Biden Cashes in: 500K Raised from Turkish, Azeri Communities

Biden (R) and Obama

WASHINGTON (A.W.)—On April 27, three days after Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day, Vice President Joe Biden addressed Turkish and Azeri donors at a campaign fundraiser in Washington, raising more than $500,000.

The fundraiser came on the heels of President Obama’s April 24 statement, in which the president once again failed to properly acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, resorting to euphemisms and the Armenian term “Meds Yeghern” (Great Catastrophe) instead.

Biden praised “Azerbaijan as country with tremendous potential. We want Azerbaijan to succeed in its goal of developing a modern democracy and becoming a regional leader,” reported the Hill.

According to the Hill, tickets for the event cost $2,500 a piece and went to the Democratic National Committee and Obama’s re-election campaign. More than 200 members of the Turkish and Azerbaijani communities attended the event.


  1. Turkish nationals in US don’t have a clue, who is paying their fund raising money “free” tickets, as long as they attend and get a delicious North American food provided by AzerPYchani Embassy in US !! Only dictator Alioff knows, where does the money come from.

    Alioff paying his duty, before get a green light from Washington to travel and give an anti Armenian speech in New York at UN headquarter, for the survival of his permanent dictatorial regime over his beloved primitive Sheikhdom..this is how most oil producing regimes of the world survived, allowed and protected by US capitalist politicians!!

  2. Another report on this event had Biden saying “I know I am boring you …” etc.

    It was bizarre.

    I think the Vice-President is off his meds again.

    • who you call simple midned =pIn reality we never knew a damn thing about the actions (or really care) of our elected leaders. We choose what we think is best based on media and speeches given out. People can feel and see a good leader when they’re exposed to one, but the citizens of this nation only pick the best one on the screen. Both candidates are shit quality but one might seem better than the other on television; we just got lucky with Obama.

  3. Money talks; nobody walks. Of course there’s even more to this than the money, but it just proves that we cannot trust ANY politician (then again, it seems that Robert Menendez is for real, but who knows).

    Like many Armenians, I have decided not to support Obama this time. Unlike others, however, I do not think that voting for a Republican is the answer. Does anyone think Romney would be any different when it comes to Armenian Genocide recognition? We’d just be in a worse place overall. Although Romney does seem less hawkish than other Rethugs.

    • well at least Romey isn’t making a commitment and walking away from it! From the research I have done Romney did author few bills in regards of the Armenian Genocide….but at least I respect him on not making a commitment like Obama and walking away from his word.

    • Republicans will be even worse..At the small local level some will support the Armenian cause but at a national level where the threat of losing business and or loss of military base usage will usually kill any support of Armenian Genocide recognition by any chamber of commerce endorsed republican…..

      Ironically the only President who ever said the word Genocide was the republican Ron Reagan. However he only stumbled and said it his first year in office in office and never ever again mentioned genocide from then on out.

  4. It’s bad enough that the American political system is so corrupt that presidential candidates essentially attempt to buy their way into the presidency. Now, even worse, it seems as if foreign governments (in this case Turkey and Azerbaijan) are interfering financially in the next American presidential election. Democracy in America is a joke. Only those who pour money into the candidates’ coffers have any real voice in who gets elected. It should be illegal for foreign governments to have any influence over American presidential elections. The American political system is morally and intellectually bankrupt. And why do Turkey and Azerbaijan think that they have to support Joe Biden and Barak Obama? Diaspora Armenians in the U.S.A. can be sure that whoever is elected president in 2012 will do absolutely nothing for the Armenian Cause (/Հայ Դատ/Hye Tad). And the irrefutable fact of the Armenian Genocide (ցեղասպանութիւն) will still be called “Մեծ Եղեռն/Medz Eghern” (“The Great Catastrophe/Crime/Murder”) by our spineless political leaders. Why are our leaders so spineless? Why are they afraid of bullies like Turkey and Azerbaijan? It is a well known fact that all bullies are fundamentally cowards. Obviously the long-time anti-Armenian slant of the American government is heavily influenced by military (Turkey’s membership in NATO) and economic (Azerbaijan’s oil) considerations. So much for hypocrites who robotically spout off about “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Shame on them! (Ամօթ իրենց).

  5. When we look back and ponder why was Obama awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 ? Was it to promote oil sheikhdom dictators ? Nothing seems to have changed, or will ever change, with or without the Nobel Prize.

  6. I keep receiving e-mails from the democracts – it is from dccc….anyways they keep asking me for money and support, and in a nice reply back to them to go screw themselves I tell them how their righteous, moral standing leaders of Obama, Biden, Clinton, and Pelosi are all liars and non-supportive of the Armenian Genocide, so NO they will receive NOTHING from myself and other Armenian-Americans….I think all Armenians should do the same. This country is about capitalism and greed, not human rights and morals. Good job!

  7. There is only ONE movement in the country dedicated exclusively to getting money out of politics through a constitutional amendment ending corporate personhood. That movement is called Wolf Pac. Please search this movement on google. Instead of bitching about not voting for Obama (as if he cares) let’s actually embrace a movement that will help us achieve our ends.

    Wolf Pac.

  8. It’s time for Armenian Americans to make a statement and not vote for Democratic or republican presidents. By focusing on the loosing candidates the parties will feel the emptiness.
    We can’t afford being lied to by them. Obama is probabely laughing at us.
    We must take this seriously.
    In the next 4 years it will be our responsibility to advocate the seeking of justice against denialists to neutralize the promise Obama and those like him who came before him into the white house have broke.

    Armenian diaspora which was created by genocidal turks at the last breath of their empire, caused our people to spread globally. We can’t afford letting them get away with it with their money. The genocide is our hisotry and we must stand our ground and effectively counteract against Turkish/Azeri Pan Turanic alliances. For them genocide is not matter of history, it is a matter of politics and money talks.

    The Turkish Azeri history of 20th centry is full of uglyness that is the truth of their history and it is hidden with oil and business that blindens other nations.

    They are panicking and that’s a sign of how far we as a nation and diaspora together can push them to the brink of pshychosis. They even imprison their citizens and kurds and others who speak. Turkey and Azerbaijan are both susbects of what they did in the past and what they are doing today.

    Armenians can not just rely on US for justice, we have more reliable friends. US is reaching the realization of genocide state by state and filthy Turkish/Azeri cash won’t stop that.

  9. The cash is a shakel on US to stay quiet. Biden and Obama are the ankle the shakel is around. that’s not a good place to be.

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