Aliyev Unleashes Anti-Armenia Tirade on Twitter

Calls Armenia ‘a country of no value’

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev took to Twitter this week to unleash an anti-Armenian tirade after calling the Armenian lobby the number one enemy of Azerbaijan over the weekend, at the 20thanniversary celebration of the establishment of his New Azerbaijan Party.

Ilham Aliyev

Aliyev caused an internet storm after his official Twitter account posted several dozen sharply worded statements against Armenia, reported Agence France Presse (AFP).

Most of the brief messages were recycled from a long speech he gave last weekend, but the sudden, inflammatory Tweets posted Tuesday afternoon prompted a top Armenian lawmaker to compare the messages to Nazi German propaganda.

“The Armenian lobby is our main enemy and we are the main enemy for them,” said Aliyev’s official Twitter account, @presidentaz.

“Armenia is a country of no value. It is actually a colony, an outpost run from abroad… Evidence of this is the mass exodus of people from Armenia to other countries,” another Tweet read.

“Azerbaijan grows stronger and more powerful by the year, while Armenia weakens and declines every year,” he said in another Tweet.

The tirade drew a furious reaction from Armenian Parliamentary Deputy chairman Eduard Sharmazanov, who called Aliyev a “totalitarian leader of a totalitarian state.”

“Aliyev shows by his cynical proclamations that there are still supporters of fascism in the 21st century, and that this ideology flourishes thanks to leaders like him,” Sharmazanov told AFP. “His remarks recall the 1930s-40s and Hitler,” he added.

Ali Hasanov, a senior Azerbaijan administration official, did not attempt to soften the rhetoric, saying Aliyev had “laid out the facts and realities of modern-day Armenia” in his speech over the weekend.

“All of Armenia’s resources are directed at supporting the separatist [Karabagh] regime on Azerbaijan’s occupied territories,” he said, calling Armenia a country with an agenda driven by outside forces.


  1. The Azerbaijan regime follows up its depraved response to the killing of an Armenian officer by an Azeri – with axe – in a NATO course. I personally know Azeris who are deeply shocked and dismayed by the way Aliev handles this case

    • highly unlikely and not very plausible.

      the source itself is highly problematic: calling posters at ArmenianWeekly “inbreeding”, and using language usually reserved to describe garbage, “disposed of”, when referring to the sacred remains of AG victims – does not engender trust.

    • Mr. Naess,

      While many Hungarians apologized and sympathized with Armenians in those pages and everywhere, no single Axeri has offered a simple apology to Armenians here. It does say a lot about this nation. They embraced the axe-murdered wholeheartedly; a huge crowd was following him and taking photos with their “hero” everywhere for days. And, sadly enough I am not surprised a bit.

    • Does anybody know about Ragnar Naess? Is he just a European “interested” in this part of the world or does he have an agenda (could be a combo of both)? I wonder if he is being paid to haunt the comments section of any and all articles at the Armenian Weekly? It isn’t uncommon for some to receive a nice paycheck from some European NGOs that encourage “European integration” (of course) but also distortion of history as well as what I call genocide denial “with a human face” in their dealings with Armenia.

      Sorry, Ragnar… I know you are doing some “damage control” here, but your ubiquity just strikes me as suspicious.

    • Why is Armenia even attending a NATO event? Really happy that this happened and hope this will a warning for the future for Armenia to stay away from anything to do with NATO.

    • Hagop:

      Mr. Naess is well known to ‘old timer’ readers and posters of ArmenianWeekly.
      He is a highly educated, highly sophisticated Armenian Genocide denialist from Norway.
      He is not crude and obvious as the run of the mill denialist, which makes him far more effective and dangerous in his AG denialism craft.

      He has been visiting and posting @AW for about 2 years.
      He is a close fiend of notorious denialist and Turkish paid agent Justin McCarthy, and has appeared with him at Anti-Armenian AG denialfests (e.g. @ The University of Utah)

      Mr. Naess has publicly professed love and infatuation for Turkey.
      I doubt very much he is being paid by any Gov or NGO, but one never knows.

    • Hagop,

      You got it all correct about Naess. He is an Armenian Genocide denialist in poor disguise. He couldn’t care less about justice and Armenians but he has to hang around here and pretend to be a friend genuinely interested in history to support his miserable existence. Any person with half brains will realize his dishonesty and low intentions after a few exchanges. Oh, and his condescending attitude is the icing on the cake. Don’t spoil him with your attention.

  2. It may help Mr. Aliev to further his studies a bit as rgds what his country lost when during his father´s reign some 300,000 Armenians living in oil rich Azerbaijan were forcefully evicted. Majority of whose family heads were professionals.
    Furthermore the Oil industry in Baku was initiated by a few Armenian families:-The Mantashians, Lazarians,Lianazoff(Armenian)later Gulbenkian.
    These industrialists had as their technicians/engineers and scientists,almost all Armenians. Fact of the matter is those oilwells belonged to them.Then after the sovietization, nationalized.Now that the soviet rule is collpased,legally speaking ownership goes back to the original owners,the Above.
    So the day will come Mr. Aliev that a very serious Claim will be lodged at the pertinent instances to claim these back for the inheritors.
    To add , please do not be so sure that even now Armenians cannot muster up a NATIONAL INVESTMENT TRUST FUND, (my scheme) when Nucleus of which will be established by our MAGNATES, all the way down to millionaires(hundreds of them,perhaps close to a thousand and then on down to One hundred dollars investors.
    Imagine what armenians can develop to then ,resettling in Lost (temporarily) lands , such as Nakhijevan , Shahumian, Igir, kars Ardahan, etc., etc., etc.
    So keep on with your hypothetic assumtions….

  3. Bash Baltaji Sultan Aliyev’s erratic outbursts are wonderful news, for a couple of reasons:

    1. it demonstrates to the neutral 3rd parties what kind of fascist, terrorist, rogue pseudo-state, actually a hereditary dictatorial Sultanate, NKR and RoA democracies have to deal with.

    2. it demonstrates psychopath Aliyev’s growing desperation: a couple of weeks ago his outburst at BP confirmed what has been common knowledge. Azeri oil is running out. The only source of the warmongering state’s source of revenue is drying up. Their only hope of ethnically cleansing and exterminating Armenians from South Caucasus is slipping away.

    The only fly in the ointment is that desperate psychopaths sometimes do stupid things. Axerabaijan may do the unthinkable in desperation, and launch a full scale invasion of NKR. They will not achieve their goals, but hundreds of young Armenian fighting men will KIA in case of a full war.

    Hope it never comes to that.

    • “Axerabaijan may do the unthinkable in desperation, and launch a full scale invasion of NKR. They will not achieve their goals, but hundreds of young Armenian fighting men will KIA in case of a full war.”


      I do not think they would dare.

    • Avery I hope the exacty opposite, there must be war to wrong what Armenians did to Azerbaijan. Peace, is futile as it is leading nowhere. Only war can solve the current stalemate.

