Darling of Turkish Lobby Voted out of Congress

Schmidt’s Ethical Violations Contributed to Defeat

CINCINATTI, Ohio—In a major upset, Brad Wenstrup, a doctor who has never before held political office, ousted seven-year incumbent Rep. Jean Schmidt (R) in a nail-biter GOP primary contest for Ohio’s second Congressional district, local papers reported last night.


According to Politico, Schmidt’s loss was connected to her dealings with the Turkish lobby: “Schmidt’s loss followed a series of negative headlines surrounding an investigation conducted by the Office of Congressional Ethics, which examined whether she received free legal services from the Turkish American Legal Defense Fund in her protracted courtroom fight against her 2008 Democratic opponent, David Krikorian. Last May, the OCE referred the case to the House ethics committee.”

The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) issued a statement highlighting Schmidt’s ties to groups campaigning for the continued denial of the Armenian Genocide. “We welcome Congresswoman Jean Schmidt’s rejection by Ohio voters,” read the statement. “The ethics investigation into her impermissible financial ties with genocide-denial groups allied with Ankara clearly contributed meaningfully to her defeat, as did, no doubt, voter backlash against her relentlessly mean-spirited and unfair attacks against Armenian American candidate David Krikorian.”

In a statement released on Aug. 5, 2011, the House Ethics Committee ruled that Schmidt had received—and must pay back—a total of $500,000 in multiple improper gifts from the Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) between 2008 and 2010. Schmidt did not, however, face sanctions by the House, as she was able to pin the blame for her behavior on her attorneys Bruce Fein and David Saltzman.

“The Ethics Committee proved that we were right all along: Rep. Schmidt has received a half a million dollars in improper gifts from the TCA,” said Krikorian after the ruling.

“As I’ve stated publicly before, I neither sought nor intended to accept free legal services,” Schmidt said in a statement. “I have been waiting for the Ethics Committee’s advice as to the best way to pay these bills. Now that I have that advice, I look forward to continuing to work cooperatively with the Committee to ensure that these bills are paid appropriately.”

Krikorian considered Schmidt’s efforts to plead ignorance “laughable.”

“Personally I find it hard to believe that Jean Schmidt did not know the facts regarding her own attorneys in legal actions commenced in her own name. I find that to be laughable!” he said. “The American people are tired of Congressmen and women who break the rules and get away with it by blaming someone else. The people of Ohio’s second district deserve better than an ignorant Congresswoman,” he added.

The people of Ohio’s second district have now spoken.


  1. It’s about time Ohio’s sensible voters got rid of this foreign government sponsored mouth piece. Good riddance!

    Kudos David and Brad.

    • Schmidt wants a fair and just resolution to the Turkish-Armenian conflict. She might be a wee bit crazy though, but was a supporter of a fair and just resolution of the Turkish-Armenian conflict, which will be fair for both sides, not unfair, as proposed by ANCA activists would propose.

    • S.Y. (is that you Sean Yilmaz, old friend ?)

      There is no such thing as, quote, “just resolution to the Turkish-Armenian conflict”: what “conflict” are you talking about ?

      There is no so called conflict. Your ancestors committed Genocide.
      There is Armenian Genocide and there is Denial of Armenian Genocide.

      Denialists like former Rep. Schmidt, Bruce Fein, Cenk Ugur, etc, etc, etc will be confronted and countered everywhere.

      Every little setback energizes us even more.
      Every little victory energizes us vastly more.
      There will be no let up.

      Tell your friends.

    • S.Y.

      What do you consider to be fair for both sides? Can you be more specific? Whatever point you’re trying to make is getting lost because it’s vague.


    • S.Y are you sure you are talking about the same person the article is talking about??

      DO you mind sharing information on how she was a supporter of Armenian-Turkish conflict?? I must have been smoking something to miss that…

    • Let’s hope the Brad gentlemen will put American interests over the ideas of an Armenia-firster agenda too btw.

    • To S.Y.
      Lets hope that America and it State Department can finally realize that its best interest is to stop pandering to an Anti-American Turkey and realize that Turkey is no ally of anyone especially the USA and NOTHING good will ever come from helping that foreign nation, which was build upon genocide, in order to help cover up their genocidal past and escape justice..

    • She sure does.. you can usually tell by looking at someone how dark their heart is…

  2. Now the old crook is out of office,now is the time for investigation of her past illegal mideeds.I dont live in Ohio anymore,thats the best news I have heard in a long time.Good going Brad,lots of luck.David, I am truly sorry,you were an excellent candidate.Finally the people woke up,and realized what a humpty dumpty she really was.Now dont drop the ball,investigate. Number #1 LYING ABOUT NOT KNOWING THE TURKIES,GOOBLE,GOOBLE,WITH A FOR SALE SIGN,ON HER BACK.

  3. Dear Ms. Schmidt,

    Word has recently reached us here at the Turkish American Friendship and Wholesome Propaganda Group, that you may have discontinued your service to Turkey.

    In order to provide excellent consumer care, we ask you to fill out and return this short questionnaire to us. Please also make sure to return your air tickets and pre-paid Istanbul hotel accomodations to us at once as well, as there are more viable Members of Congress who want them.

