranians. I wonder which crook will benefit from this…
    The diaspora should concentrate on it-self’s survival. Sending money to Armenia is like throwing rocks in a bottomless pit.

    • Arak, your defeatist attitude coupled with the disinformation you posted above is much worse for Armenia than the imaginary ‘eastern races’ you allude to. Armenia has a bright future ahead of it because for the first time in 1000 years our national interests more or less align with that of a world power, i.e. Russia. Not to mention close ties with regional powerhouse Iran. Your recommendation to keep Diaspora money within the DIaspora would be debatable if the Diaspora in the US (for the most part) actually did send a significant amount of $ to Armenia. As the past few All Armenia Funds have shown, for one reason or another, Armenian-Americans are not pulling their weight and not contributing financially toward the betterment of Armenia. However, than God that we have patriotic Armenians who reside in Russia, Iran, and some parts of Latin America.

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