    • Dear Avery,
      It is bound to come to that.Turco azeris respect only that.Power/Force.Right now I suggest you and others to enter wherein one subject matter being discusswed-like here- is that of Stepanakert Airport to begin operations.The shameless OSCE is trying hard to convince RA/Artsakh NOT TO OPERATE it…please read all comments there…
      Fact of the matter is there were 2 other such to which RA succumbed!!!!
      1. When the khatchkars were being destroyed in Nakhijevan(We should have stopped negotiatioin right there and then,as proposed bt Marxist partyu of rA chieftain Davit hakobian a clever,sharpminded Armen(not like me and you,`please forgive me) He said..well as above.He said stop negotiations through OSCE till the azeris beg pardon stop the destruction then go back to negotiation table.Nobody listen to him.
      2.Axe mruderer is released and promoted as hero a blatant mockery to us Armenians,who are stupid enough to go back to negotiations table with /through OSCE.where as we should have stopped right then 2nd blunder
      3. Last chance or last starw-pick your choice- OSCE is softly trying to convince armenians NOT TO OERATE the stepanakert civil airport!!!
      I think it is time to send in one hopped up jalopy aircraft full of commandos with parashouts(and well aremd) if shot down then wreak havoc on Azeri land.If this ignites war, or about to..then like general Ter Tatevposian(comandos) once proposed make a preemptive attack and that very forcefully.End of thje line. Otherwise we shjallbe considered as a stupid mation!!!!
      Right now am reading ¨The Armenians¨ by John M Douglass…I cannot believe my eyes (last part of thick book is what transpired in 1918-23…That MAJOR WAR CRIMINAL KEMAL MUSTAFA litterally completley cleansing Western armenia (whatever was left over in 1915) and also to Pontus Greeks etc.,These people(turks or turco azeris ) are of the same fabirc and wish to totally annihilate Armenity..They should be warned…that this time over they will confrom FIRSTLY WITH WELL ARMED ARMENIANS,
      Secondly we can also do plenty of damagew to third parties if they like OSCE try to swindle us deceive us….PIPELINES??????

    • “Secondly we can also do plenty of damagew to third parties if they like OSCE try to swindle us deceive us….PIPELINES”

      I usually try not to laugh at comments, but really if you think Armenia has the power to even dent the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline why not come and take Mount Agri as well and remove the Turkish flag that has been on top of it since god knows when. You made my saturday thank you.

    • I am no Apologist for the Aliyevs, but Armenia is not a democracy either. Serj’s rulling dynasty in 2008 started gunning down pro-Levon opposition protestors violently and brutally. Also, Armenia does not have an independent policy, but is a slave state of Russia and has a corrupt oligarchic system which halts it’s economic growth as well. Both Armenia and Azerbaijan are very corrupt countries.

      I also think for Nagorno Karabagh, it should be it’s seperate own country, they need to let the forcefully expelled Azeris from NKR to come back to NKR and NKR should be a multi ethnic country where all races can live in a democratic ruled stable government.

      Also, Armenia should also respect it’s rights of their neighbors to exist and should make peace with all their neighbors. Believe it or not, I am a nationalist minded person when it comes to issues concerning Turkey, Azerbaijan and the Turkic world.

  4. I wonder sometime if this man has something to do positively, for his Sheikdom. At least his father act like a KGB politician, regardless of his brutality and Khojali massacre. He is totally worthless, hopeless, and stupid spoiled man, where his Gold Visa card has no value for himself and for his beloved Sheikhdom!! As long as he bribe few “Hungry” type politicians and spread his anti-Armenian phenomenon, for personal satisfaction gain, and mental strength!!

    His disastrous dictatorial regime will lead him no where, but to his death, just like Colonel Gaddafi!!

  5. Please help me understand this. Aliyev says that Armenian lobby is our enemy. Do you disagree? Please be honest. You are and act like enemies towards Azerbaijan. The reasons for it do not matteer. At issue is its factuality. Do you deny this fact? If not, I don’t see why you feel offended by ALiyev’s stament, other than you are his enemies and will dislike everything he has to say and do.

    Now, about the rest of his tweets. Yes, the one about Armenia has no value sounds and is wrong. But it is being taken out of context. NExt to his other tweets, this simply means that compared to Azerbaijan, Armenia has very little economic value. And this is not something just his opinion. Your very own compatriot ARmenians believe the same when they vote with their feet and leave Armenia for a better future somewhere else.

    As for ARmenia being a vassal outpost, this too should not surprise anyone who can handle facts. Russia has a 50 year lease to own ARmenia essentially. Ask yourself this. Could Armenia survive without Russia’s support, given ARmenia’s hostile policies towards Turkey and Azerbaijan? The answer is no. Which is why you have the 50 year agreement, and which is why Russia owns almost all key economic assets in Armenia. Azerbaijan on the other hand can support itself if Russia and Turkey were out of the picture.

  6. The government of ARmenia should charge Aliev for treason and have a trial by absentia. Only after the news hits all the newspapers of the world, the government should disclose that Aliev is Armenian. His nose tells it all.

  7. This is an opportunity for Armenians everywhere to use social media (along with letters to the editor in their local newspaper for those who are not up to social media) to apprise odars of the Armenian genocide and the dangerous tyranny growing in this area of the Caucasus.

  8. The only solution for Azerbaijan is to declare war on Armenia to restore 1) her honor and 2) gain back the territory she lost. Now is exactly the time to strike. And I hope to god this time Turkey acts in accordance with Azerhbaijan, because until the Nagarno-Karabakh issue is not solved there can never be peace in the region.

    • And one more thing, after taking back her territory Azerbaijan should join Turkey, because united we will be stronger.

    • Tuna, this will happen soon. Azerbaijan is now militarily more than ready to take on poor armenia. And Turkey is surely going to side with Azerbaijan. So is Israel.
      Just a matter of time.

    • When the Armenian Artsakh was put under the jurisdiction of a newly-created nation of Azerbaijan in the early 1920s, it was an “honor”. But when the Armenians re-gained their region, it is a “dishonor”. A primitive Azero-Turkic mentality…

    • Axebeijan can only restore its honor when it gets rid of its noisy empty barrel dictator & his mafia.Tuna you better pray more strongly but your wishes will never come true.Any strike by this tall empty barrel will be his & his mafia’s end & Axebeijan will be divided further.

    • I agree with Tuna on that Azerbaijan should use military means to force fake state. Ermania to leave N. Karabagh it has kept llegal invasion since 1992.

      This time Russia will not be able to support ermeni army because Turkey wont allow it.

      I will like to drink Turkish cofee in Karabagh with my Azerbaijani Turkish brothers.

    • Necati, more of your empty talk, as usual?

      Consider paying a visit and drinking coffee with your “Mountain Turkish” brothers in Kurdistan before visiting the Azerbaijanis, who, last time I read Wikileaks, have a president who doesn’t really like you all that much (or at least Erdogan). But you can take comfort in the fact that he doesn’t dislike you to the degree that he dislikes Armenians. :)

  9. Oh yes Sella, They would dare,as long as big brother great Turkey so decides.Few understand that.Our main issue BASIC QUESTION like )Yerevanites like to repeat erroneoulsy) being NK…
    It is with great Turkey.KJust read in what Raffi in Baku has courageously hinted at -……Turkey… occuoying our lands(like azeeri parrots keep repeating as to Artsakh)
    Raffi -few will remember-even 20 yrss ago had ¨cojones¨ oin Istanbulla state we do have a Case , Genocide recognition…during LTP times when latter had him handin resignation…
    Now again he is on the Int´l political scene and hinted that our HIMNAHARTS basic issue is…….Turkey..
    You see however you turn it latter is the key to our main issue….
    Untill such time as the world powers woo great Turkey and believe latter is ALLY then our case remains unsolved NO JUSTICE WILL COME TO US!!!
    We must take all precautionally measures-especially in Diaspora-get well organized for the turco azeris will not give up their Turanistic dream…
    mark my word they will await an oppertuned moment to press us further (through Azeri little brother) into a corner where we either fight for survival and victory or get wiped out and subjugated.The powers(read the Book above mentioned9 they would not care less what happens to us!!!
    WE must take care of ourselves.PERIOD

  10. Tuna:

    Q1: Are you a Turk (from Turkey) or AzeriTatarTurk (from Azerbaijan) ?
    Q2: Are you a male of fighting age ?
    Q3: If you are, did you participate in the NKR war of 1991-1994 ?
    Q4: Assuming you are a male of fighting age, why wait for war to break out to show how brave you are: why not go to the LOC with NKR and see what you can do. Axeris regularly send subversive teams to test NKR defenses: Armenian troops are KIA, but they also kill 3 to 5 times more Axeri invaders.

