Air Artsakh Begins Flights this Summer

STEPANAKERT (Yerkir Media)—The Stepanakert Airport will begin operations this summer, according to the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Civil Aviation Department head Tigran Gabrielyan.

The airport at Stepanakert will begin operations this summer.

“Presently, we are completing all documents. The airport and air navigation services are in the process of certification. We are trying to create all legal components that will allow us to carry out flights according to international standards, as well as to do everything so that the adopted legal acts and orders are in complete accordance with ICAO [International Civil Aviation Organization] requirements and limitations. We are in the final stages of this process,” explained Gabrielyan.

The civil aviation head said that while final pricing has not been determined, the anticipation is that it would affordable, with flights taking place every day, and with plans to increase the daily schedule depending on demand.

Gabrielyan explained that the airport has a capacity for 100 passengers per hour. He also announced that the carrier will be called Air Artsakh.

In an earlier talk with Novosti Armenia, the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Prime Minister Ara Harutunyan that while initially the airport will operate  flights between Stepanakert and Yerevan, in the future it will also serve other destinations.

The announcement last year of the completion of the airport construction and its operation prompted Azerbaijan to threaten to shoot down passenger flights. In response President Serge Sarkisian said he would be the first passenger on the first flight. Sarkisian added that he people of the Nagorno-Karabakh had the inalienable right to use their airspace.


  1. The airport building looks like a child’s toy. Thanks for building it. We will soon land there. Karabak has always been Azeri, and will become it once again! We should have never accepted the relocations of Armenians thereto from the Persian empire as part of their agreement with Russia in 1820s. We welcomed them, and here they are: have forced us out of homes with guns, and now call it Artsakh. Justice will prevail once again! We will be back!!!

    • You are welcome to “be back!!!”, Turkoglu Azeri.
      (careful with the exclamation marks: you might break your keyboard)

      Last time you guys tried, you left 30K of your troops KIA in Artsakh.
      Try it again; see how well it turns out for you this time.

      And a little history lesson for you: in Turkic mythology everything starts in 1820s. Unfortunately for you, actual history did not start in 1820s.
      There were no Turkic people in South Caucasus prior to about 1000 AD, when Turkic tribes from East and Central Asia started invading and displacing the indigenous Armenians and others.

      Nobody invited you guys to come to our South Caucasus.
      Your original homeland is about 3000 kilometers to the East: think about it.

    • Dear Azeri,

      The only, and truly homeland that you, Azeris, and your Turkish brothers can claim is the Central Asia. You are free to go back to your forfathers land. You have nothing to do in Armenian land. But, I am afraid you won’t be welcomed in your ancestors’ land as you look nothing like them. They will not recognize you- you have too much Armenian and Persian blood already.

    • Keep dreaming… Instead maybe worry about the dictator who’s become your king and who steals all your peoples wealth….

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