Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (May 28, 2011)

So, There!

Virtue is its own punishment.
Aneurin Bevan

From the Word Lab

CADUCEUS: According to Webster’s New International Dictionary, it is a herald’s staff of office; spec., the staff of Hermes or Mercury. Hermes’ staff as a symbol of a physician or medical corps. However, Rev. E. Cobham Brewer, in his Reader’s Handbook of Famous Names in Fiction, Allusions, References, Proverbs, Plots, Stories, and Poems, has the following to say: The wand of Mercury. The “post of Mercury” means the office of a pimp, and to “bear the caduceus” means to exercise the functions of a pimp.

Bad Timing

Employer to Office Boy: Do you believe in life after death?

Office Boy: Oh, yes, sir.

Employer: Ah, then everything is in order, because after you took time off yesterday to attend your grandfather’s funeral, he came here to see you.

Hamshen Armenians

According to information posted on the internet, there are between 25,000 and 30,000 Armenian-speaking Muslim Hamshen Armenians in the Khopa Region of Turkey. In the diasporan Armenian community there are many who feel that the Hamshens are not to be accepted as Armenians because they are not Christian. Such persons should be asked if they consider Dikran Medz to be an Armenian king.


Edo: How did you make out with your last physical exam?
Bedo: The doctor told me that I’m in good shape for the shape I’m in.

What’s in a Name?

Mahmarian: Persian in derivation, identified as a trade or calling, mi‛már is defined as builder.

CK Garabed

CK Garabed

Weekly Columnist
C.K. Garabed (a.k.a. Charles Kasbarian) has been active in the Armenian Church and Armenian community organizations all his life. As a writer and editor, he has been a keen observer of, and outspoken commentator on, political and social matters affecting Armenian Americans. He has been a regular contributor to the Armenian Reporter and the AGBU Literary Quarterly, “ARARAT.” For the last 30 years, Garabed has been a regular contributor to the Armenian Weekly. He produces a weekly column called “Uncle Garabed's Notebook,” in which he presents an assortment of tales, anecdotes, poems, riddles, and trivia; for the past 10 years, each column has contained a deconstruction of an Armenian surname. He believes his greatest accomplishment in life, and his contribution to the Armenian nation, has been the espousing of Aghavni, and the begetting of Antranig and Lucine.
CK Garabed

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  1. I like your Comment Mr Garabed
    And I will add my voice to be with you
    Let us together be Hamshintzi…

    I want to change my religion
    And I will change…
    To be called Hamshinly…

    As I look ‘Like Them’
    And they look ‘Like Me’

    Who knows my religion 
    By looking to my face
    I will be grateful
    If thee…could tell me…!

    Thus…We can change our Religion
    Hence…never our ethnicity
    It is our genes
    It is Our DNA…s
    Implanted to seed

    It is Our Ancient Armenian Tree
    Like an Olive Tree
    Which can live thousand years
    And still give the same olives
    The same green leaves…

    And every seed created
    Must Beat… breathe…reborn
    Through the centuries
    Did you understand my dears…!



  2. It’s a justified open letter Mr. Garabed for the one’s amongst us who are disbelievers about Hamshen Armenians, who were terribly forced to change their religion throughout the Seljuk Turkish invasions from the middle of Asia – Mongolia.  Hence, who would not choose for living and not dying.  Perhaps some of them prayed to Jesus but quietly, who knows.

    Dear Sylva-MD, once again you wrote such a nice poem about Hamshen Armenians, abris!

  3. Seervart ( Seri-Vart) thanks once again for your comments…and hearty support
    I am not a story writer…but this story is true, and i saw by my young eyes…!

    I will tell you a story from Baghdad when i was young…
    The Al-Shammarri tribe, A well known Arab tribe there are 5 million of them in Hilal Al-khaseeb the Arabian crescent as it is called…one of their Shaikh looked after the Armenian orphans girls and boys, when they grew up with them they let them to marry each other…A very honest attitude… They had children… and when their sons grew up they called them we are Armenians and wanted them to mix with Armenian to marry them and have Armenian family…One of their son use to come to our Armenian club in Baghdad…He was very kind, polite, and handsome guy…The Armenians started avoiding him because of his religion…after he felt the rejection he left our club…At that time with my small brain, I did not like it but i could not talk…!
    You hear now many Armenians married to European or real Armenians…are divorced and I know many Armenian girls married to Muslims have happy marriages…
    This is a lesson for everyone to know that the religion nothing to do with humanity…
    All of us we call our selves Armenians, but we have many other DNA from centuries…
    If we analyse our DNA we will be surprised… We have black genes…Indian genes…white genes and so on…
    Dear Seervart…I will leave the rest for you to complete…

  4. Dear Sylva-our poet,
    I liked the way you ended your above post… it was a refreshing way to end it….
    You know Sylva jan, the Arabs in general they look up to us and give us a great deal of respect far more than Christian Europeans and or Christian Armenians do….  We expect Armenians to love and support each other, right? but you don’t know how many of them wanted to tear me apart because of jealousy, wanting and so forth….  It’s true that I am a sensitive human being and unfortunately I allowed them to make me miserable sometimes, though as I have grown older and wiser, I started paying less and less attention or value their opinions, to their lies and or attacks against me.  Yes my dear Sylva, more Armenians than even odars treated me badly, but I still care and love my people, because I want to believe that not all are bad as I pray for them.  I am Egyptian Armenian and I have also known as a child when I was in Egypt how many of our Arab neighbours were good natured and loving, much more than my own kind unfortunately, but truthfully.

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