    Who knows, if you go, you might get lucky and earn a place in the shahid list Bash Baltaji Sultan Aliyev keeps in Baku for Axeri invaders killed by NKR’s tough-as-nails Armenian Mountain warriors.

    • A1:Turkey
      A4:a lone man can’t do much, but a nation can do more than enough.

      I have come to the conclusion, thanks to this site, that Turks and Armenians will never have normal relations. That is why we must do everything in our power to support our brothers in Azerbaijan and help them correct the wrong that was committed to them by Armenians.

    • Tuna, I am glad you have come to the conclusion that there will never be a freidnly Armenia as far as Turkey is concerned. Even if you recognize the genocide, and even if you give them $1B, they will not satisfied. They want nearly 1/3 of your country … without firing a bullet by the way, but by merely writing letters to the US congresss, as cowards. They want someone else to figh their war. Sipping Starbucks in Glendale, they dream of Turkey “returning” their “historical” land to them, all because they got sick and tired of ARmenian lobbying efforts. It is pretty funny if you think about it :) And I think I remember this very Avery once airing a silly hope that after Kurds destroy the Turkish state, they will simply give the keys to Armenians. Yes, again, having someone else fight their war.

      As for the war in Karabak, Tuna, rest assured that we Azeris will do it. It is just a matter of time. One opportune time would be Israel attacking Iran, and things becomign messy, and we will take advantage of the situation. Again, it is a matter of time. I am very glad actually to have heard these ALiyev tweet. Previously I was of the opinion that he is fooling Azeris by promising to return Karabak, but I think he is honestly and genuinely bent upon trying this. You can see it from his tone, etc. He must have gotten really sick and tired sitting at a “negotiating” table with the war-criminal Sarkissian. Enough is enough. He can barely wait to unleas upon ARmenia all the expensive weapons he has bought. If only Russia would just stay away, if only. Damn Russians! But again, that day will come. Armenians know it, and that is why they have sold their souls to Russia (i.e., the 50 year lease of their country).

    • @tuna, before you rush your little axeri “brothers” off to war, take a nice long look at beautiful Baku before they end up losing their country and having their Army ground-up in the NKR. And you, Turkey, will pump them up with weapons but won’t make a move because the Armenians (and Russians) have had about 60 years to anticipate that move. Q5; do you know what strategic “ambiguity” is, or what the Israelis call their “Sampson option”.? I didn’t think so.
      Maybe you need to swim home where your Army is being shot-up by the Kurds, busily building their glorious homeland and try to talk them down instead? They know that anything you tell them is a lie or a “trick” and they don’t seem to have the patience of the Armenians. Unlike you, they don’t discriminate either, as a lot of those “shahids” are women. That alone should scare the baku out of you.
      Ps., I would rather read a thousand poetic musings from Ragnar than one more “John the Turk/general Sherman/necati (now tuna)” hysterical and idiotic comment motivated by fear.
      If you move on these people, you’ll be fighting against a bunch of angry, pick-up driving Americans with insensitive expressions like; “bring it on, man”, “let’s roll”, “make my day”, “do you feel lucky, do you punk?” (my favorite) and a dozen other countries too. I guarantee it. Keep that deranged, diplomatically soiled little “Sultan” hidden in his lavish bunker where he belongs before he does something really stupid,( like that crazy Georgian) and ignites WW3.

    • [Even if you recognize the genocide, and even if you give them $1B, they will not satisfied. They want nearly 1/3 of your country.]

      Kerim, 1/3 of modern-day Turkey is historic ancestral homeland of the Armenians. Check this in any non-Armenian and non-Turkish chronicle or a map or a history book. We want nothing that belongs to others. We want what rightfully belongs to us. Armenians were barbarously exterminated and forcibly deported from their lands which were then incorporated into the Republic of Turkey. Where do you see Armenians wanting lands that never belonged to them? Even in the Ottoman empire, Turks called its eastern provinces “Armenian vilayets”. What does this tell you about why they were called like that? Why aren’t you condemning stealing a homeland of Armenians but seem to be anxious about our rightful aspiration to regain our homeland? Just because you belong to the same Turkic ilk? No thinking outside the box?

    • For the tall empty barrel it’s all about money,as he knows very well that his, his family’s & mafia’s end will be very similar to the other ME dictators.For us the Armenians it is simply to live in freedom on our thousands of years homeland.As simple as that & we, the common Armenians & Azeris should be very happy that we have none of each other on each other’s lands.This way nobody can blackmail us.You stay on your side & we’ll stay on our side.We do not need you nor you need us.If you try to come to our side we’ll just have to crush you as we did before.

  11. Bravo Mr. Ilham Aliyev! Do NOT forget that Your Father’s sins will fall on Your shoulders the very moment Heavens (read, Information Field) makes such a decision.

