ARF Unveils Election List

YEREVAN—Under the banner of “Liberty. Justice. ARF,” the Armenian Revolutionary Federation unveiled its list of candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections slated for May 6, reported Yerkir. The 85-strong list, released on March 22, is headed by ARF Bureau member and current ARF bloc chairman Vahan Hovannesian.

Under the banner of “Liberty. Justice. ARF,” the Armenian Revolutionary Federation unveiled its list of candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections slated for May 6, reported Yerkir.

Hovanessian was joined by fellow parliament members Armen Rustamian and Artush Shahbazian at a press conference, where they unveiled the list and discussed some of the reasoning behind the candidates.

Explaining that compiling the list was an arduous process, Hovannesian asserted that “Our list is the most successful one and individuals named on our list are worthy of becoming parliament members.”

“ARF list was created by a consensus and in an amicable fashion. We have separated responsibilities in order that every person has a specific responsibility,” explained Hovannesian.

“I believe that voters have realized that the lies and promises [by the ruling elite] must not be trusted. The campaign will be heated and we have serious expectations,” said Hovannesian about the outcome of the elections.

Hovannesian explained that the ARF has kept its promise of shuffling the list and bringing new actors to the legislative arena. As a result, half of the current ARF parliamentary bloc is not part of the current list of nominees. Those that have not been incorporated within the list have other responsibilities in the political arena.

Rustamian told the press conference that there was clear logic behind the list, which seeks to fulfill certain political goals.

“ARF aims to change the entire regime and make systematic changes in our country,” said Rustamian.

Under the current electoral code, 90 of the 131 members of parliament are elected on the proportional system, while the remaining 41 members elected on the single-mandate.

Late last year, the ARF along with the other parliamentary opposition bloc, the Heritage Party, sought to reform Armenia’s electoral system by proposing a 100-percent proportional system, which they said would minimize voter harassment and vote rigging.

The measure was turned down last month by the ruling coalition governing the parliament.

The ARF said that it would also announce a list of candidates that would vie for parliament seats in single-mandate elections.

The ARF currently holds 16 seats in the 131-member National Assembly. The number of seats is determined by the percentage of the votes garnered by the party after the election. The members of parliament are seated in ascending order of the list submitted to Central Electoral Commisssion.

Below is the list of candidates on the ARF list:

1. Vahan Hovannesian

2. Armen Rustamian

3. Artush Shahbazyan

4. Aghvan Vartanian

5. Artsvik Minassian

6. Karine Harutunian

7. Armen Babayan

8. Aramayin Grigoryan

9. Miakel Manoukyan

10. Karen Shalhmouradyan

11. Rouzanna Arakelyan

12. Ara Nranyan

13. Arsen Hambartsoumyan

14. Gagik Gevorkyan

15. Vahram Tamazian

16. Nouneh Petrossyan

17. Martoun Matevosian

18. Ishkhan Saghatelyan

19. Vartan Aleksanyan

20. Lillit Galstyan

21. Davit Yeritsyan

22. Nvart Manassyan

23. Zaven Mirzakhanyan

24. Manvel Hairapetyan

25. Romik Manoukyan

26. Artashess Nikoyan

27. Narine Galstyan

28. Artash Hounanian

29. Souren Manoukyan

30. Nelly Baghdassaryan

31. Karlen Gevorkyan

32. Hakob Matilyan

33. Arman Yeghiazarian

34. Naira Ghazarian

35. Arthur Ghazarian

36. Haroutiun Melikyan

37. Armenouhi Kiureghyan

38. Artsruni Igityan

39. Armen Shaverdyan

40. Gevork Markaryan

41. Nouneh Vartanyan

42. Geregin Sargsyan

43. Naira Mkrtchyan

44. Vartan Davyan

45. Movses Manoukyan

46. Gayaneh Nercicyan

47. Benik Hambartsoumyan

48. Albert Sarkisyan

49. Marine Sarksyan

50. Artak Vartanyan

51. Varazdat Navoyan

52. Margarita Khosteghyan

53. Spartak Asoyan

54. Gnel Sargsyan

55. Hasmik Zakaryan

56. Yenovk Abrahamyan

57. Hovsep Simonyan

58. Esmah Zargaryan

59. Razmik Mkhitarian

60. Anahit Petrosyan

61. Andranik Ghazaryan

62. Mourad Grigoryan

63. Amalia Aleksanyan

64. Karo Nasibyan

65. Aram Nazaryan

66. Hovhannes Tatevosyan

67. Gvidon Matinyan

68. Anahit Haroutiunyan

69. Aram Babayan

70. Ida Hakopyan

71. Arshavir Gasparyan

72. Sona Pirouzyan

73. Gourgen Vartanyan

74. Eva Soghoyan

75. Vatchakan Hovannesyan

76. Mkrtitch Danielyan

77. Naira Aloyan

78. Garnik Nalbandyan

79. Romik Avanesyan

80. Nektar Hovhannesyan

81. Romik Hambartsoumyan

82. Mayranoush Barsoumyan

83. Edvard Aslanyan

84. Sousanns Poghosyan

85. Levon Gabrielyan


  1. Unveiling the names of 85 candidates is not meaningful, as we do not know who they are, what is their background or qualifications or their chances of being elected.
    What would be more interesting and certainly inspiring, is the ARF “Platform” on which these candidates will run their election campaigns.
    There has been several articles, columns, opinions expressed about the political and economical environment in Armenia. For the upcoming elections, the Platform on which the ARF candidates will be running, the message it delivers and the promises it makes will be critical to garner the support of the electorate.
    In my himble opinion, the Platform’s focal points should be the following three areas:
    1- What are ARF’s plans to improve the economic conditions and well being of all Armenians in Armenia.
    2- What concrete proposals they have to stem the tide of emigration.
    3- What actions they plan to take to reduce the level of corruption.( Note, I used the word reduce and not eliminate).

    Unless the Platform addresses these three higly critical issues and exudes cofidence in the ARF and its slate of candidates, my deep concern is that the ARF will not do much better than the last elections, and without a strong representation in the parliament, they will not be able to influence to make any meaningful and effective changes.

    We have to be pragmatic and realistic. This is a task that the ARF in Armenia alone can handle. The Diaspora, will all its good intentions, can’t do anything.

    May be, someone, the AW, or the ARF, will be kind and open enough to tell us what the ” Platform” is.

    Vart Adjemian

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