    1. I would rate my experience with the Turkish lobby as:

    a. The dumbest thing in a dumb life
    b. A poor way to meet men, it turns out
    c. A stepping stone to a new and exciting career as a lobbyist

    2. I would rate the legal services of Bruce Fein as:

    a. Excellent – Pasha Class for sure
    b. Superb – Better than any female dhimmi has a right to expect
    c. Who?

    3. My favorite country is Turkey

    a. True That!
    b. Affirmative Effendi!
    c. I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about

    4. The most important part about my relationship with the Turkish lobby has been:

    a. Friendship with the most important country in history
    b. Learning about Ataturk’s hidden superpowers and immortal cirrhosis
    c Small untraceable bills from many people named Ali



  4. One snake eliminated another snake is ready to hop in ….the greediness of US congresswoman/man to lobby for Turkish government is unbelievable, those double headed snakes are so hungry, that if you cut one head, still they will be able to crawl and twist with their aching belly, toward the chamber of rats, with the other head!!! I wonder how many times a day those shameless creatures praise to Turkish Allah for the creation of Armenian Genocide!!

  5. Good works to Anka and kudos to Mr. David Krikorian for pinning down this Turkish lover shameless money hungry unethical immoral woman who pretends to be a US Congresswoman. Like some people before me said it, she should joing Bryza and many more money hungry Genocide denialist congressmen like her with a one way ticket to go to their Turkish delight state. Unfortunately like Grish said it above, many more immoral denialist like herself have paraded as US Congressmen/women before and unfortunately every now and then they will undoubtedly pop up again.

  6. The Turkish lobby hires the most shameless brazen skunks and vyrenee. No wonder Alcee Hastings, an impeached Judge, is another friend of Ankara.

  7. Dear Ali,

    I was very hurt to receive your impersonal “poll” about my experience serving the Turkish lobby.

    Oh, it started innocently enough. A few nice men who looked like SuperMario invited me to that exotic restaurant in Cincinnati. You know, dad was a member of the Amerikan Bund and all, but a girl wearies of Wienershnitzel and kafee mit schlag. So when I saw all those exotic lamb dishes, I screwed up my courage and tried it. yummy! I never had lamb before. So exotic!

    I tried as hard as I could to understand the whole Argentinian Genocide thing, I really did. I memorized those talking points and practiced with Denny and Danny too.

    When you told me to sue David Kricorian I did so. I let that guy who looks like a bug take my case, and now I have to sell a house to pay his bill. Fat lot of good it did me.

    Can’t I at least keep the tickets?

  8. Let her take the money in her grave
    As my Beloved Says . . .
    Let her dance with her money
    and drink what is left . . .
    No one on this earth will stay
    As Al- Mar’rie poeted,
    “Walk slowly on the ground
    Without hubris way
    Because there are humans
    Like you, lying in the graves.”

  9. You know who I think would make a very compatible couple should Hillary ever decide to divorce Bill?

    Yup, Cong. Jean Schmidt (I don’t know if she’s married, but if so she can get a divorce too).

    Hillary and Jean have a lot in common, don’t you think?

  10. I will bet. Dinner for six at Raffis or for 12 at Elena’s if she does not become a lobbyist or consultant to Turks, Azeris or “the energy industry.”

  11. This isn’t the first and isn’t going to be the last time Turks bribe for gettting things their way. It’s like a thief who stills from others and after years have passed tries to bribe to protect the stollen wealth. This type of behavior by Turkish officials and diaspora is institutionalized and well stablished, to a degree of manditory nature of their Turkish national objectives.
    For example: For decades now the Turkish government has put aside budget to financing their influence on the teaching of genocide history in U.S. and abroad. This is a well known fact, affecting universities such as UCLA and Stanford.
    Why so much effort and financing? The reasons are numerous: pride, fear, panic, natinalism, image of their greatness they don’t want loos, lands, reparations, Turanism, etc…

    The Turkish efforts to destroy and insult the history of Armenian genocide has been as much domestically as it has been internationally. This said they try to brainwash virtually everyone to be on the same note with their denial.

    The conclusion I make is, the collective Turkish history from the Hamidian masacers up until this second is filled with numerous major and minor crimes by the politicians and ultra-nationals in Ankara, Istanbul, and Turkish diaspora which will need close examination. I think this should hold the Turkish officials responsible not just for the Dersim killings for which Erdogon appologized for, but for numerous others for which Erdogon and his denialist cult are still hiding.

    The pending nature of the Armenian genocide recognition has even kept the US exacutive branch from doing so.
    Turkey’s denial and continual effort to destroy the true history of the Asia minor is fueled by not their honesty, but by political and strategic advantages they have alone. Their NATO alliance, eastern Turkey’s US millitary bases, and their Iranian rivalary are the forces that kept their ship from sinking.

    Schemidt is just another desparate polition who was a seating duck for Turks to capitalize on her weakness. But, her defeat means Turkish efforts and bribes aren’t 100% effective and this will add on to the folder of crimes Turks commit to cover up the one that started it all.

    Its interesting to mention how the Turkish and Azeris share their bribing behavior in common to workout their international political goals. The Azeris bribing to have their boxers win the olympic match, which looked obvious and stupid but yet they will repeat it again.
    The guilt-less feeling by the politicians of these two governments in rationalizing their wrong acts clearly mimiks their Ottoman counterparts who didn’t show mersy and never felt regret for their actions. Therefore, there shouldn’t be a surprise to see the denial of the genocide and the under the table activities to influence it’s teachings is still persisting.

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