  12. Dear compatriots,
    Please allow me to make an observation or two*always in “”suggestion”modality.
    For that is my realm.You or any others may take it or leave it basis.
    While we are discussing and debating issues in the present format,rather what is actually happening these days*indeed Mr. Aliev involved in it -see Safarov relatively new issue that made the headlines,also involving third party Hungary.Then again not too far back, the Khatchkars of N.KJulfa,nakhijevan and then again……RIGHT NOW ,TODAY…2 NEW OC CURANCES THAT COME TO SHAPE REAL POLITIK BETWEEN US AND THE TURCO AZERIS..
    1. Raffi Hovaneswian’s lightening visit,nay attednign a Conference in Baku
    2. OSCE mediators trying to pursuade RA and Artsakh authorities NOT TO OPERATE THE NEWLY BUILT,,,,,Stepanakert airport.
    As to Raffi, a newspaper in Armenia sort of mockingly refers to him as going it on his own ,in order to sort of build up plus-es around his personality..
    Not true at all. He*don’t forget in his capacity of ex FM with quite a bit of experience-I have been to his headquarters in Yerevan and met with him a few times-has the stamina ,well earned experience-inviting-I was once present Young men and young women Turks, from neighjbouring Turkey ,where we discussed matters that interest both parties.Thjus he was indirectly introducing recent Armeno -turkish history to them.Not he only but his aids and some of us there as participants..
    Raffi was presented by that not very sserious newspaper as pretending to win limelight or take centre stage-which by the by he does deserve-Why,why is the Armenian mindset always a bit jealous, to say the least..
    he has accopmplished TWO major assignments>/
    One>, In the eyes of the OSCE-shortend form by me for the 3 powers involved mainly in the Caucases..and in extension their countries ,USA,EU and Russian Fed. he shows that RA is again Bariatsagam*kindly disposed to come to an understandign -or at least some sort of entente-with neighbour Azerbaijan..
    TWO>/It is beinmg thus established like pres. Serge did with his football diplomacy.Hold it there – please, don’t immediately contradict me-that is was wrong.Indeed it was not so nationalistic or pleasant to have the Genocide Sxtate’s top man in Fatherland soil,without having diplomatic relations and in extension indeed without great Turkey having admitted to Genocide..
    But ,He was again doing somethign so to speak International REAL POLITIK to justify to these ever careless powers towards us,and for reasons of ,all kmnow their interests in oil ETC., but he did SHOW WITH THAT ACT that we are willing to so,mehjow establish relations with them…
    What followe3d next was the outcome of this one …that of thus encouraging the Powers to set up the Zurich Saga-protocols…which not pleasant at all..but again WE OWN ONE THERE TOO at the end..
    After great Turkey refused to sign ..we had shown our goodwill in face of BIG REAL BIG PRESSURE brought upon us with softly applying mode..Again we won.Because those powers consider their interests FOREMOST..
    AND THAT FOR civil Aviation.Latter to enhance tourism and easier travel between RA and Artsakh ,which is very important also for the Diaspora/
    To surmise the OSCE and similar operatives are always on the side that\ PRODUCES PROFIT for them,leaving Armenia and Armenians to suffer.
    i do believe it is the responmsibility of each Armenian to stand upt for this about to happen 3rd abuse.iz. the Khatchkars, Safarov and now Airport of NK.
    I tell you compatriots we are always caught in the cross fire,so to say.We must try and find a final solution.
    I suggest we -like in old days -side with a local power,mear by ,say Georgia, iran ,as close neighbours and/or both..
    Forming ,no not bellicose association aimed at those two beautifull neighbours of us necessarily…but to PROTECT US , SAY HAVE A SHILED….A GOOD ONE AND NEARBY.
    wHAT GOOD IS AN ALLIANCE SAY WITH ITALY OR FRANCE far away when next door neighbours will help us progress much more.
    1. We can be intermediary between Iran and Georgia to procure latter’s Energy needs VIA Armenia and our protection.Also paving the transport needs for Iran to transiot Via armenia exportiong its goods via Georgian ports up North.Not via The Dardaneles …straight up by Ferries to Russianm ports and on to Europe. Railway is to be built already signed with Iran, remains the pipe lines for Gass and Oil
    Time to think very seriously whom we choose as partners NEARBY….

  13. Sella,
    the Azeri leader is very far from apologizing for anything.
    I hope you had fun writing you comment to my post. I mean – since you are on these pages for fun

    • What are YOU for on these pages, ragnar naess? To advance a laughable idea that Turks had no intent to mass murder the Armenians and that genocide just happened out of the blue despite the government’s efforts to stop the mass slaughter and forcible deportation of the whole ethnic group to deserts to die of starvation? Or to tie up wartime atrocities against the Turks by the Balkan freedom-fighters with the genocide of Armenians who weren’t even near the events?

    • I always have fun countering AG Denialists on the pages of AW.

      Particularly denialists who have the bad manners of visiting a web site called ArmenianWeekly, and then proceeding to lecture Armenian posters @AW with the condescending attitude of being a teacher in a kindergarten, advising children how to behave.

      Particularly denialists who advise Armenian posters @AW to continue their “inbreeding activities”.
      Particularly denialists who _dare_ use the expression “disposed of” when referring to the sacred remains of my murdered ancestors.

    • Mr. Naess,

      I was not talking about Axeri leader I was talking about this artificial nation, called Axerbaijanis or Axeri, who has not figured out its whereabouts yet.


  15. Tuna and Kerim
    I note that you both simply talk about power and impending war, and your ability to win it against Armenia. What kind of psychological satisfaction do you get from this? Is it good for you to say this kind of thing? And moreover is it good for Turkey and Azerbaijan – that both are members of the UN – to have protagonists using such language? Turkey may be in a stage where it – rightfully in some instances – assrts its independence. But what will Turkey’s and Azerbaijan’s other neighbours think if they perceive that this is the Turkish/Azeri mindset? Can you do without good neighbourly relations?

  16. Avery
    Tuna writes:
    I have come to the conclusion, thanks to this site, that Turks and Armenians will never have normal relations

    Are you sure that the style of some Armenians in this site has not contributed to Tuna’s conclusion?

    • Read the comment by poster ‘T’ above (November 23, 2012) , actually the very same Tuna Tangor you are so concerned about: see if you can find out from him how a normal human being can be “really happy that this happened”. The “this happened” being the murder of a sleeping Armenian man by an axe wielding Axeri psychopath. Not an enemy soldier in combat. But a sleeping man in a dormitory at a NATO Partnership for Peace program.
      For the ‘offense’ of simply being an Armenian.

      After you do that, I might discuss my style at this site.

  17. Yes kerim agha, you are right about Sultan. His oil wells is drying up, and his pockets are fully loaded now, he can screw all those donkey snipers toward NKR mine fields, then he will take off and with his billions and his beloved Mehraban, hide in Chechnya as refugee and join with Azer Baboons previous presidents!! I wonder why they never seek refuge in their beloved Turkey, but in Chechnya, under Russian supervision!!

  18. Tuna:

    Thanks for answering my questions.

    Regarding “A3:????”.
    The question was posed for the following reason:

    It has been my experience that those who call for war have never been in one, nor have been anywhere near a battlefield where their lives would be in danger.
    I have talked to many war veterans. And have listened to countless unvarnished interviews of war veterans: Armenians who fought during the NKR war and Americans who fought in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. More Americans in fact, than Armenians.
    I cannot remember a single one advocating for war. Invariably, they say they will fight again and again if their country calls, but war is the last thing they want.
    Because they have seen the actual horrors of war, and not what is cosmetically presented in movies.

    The NKR war was 18-20 years ago. I have spoken to some Armenian veterans of the war personally in Southern California: they say the same thing.
    They don’t want war, but are always ready to go back in, in case Azerbaijan invades.

    The reason I posed the question to you is I suspected you have not been in war, because you so cavalierly advocate for war.
    You can be of fighting age today, 18-50, and still could have participated in the NKR war, either as a citizen of Azerbaijan or a Turkish ‘volunteer’.
    You confirmed what I suspected: you are an armchair warrior; you advocate for war from the safety of your computer, but are unwilling to put your personal life on the line.
    You are hiding behind the ‘nation’, but are not willing to risk death by personally going to the Artsakh LOC today.
    You are not alone, of course: we have a long list of what we call “chickenhawks” in USA, who advocate for war from the comfort of their mansions or ranches, but used their connections to avoid going to war (Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, Dick Cheney, etc).
    Sultan Ilham Aliyev also fits the description: he would have been around 30 during the war. Yet he hid under his daddy’s desk, while the poor and minorities of Azerbaijan with no connections were sent to the front to die, so the Aliyev clan could claim glory, while looting the country’s wealth.

    Regarding: “…. and help them correct the wrong that was committed to them by Armenians.”.

    I am interested to know what is it that you, a Turk from Turkey, believes Armenians did to your brothers in Azerbaijan ?
    What do you know about what your AzeriTurk brothers did to Armenians, if anything.
    Who started the violence ?
    Who started the war ?
    Who invaded whose lands ?

    • “It has been my experience that those who call for war have never been in one, nor have been anywhere near a battlefield where their lives would be in danger.”

      Avery, you could not be more wrong in your statement. Now if this site allowed me to post my pictures I would gladely do so of my service in Afghanistan. I have seen what war is, so please spare me. If I did not think it was the only available option I would not advocate it.

      “I am interested to know what is it that you, a Turk from Turkey, believes Armenians did to your brothers in Azerbaijan ?
      What do you know about what your AzeriTurk brothers did to Armenians, if anything.
      Who started the violence ?
      Who started the war ?
      Who invaded whose lands ?”

      The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Resolution 1416 that Armenian forces are occupying Azerbaijan lands. Furthermore, United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 62/243 which called for “the immediate, complete and unconditional withdrawal of all Armenian forces from all occupied territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan.” So you can see why I think Armenia is the aggressor here Avery. And I bet you will also deny what the Armenians did to the Azeris in Khojaly?

    • Tuna— First of, the CoE or the UN resolutions mention LOCAL Armenian forces, not the Republic of Armenia. Second, there’s no word in them whatsoever about Armenia being an aggressor. And third, before bringing up Khojaly in which the Azeris didn’t use the safe corridor left for them by the Armenians and used civilians as human shield, it’s advisable to remember what happened BEFORE Khojaly in Sumgait and Baku.

  19. john the turk writes: Truth has been a hidden secret is an Armenian myth that only Armenians believe. Just for your information, people in Turkey do not treat people based on their ethnic back round. If Sabiha gokcen was an Armenian girl then we can even be more proud of her because of the fact that she served her country instead of collaborating with its enemies

    I write: The true secret is the Turkish myth that only Turks who want to believe do so.

    ‘T’ writes: Why is Armenia even attending a NATO event? Really happy that this happened and hope this will a warning for the future for Armenia to stay away from anything to do with NATO.

    I write: Armenians should and need to promote/present the Safarov issue more internationally. And Armenia should take NATO to task for the issue and make the intenational news more.

    Overall why do these non-Armenians have so much interest in the AW and the Armenians? Get the picture, they’re spinning your wheels and mean to spy on Armenians. Armenians can and should return the favor to Turkish and Azeri sites just for fun.

  20. RE: Tuna’s statemant about Turkish flag on top of Agri Dagi or Mount Ararat.

    I sumitted Mt. Ararat (or as we Armenians colloquially call it Masis) on Aug 2012 and there is no such flag that you speak of on top of the mountain. There is a pole with worn out fabric attached to it with colors not representative of any nation that I could recall; maybe it has some symbolic meaning to some alpinist group, but the Turkish flag does NOT fly at the summit.

    However, there IS a plaque set up by some Armenians which has a cross on it and some writing to possibly pay homage to Armenians or maybe to someone’s family.

    Therefore, you are wrong about the Turkish flag as you jump to unjustifiable conclusions about the statements that you make and further continue to make…

  21. Meanwhile, your buddies Menendez and Kirk have introduced tougher sanctions on Iran. The more Iran is hurt, so is armenia.

  22. Ahmet oghloo, you can dream about Armenia will get worse!! eh!!! I tell you something “secret”,…. just be happy even with Ayatollahs, that are running today’s Iran. In the future any moderate regime or pro Western regime take over in Iran, the first thing the Persians will do, annex fake Azerbaijani land to their ancient Azerbaijan of Iran, and kill Turkey’s Pan-Turkisim dream from Caucasus!! Iran and Armenia belong to same Indo-European family there is no room for tatar-turks!!

    • Yes Ahmet Oghloo, unlike turks and tatars Iran has literature, alphabets, history, language, 7000 years old civilization, like ARmenians, we were neighbors for centuries and we will be their neighbor 4 ever, and there is nothing wrong with that.

      I don’t care if they are “Muslims” or not, they know at least they are not from Altai mountains and they are not turkified nation like Azer Baboons… unlike “Muslim turks” they never commit “genocide” against any Christian nation, they never raze our cemeteries and churches, they never rape our “Christian women” we never been forced to change our last names become ‘Oghloos” we have been respected and honored by Persian people inside the country or diaspora Persians.

      Since we became First Christian nation of the world our churches and monuments protected renovated and registerd by UNISEF in Iran, and there is pilgrimate tours going there yearly base. According to historians world first Christian church was built there by Jesus Christ disciple!!

      Iran also have been attacked and destroyed by mongol turks just like ARmenians, and we share same destruction by Altai people. turks brought for Iran and ARmenians similar disasters, that I can’t lecture for you in ARmenian Weekly!!.

      Persians also remember the destruction by mongol turks, how their women been raped and men beheaded when they were in sleep, a typical Turkish culture.

      At the end of my informative information for people like you, I became so concerned , that why you have a Muslim name like “Ahmad”, who is really mad with a Muslim country like Iran!

      Watch yourself Ahmad Oghloo, Rajab Erdoghan and Davood Oghloo, Sultan Aliyev won’t forgive you that you are discriminating other Muslim countries in our beloved ARmenian Weekly!!

    • Hey Ahmet:

      is it not ironic that mighty Islamist turkey has been existing under the security umbrella of the Christian NATO ?
      is it not ironic that the supposedly mighty turkey is begging Christian NATO for protection from….wait for it….3rd rate power Islamic country Syria ?
      is it not ironic that mighty Islamist turkey keeps begging – Begging- for 30 years to be admitted into the Christian EU ?
      Christian Europe keeps slamming the door in your face, yet supposedly proud turks keep knocking.
      fact is, without Christian Europe turkey would be as advanced as Afghanistan today.

      And regarding Islamic Republic of Iran: as GB wrote, our genetic, cultural, neighborly ties predate both Christianity and Islam by 1000s of years.
      turks like you are incapable of understanding what it means to have 5000-7000 year old culture and civilization. turks like you are mentally trapped in the days when your ancestors were riding their ponies between their yurts.

      and if you knew anything about Islam, you’d also know that Sunni and Shia have been killing each other for centuries with no help from Christians.
      Muslims like to pretend that they are united under Islam: go ask Muslim suicide bombers who blow up their fellow Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.

    • CORRECTION: instead of UNISEF I supposed to write UNESCO ( UNESCO World Heritage Center – World Heritage List) United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
      look for,
      Armenian Monastic Ensembles of Iran!! SORRY ABOUT MY TYPO ERROR!!

  23. Tuna:

    Regarding Afghanistan:
    no need to post pictures. For arguments sake, I will assume you were in Afghanistan with the TSK. Unfortunately for your armchair warrior image, TSK has a noncombat role in Afghanistan. All 1800 or so Turkish troops are sitting around in the safety of Kabul. There have been 14 TSK deaths: 2 from a car accident, and 12 from a non-combat helicopter crash. Zero combat deaths. Zero. Zilch. Standing around in uniform looking tough is not the same as being a warrior in combat and seeing your buddies shot up and blown to bits. So spare me.

    Regarding UN resolution 62/243:
    The resolution was passed by mostly Islamic countries: look it up. France, US, and Russia voted against it.
    Even staunch ally of Turkey and Azerbaijan, the US, said this: [Speaking on behalf of the OSCE Minsk Group, the United States said that the Co-Chairs voted against because they “viewed resolution 62/243 as selectively propagating only certain of those principles to the exclusion of others, without considering the Co-Chairs’ proposal in its balanced entirety”.] Figure out what that means on your own.
    And if UN or any other organization wants to label Armenians ‘aggressors’ for refusing to be exterminated by invader AxeriTatarTurks or invader Turks, they can do so any day of the week, and twice on Sunday: after 1915-1923, no Armenian is going to meekly submit to slaughter by a Turk.

    Regarding Khojali:
    You lose the bet: I deny nothing; what is there to deny ? I have discussed Khojali tragedy at length before, but will recap briefly.
    NKR authorities notified Azeri authorities weeks in advance of the pending operation.
    Purpose of operation: to neutralize the firebases of Khojali and Aghdam, which were raining indiscriminate death and destruction on Stepanakert.
    NKR military gave location of safe corridor out of Khojali days before the launch of operation; confirmed by Azeris.
    For whatever reason, Azeri leadership failed to evacuate all civilians before the battle began: negligence or deliberate malice ?
    (The first president of Azerbaijan Ayaz Mutalibov claimed Khojali tragedy was a set-up to engineer his removal from power.)

    After battle began, a group of fleeing cowardly Azeri troops mixed in with evacuating Azeri civilians: using them as human shields to escape death or capture. .
    Azeri troops and Armenian troops started a firefight: Armenian troops fired on the groups of people knowing there were civilians mixed in.
    Q1: what would you do ? Allow Azeri troops hiding behind women and children to keep shooting at you ?
    Q2: why were the Azeri troops hiding behind women and children while firing at Armenian troops ?
    Another group of Azeri civilians from Khojali got lost in the dark, came to Azeri positions from unexpected direction, were mistaken for Armenian troops, and were fired on by Azeri troops.
    I have no info how many Azeri civilians were killed by Armenian troops and how many by Azeri troops.
    Subsequent mutilations of the Azeri dead from Khojali were done by Azeris themselves.

    The tragic killing of Azeri civilians occurred during a war started by Azerbaijan in 1991.
    The tragic killing of Azeri civilians occurred in an area of active combat.
    Armenians did everything possible to avoid Azeri civilian deaths, short of committing suicide.
    Does anyone claim Armenian troops rounded up Khojali civilians, took them out onto a field, and mowed them down in cold blood ?
    Anyone ?

    Azeri atrocities against Armenian civilians:

    I asked you above what Azeris did to Armenians: you deliberately ignored the question and referred to some resolutions, to avoid admitting that Azerbaijan started the violence and bloodshed. So, I will remind readers.

    Here is what AxeriTatarTurks did to Armenians:
    Sumgait (1988), Kirovabad (1988), Baku (1990): massacres of hundreds unarmed, defenseless Armenian civilians (in peacetime).
    Armenian women and girls were gang raped and mutilated by wild mobs of savages.
    In the Summer of 1991 Azerbaijan, supported by Soviet troops military invaded NKAO: Operation “Koltso”. About 25 Armenian villages were emptied. About 10,000 Armenians were ethnically cleansed from their lands. About 100 were killed. About 600 taken hostage.
    Siege of Stepanakert (a war crime): an estimated 2,000 Armenian civilians killed. Thousands wounded. Hundreds of dead and wounded children.
    Maragha village: torture, massacre, and mutilations of Armenian civilians.
    The list of AxeriTatarTurk atrocities against Armenians is very long. Stretching all the way back to their invasion of our lands 1000 years ago by Turkic tribes

    An finally:
    You labeled poster Gayane a ‘savage’ for the supposed offense of calling you, figuratively, ‘filthy mouth’.

    What adjective would you use to describe someone who wrote that he is “Really happy that this happened” (i.e. that a sleeping Armenian man was savagely hacked to death with an axe ) ?

    You remember writing that above don’t you Tuna Tangor ?

    • Tuna,

      Is not it funny how you were claiming to be a peaceful person just to reveal your inner war- and hatemonger after less than a month of your initial post?

      As to Khojali, Avery did a good job with providing detailed information.

      Just one more piece of info regarding Khojali tragedies. As far as I remember, most of the civilians in Khojali were killed near Aghdam just 3-3.5km away from Axeri troops; Armenian troops were located around 11km away from the killing sites. May these poor souls rest in peace I feel very sorry for them.

  24. Avery, first of all sorry for any spelling errors as i âm writing from my phone. Now i never said i was with the TSK in Afghanistan. So to be clear i was not with anything to do with Turkey. Now don’t get all all bent up, i was with the good guys.

    Now regarding your versions of the Azeri-Armenian war, i will have to look into it more deeply to see if what you write has any truth to it, because i âm not very informed about it.

    Avery, i don’t have anything to hide, i stand with everything i write here. There is No possibility of our two peoples ever reconciling because what Armenians deem as just is unnaceptable by a majority of Turks. so other than war to solve the problem, everything else is to keep the stalemate which just wastes time.

    Armenia and Azerbaijan is at war. And it was the stupidity of NATO to put two nations at war in the same building.

    Finally i called out gayane because she was unable to have a civilized conversation like you and i are having.

    • “There is No possibility of our two peoples ever reconciling because what Armenians deem as just is unacceptable by a majority of Turks.”

      What is unacceptable for Turks doesn’t essentially matter. Of course it’d be unacceptable for the majority of the Turks to admit that you’re a nation of mass murderers. Wider international recognition of Turkish crimes against humanity will contribute to making your state admit the guilt. In the modern world, waging war is not a necessary prerequisite to make a murderer admit to the guilt and offer apologies.

  25. There is no way of our two people ever reconciling.I do believe he means it and knows it .Few understand that while an Armenian may give in and extend a hand after being beaten(an example) a Turk ,even having been knocked out wont.
    As rgds :-
    And it was the stupidity of Nato to put two nations at war in the same building????
    rather an absurd expression.Nato had nothing that I know of in the Caucasus.
    Nato is in great Turkey. Turco-azeri alliance is another issue but that does not mean that Nato is onvolved in the NK Karabagh Nagornyii karabah/Artsakh war.
    The animosity of the Azeris towards Armenians comes from 1905 Mr.TUNA!!ª!
    please go read history.The Azeris have always been very evilly disposed nay full of poison/hatred towards the Ermenis…even more -or equally so with the great Turkey Turks. Short of a miracle( I mean a huge Damoclean Sword-meaning Anglo-Am of course and some what Russo Sword to lower it and hit them on the head will not make these turco azeris CHANGE THEIR MIND.
    Armenians However, very meekly as yet stand up and express their desire TO PEACE–WITNESS LATEST WHEN RAFFI HOVANISSIAN IN BAKU …
    HE SAID WE WISH PEACE!!!!!! PEACEFULL CO EXISTANCE!!! THEY MADE FUN OF HIM.nEVER MIND. lITTLE DO THEY KNOW THAT WITHIN him(Raffi) also exists the same spirit of the Andraniks, Swebouh´´s Nejdeh´sa and Monte´s…plus indeed more than a hundred thousand Armens within Fatherland and overseas…
    We Armenians have been naive as rgds the turco azeris(watchign these in Euro apparel and some speaking Russian very well and or English or French. Which is not important at all. it is the psyche that matters.The belief also encrusted in their brains that cannot be removed so easily.
    They as yet believe that they are some S…relying on the past Ottoman Conquests.They forget that those Balkan nations have completely been changed and have their own national pride,let alone their progress in arms!!!
    Arabs ??? I doubt it very much if great Turkey will ever have a say within any Arab country.IRAN…???? oh boy the Truks as yet do not know that country,their capability to conduct peacetime diplomacy or war time DURABILITY!!!!m
    So instead of pressing hard towards Ermenistan I suggest great Tukrey press some more into those latter mentioned areeas and find out what they conjure up is at all possible to come to fruition???
    Nato? this is really what drives the Turkish mind to un precedented heights.Thinking the Anglo-Ams(driving force behind it) will always backTurkey

  26. Avery, you are at your best when using facts to break through disinformation. So grateful.

    And I congratulate you and Tuna for carrying on a conversation, rife with disagreement, in a civilized tone. Such discussions feel productive. I’m tired of ‘banging our heads’ against the same old wall. Name calling, from either side, leaves me feeling derailed and ‘stuck.’ I am not interested in hating anyone. I just want my nation to be able to move past pain and loss by allowing truth and justice to prevail.

    Tuna I hope you will look into the facts more deeply. Let facts guide you, not propaganda.

    • Thank you, Boyajian.

      none of us needs to thank others for the very little we do for our Cause in the blogosphere. all of us have the same purpose: to see justice done.
      hopefully, in a peaceful way.

      as I have written on many occasions, and despite my disagreement with your gentle approach, I am on record stating that we need Armenians like Boyajian to say, every so often: “wait a minute: how about …..”.

      let us stay united in our purpose and Cause.

  27. Avery
    I agree with you about the comments of Ahmet with whom I strongly disagree.
    Yes, I note too that several participants insist on a civilized tone in disputes with people who do not have the same style. Facts and sound interpretations will save us in the end, not ability in rhetorics and “psychological warfare”. we need a civilized tone when we discuss matters that have caused such deep traumas and still are subject to such disagreements

  28. Just to remind us all that on the international political scene we have lost two significant battles:-
    1. When our Khatchkars were being destroyed (only one pereson in Armenia protested out loud and clear-at a Direct Discussion on H1 Yerevan T.V.) and I quote this is what he said ¨We should stop peace negotiations conducted by the OSCE,until they immediately stop this barbarity ,ask for forgiveness and then go back to the negotiating table¨.Nobody listened to him(later in yerevan I was told he is the head of the Marxist political party, in a mocking way.To which I retorted so What? let him be so , be Maoist ,Tashnag. Hunchag ,whatever,but if what he says carries weight and is to the benfit of our Nation/State,should accept it.
    2. This was is quite RECENT , the Safarov Case.Both Hungary and Azerbaijan ought to be suspended strictly from contact with Armenia,untill both ask for forgiveness officially and then only start relations whether direct or through OSCE. So far , our stance has been at best non-committal.As a preliminary step , yes indeed Yerevan did suspend relations,but it seems no other steps have been taken to condemn them internationally.
    3. We are about to loose yet another one .That of not commencing Civil flights from Stepanakert New Airport,as Azerbaiaj threatens to shoot down Armenian Aircraft or any that operate the line WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION.
    Have we fallen that low??????Time to wake up and the OSCE, please gentlemen COUNT US OUT WITH NEGOTIATING WITH AZERIS UNTILL ABOVE HAVE BEEN IRONED OUT.
    As rgds, great Turkey, there also we should stcik fast to what we did when the protocols were signed and have since kept it in abeyance.However, it is high time to have signatures taken back (Armenia side) since great Turkey did not wish to sign it and refused to pleae the 3 powers….

    • Dear gaytzag.

      You will never find out the results of a “dirty politics” behind closed door!!

      I believe regardless of Azer Baboons none sense stance and Sultan’s dirty work with oil and money, OSCE and most European countries will sale their own underwear for oil!!I believe today’s situation about Artsakh created mostly by those greedy OSCE and stupidnesses and carelessness’s of our inexperienced politicians of that time!!

      Nakhijevan Cemetery destruction and Axe Killer man scenario is a good example of OSCE politics, and their intention toward Artskh solution, and their dirty ball game, with Sultan of oil, until they find another A$$ H#@# like him for replacement!!! I like Israelis the way they deal with their enemies, unfortunately we are land locked country and we have to play alongside of OSCE, but not in favor of Azer Baboons or even Turkey, but OSCE!!

      During the breakup of the USSR when we defeated tatar turks in 1994 Mr. LTP supposed to get assurances of Artsakh independence at that time, from OSCE, and Russia, instead we got cease fire agreement “games” enforced by European futuristic politicians, for some oily reasons!! Now it is Azer Baboons daily life, talk show in their TVs and media, with blaring Sultan’s ugly voice and picture, in tatar’s land!!

      Right now Europe playing oily songs with their national symphony orchestra in Yerevan, and we enjoying their love songs melody by heart. Our honorable oligarchy MPs and politicians cooling off their hard balls with mountain breeze air freshener, driving fully loaded Hummers, around the city, and having a “vodka party “to take their daily pressure off in Harsnakar famous restaurant!!

  29. among her may excellent observations, gaytzag palandjian writes:

    We are about to loose yet another one. That of not commencing Civil flights from Stepanakert New Airport, as Azerbaiaj threatens to shoot down Armenian Aircraft or any that operate the line WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION.

    WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION!, sounds like Israel and Palestine…
    They want to deprive NK or economic growth, just as Turkey is blockading the border. The United States needs to and should reinstate Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act. All Armenians in the US should contact their both House of Congress to promote this.

    I’d hate for it to be but if they shoot down any aircraft, that could be non-Armenian too, let it make the international news so it can be seen that their barbarism hasn’t changed. Present their hate for the Armenians in the international news media, others do it.

    If they shoot down aircraft it would be aggression that deserves retaliation. Are Nagorno Karabagh and possibly with Armenia’s help truly able and ready to fight a battle they cannot afford to lose?

  30. Necati,

    Are you still around? DId you have a chance to find out what you are?
    AN ARmenian bastard or a Mongolian Seljuk? As I have told you so many times, you don’t need a genetic testing for that. Just look in the mirror Necati.

  31. Dear Mardehros,*Mardiros perhaps..
    I am not her….I am him.Thanks for your comment.I really do not aspire to be any important person.All i wish to do is to convey my many yrs experiences and whatever I have amassed as to Armenia-Armenians to my dear young ones so as they know whatWE ARE UP AGAINST!!!
    Not only will NK Forces and RA forces surpass -with their fighting spirit to defend motherland- the Azeris, but also I am quite certain many many like Monte from Diaspora will join forces with them.On top of that my long \AWAITED NATIONAL INVESTMENT TRUST FUNDA will be formed and billions amassed there/
    Also we shall have a Supreme council pof the Diaspora with 5 Departments.
    1.Legal-PoliticaL IN Strasbourg next to rA rep.
    2. Supreme Economic in Geneva CH* Switzerland. with its 15 offices of the pCA/s Profe e
    ssional Colleagues associations members Rep.s
    3. Executive in NY, nas above next to RA rep*not necewsarily sitting with him but in same town.4.Social services and Repatriation organizing in MOscow*near abroad-
    5. Spiritual in st. Etchmiadzin*only one we have*in conjunctions iwth great House of Cilicia. Then we can say we are an organzied ARMENIAN DIASPORA

  32. It is funny how Avery gets congratulated by producing “facts” abotu Khodjali :)

    But do please note: me just saing X, Y, Z about why the Armenian Genocide was a self-inflicted tragedy does not amoutn to a fact unless I have an independent source to back me up. So if Avery is speculating about the causes of Armenians killing civilizans, many of whom were children, that is all just that: speculation. The REAL facts are the videos, pictures, and REAL bodies of dead people.

    Now, Avery, let’s for argument’s sake say that yes, Armenians did give a warning (“Hey, abandon your houses and cemeteries in the next 24 hours or else!”), couldn’t they then see that the civilans had failed to evacuate and therefore abandon their butchery?! Note that they were murdered from execution-style wounds, as is well documented by multiple journalists reporting from the site, including a Russian reporter.

    But let’s do take a step back. Don’t you think that an Armenian, of all people, given their own claims to being victims of a Genocide, could give the benefit of the doubt to the victim of a potential massacre/genocide? If you are going to deny or downplay a tragedy that took place a mere 20 year ago, how can you expect the world to accept your claims going back to 100 years ago?

  33. Aliyev is upset that he has all these big toys, but no soldiers with the courage to use them.

    Armenia will forever remain. Don’t believe me? Just look at our history.

    We are NOT going anywhere!

  34. Avery
    I do not find any poster with the name of “T” on november 23.(But if you say anybody says they are happy with the ax killing, this is appalling. However I have met many crazy nationalists, I am not surprised, but saddened)

    But your fact oriented answers above on a number of issues was impressive.

    About your debating style I believe we do not have to discuss it. I have made my input on debating styles many times here. It is simply a matter of how one influences people in an effective way for a good cause. Everyone must think about this for oneself.

    • Mr Naess:

      go to your own post, the very first in this thread, at the top.
      then follow the Replies in order: Avery, Sella, hagop, T, Avery, Gina.

      You can tell by the unique avatar that poster ‘T’ is ‘Tuna Tangor’.

      and you must excuse me if I do not believe you are supposedly “appalled”: no one who calls us Armenians “inbreeding” and our ancestors’ remains “disposed of” can possibly be appalled at anything related to Armenians.

      and so that you do not waste your precious daylight hours: I am totally immune to any flattery, particularly from AG Denialists.

      nothing will work, other than honest, genuine, unvarnished, unqualified, full, complete, heartfelt apology to all Armenians at large, and specifically Armenian readers and posters @AW for your offense of calling us “inbreeding” and using the phrase “disposed of”. And a full retraction.


    • Ragnar,

      Scroll up and you will see this post by “T” Nov 23.

      “Why is Armenia even attending a NATO event? Really happy that this happened and hope this will a warning for the future for Armenia to stay away from anything to do with NATO.”

  35. A late comment on GB,up above w/rgd to LTP´s TWO inacceptable and unforgettable erros:-
    One is in regard to what you mention on Dec.2 Post. That he ¨supposed¨ to get assurances from OSCE.It wass to be , as to CAPITULATION ,rather than ceasefire from latter and that ought to have been his DEMAND on phone to Mr. Aliev Heidar or Geidar.The both were contemporary soviet Tavarishes…
    he could easily pick up the phone and call and tell him to sign capiotualtioon and acceptance of NK ´s no more being under Azeri ¨protection¨ even as an Autonomous Marz.. Yes it was becasue of Mr. LTP not being with ¨cojones¨and not a sstatesman but a very well educated indeed Matenadaran Director.he shpould actually have stayed on the `position.Wrong choice by our people. He also made an awfull <OTHER error,rfather unforgivable!!!!!!
    That of BANISHING Hriar Maroukian( an ARF Bureau member) OUT OF HIS NATIVE LAND,ARMENIA. HE COULD,indeed….banish him t o a far flung Armenian village town, BUT NOT FROM HIS ARMENIA.
    He alianated himself from a our other political parties a and the intelligentsia. The public at large does not grasp the serious of this latter ERROR of his.Anyhow, he has also passed up another chance ,(this is from me to my dear compatriots).
    An article was published by an ex-freedom fighter Jogad chief in NK, in USArmenia Weeklyu-magazine over a year ago…that while the Armenians were pushing out the Azeris from Nk and he was nesar Nakhijevan border area, he could ahve entered with some more Jogads and in a matter of a few hours LIBERATED NAKHIJEVAN as well.But he was not permitted by LTP to go ahead. Like i jsut wrote he was not at all a man to be at the helm with NO ARMENIAN FIGHTING SPIRIT at all. WHAT A PITY, that we lost that chance.
    In ref. to your other comments,I agree and KNOW what those like people are upto ,but on the battlefield as they would say in Spanish…¨ellos no pintan nada¨.Those kind of people ..¨¨they do not paint anything¨ meaning they don´t count.Their place is the learning areas,academy of sciences, Libraries, philosophy etc. I am glad ,our present pres. has that fighting spirit.

  36. yes, I found the post by “t” now. Yes, these people exist. No comment necessary. Avery, do you have access to a mechanism to sort out that this person is the same as Tuna?
    Kerim, what do you think about the comments of “T” on november 23?

    • Ragnar,

      Each Email address has a unique (pattern) avatar attached to the name of the person. As you can see the post from “T” on Nov 23 has the same pattern as other posts from Tuna. Unless someone else used the same E-mail address that Tuna have been using, the post by “T” on Nov 23 should be posted by him. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    • “You can tell by the unique avatar that poster ‘T’ is ‘Tuna Tangor’.”

      If you compare the color and the pattern of ‘T’ and ‘Tuna’ icon/avatar you will see it is one and the same poster.

      AW servers assign a unique icon/avatar to the unique email one is required to give when posting: there is no repetition.

      Some Turkish guests, e.g. ‘Robert the Turk’, have used multiple emails to try to hide who they are and post Anti-Armenian comments supposedly coming from neutral ‘Anglos’. It works for a while: but we all have unique writing styles. It is not hard to figure out who is really who given time.

      (sometimes people change emails, but still use the same name – so no issue there).

    • Avery through my fb profile anyone can access my email. And since all you do is troll No reason to continue ever responding to you.

    • Tuna,

      Are you saying that you became a victim of “identity theft” with regard to the post on Nov 23 by “T” or you indeed posted it? If you did not post it you can simply state it.

    • Not very likely Tuna Tangor: if someone had accessed your fb profile, they would have used the name ‘Tuna’ or ‘Tuna Tangor’ to make it more believable: not ‘T’.

      You thought you are clever. Used only ‘T’ to hide and finally vent your latent Anti-Armenian hatred, that was percolating just below the surface all time, thinking we wouldn’t figure out it was you. The same guy who also called for war and invasion of ancient Armenian land of Artsakh.

      Or that was also somebody else, who supposedly served in Afghanistan.

      Better luck next time.

    • Avery, may be he tried to be a hero like “Mr. T”…we should start calling him in AW
      “Axed T”

  37. Let me translate for Aliyev:

    ‘Dear people of Azerbaijan, please overlook the fact that basically I elected myself as president and will jail or kill anyone, even journalists that threatens me. And please overlook the fact that our side started a war and not only lost but we lost more land in the process. Also overlook the fact that after 20 years, deep down ,we know that another war could cost not only more native Armenian lands liberated but might actually force me out of my dictator role..Last, please overlook the fact that me and my family are becoming one of the worlds wealthiest familys by stealing oil revenue that really belongs to this nation.

    Yes yes blame those evil Armenians as they are the root of all your problems and ignore all the other real facts just stated above’..

    Thats what i see coming out of this useless dictator’s foul mouth,,,

  38. these alarm bells are ringing all the way from London as an Armenian myself, born in London Ilham Aliyev watch out, your sinking in deep waters to the hatred you have against innocent Armenians, and i will personally defend Armenians against your fanatic idiotic rules!

  39. let the idiot keep writing this way. it just makes him and his followers look all the most preposterous to the world. he embarrases himself.

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