Kardashian Blogs for Armenian Genocide Recognition

Publicizes Obama Demonstration and Encourages Participation in National Day of Prayer on April 24

LOS ANGELES, Calif.—Kim Kardashian posted a blog note and sent a “tweet” to 7.2 million of her fans on April 21 urging the U.S. government to recognize the Armenian Genocide and encouraging her fans to join the “Resurrection and Recognition: National Day of Prayer” on April 24.

Kim Kardashian

Kardashian’s tweet amplifies voices from across America calling on the president to honor his pledge to properly commemorate the Armenian Genocide, notably Grammy Award-winning artist, System of a Down frontman, and human rights leader Serj Tankian.

“We applaud Kim Kardashian for calling on our government to recognize the Armenian Genocide. Americans of good conscience are committed to ending the cycle of genocide, and to do that, we have to start by calling evil by its name. That’s why we will be demonstrating during President Obama’s visit to California in support of a truthful and just resolution of this crime,” said Andrew Kzirian, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) Western Region. The Armenian Genocide Task Force organized a community-wide demonstration on April 21 at the president’s fundraiser in Culver City, Calif.

Kardashian’s tweet was clear and concise: “It’s time to recognize the Armenian Genocide.”

This is not the first time Kardashian has called on the U.S. government to recognize the Armenian Genocide. In 2010, she called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to schedule a vote on H.Res.252, the Armenian Genocide Resolution. In that message, she said, “It’s time for America to speak openly and honestly about this horrible crime against humanity, and the only way this will happen is if WE speak up first.”

Kardashian’s blogpost can be found here.

Kardashian’s tweet can be found at: http://twitter.com/#!/kimkardashian.


  1. I don’t believe the US government will recognize it but what do you think you will achieve if it is recognized by the US government? This has turned into a political game for a long time and it won’t have any meaning for anybody. They didn’t recognize it for years, does that mean it didn’t happen, what will change if they recognize it?

    There will be commemoration events in 5 Turkish cities this year. I think there will be a climate that this issue can be solved directly between Turks and Armenians.


  2. Well, Mert, if civilized leaderships of nations are unable to recognize and, accordingly,  do not seek to end the cycle of Genocides, in our case the USA State Department and our own President Obama (who pledged to be the president who would ‘recognize’ the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation)…  Too, they are not able to acknowledge before all the world of the first Genocide of the 20th simply because the perpetrator Turkey cannot recall their heinous crimes to eliminate the Christian nation of Armenia – for this is where a Turkey’s criminals had decided to possess… via victims they slaughtered, raped, tortured and worse marched to deserts lacking food, water and clothing until the marchers dropped dead, mercifully, but their bones never buried and still lie waiting in the deserts for justice.  Thus a Turkey, their hordes from the Asian mountains, came and deliberately  stole the Armenian homeland for a Turkey homeland, ready made, with all the properties, lands, and the Armenian culture – as their own-still!
    Truths:  perpetrator despots have become the winners – for surely, all the victims of all the Genocides , sadly, the losers!  The truth, too, is that all humanity –  loses!

  3. Kim…is…

    She is Our Beauty 
    She is Our Venus
    Our Mona Liza
    Our young princes Diana
    She is of Our Genes.

    Why some lost their sight
    Refuse to send some craft!

    She is from our DNA…s  
    Her name ends with Ian
    And means Brother-ian…
    Hence means closeness
    No hatred…but deep love

    She says, “I breathe with You
    With your problems…
    Your problems are mine…

    Although I have no scars 
    On my beautiful soft Dermis
    But my Heart is full of scars
    Left from my unlucky ancestors…   

    Any one who denies
    Thee has no human blood
    Thy will commit one day…defined suicide
    After saying sorry…to us…silently

    And…Writing on a piece of paper
    “Why… I have ignored to recognize
    Your well documented genocide!…”
    Kim abris … zhelees…yv… zhaghges
    As my grandmother use to say to me…

    Always cordially…


    April 22, 2011

  4. What I mean is what make you think USA is a civilized country and others are not. As far as I know Americans also stole lands of Native Indians and didn’t do much about it except giving some reservation areas in desert.

  5. Mert:
    On civilized USA.
    It is true that White Europeans invaded North America, and displaced the Natives – who had lived here for thousands of years.
    There were mass killings of Native Americans by the white settlers – no question about it.
    Huge percentages of Natives died because they had no immunity to the diseases that whites brought (e.g. smallpox)
    Huge numbers died because white migrants over time eliminated the food sources of Native Americans, e.g. Buffalo herds.
    But they didn’t do it for the sake of exterminating them.
    And yes US is civilized, because not only there is no effort to erase from memory books of what happened to Native Americans, but they are considered a proud part of America’s heritage. Their culture is actively protected. Not only there is no effort to destroy Native American sacred sites, but huge projects are stopped cold by US Courts if any Native American artifacts are found on the site.
    I could go on with pages and pages of examples of the difference between what Turks did and do, and what (White) Americans did and do, but you should get the point.
    No one is pure: difference is Americans, Germans, etc, recognize and accept what their ancestors did – and try to compensate as much as possible.
    The dead cannot be brought back, but at least they try their best.
    Unlike your people who not only do not accept what they did, do not feel any remorse, but today, year 2011, continue their attempts to exterminate – in coordination with ‘Azeri’ Tatars – the survivors of  the AG in Armenia and Artsakh.
    Your people, at least a very large part, have a visceral hatred for Armenians that goes to the core of your being, and goes back to the days of Seljuk Turks.
    Centuries of forced mixing with civilized Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians has apparently not affected the Seljuk Turk recesses of your genes.

  6. Mert:
    On recognition:
    What will or will not change if and when US recognized the AG is not important at this time.
    Sooner or later US will. Turkey’s perceived value to the West is on a downward slope. And the unstoppable rise of Islamism in Turkey will turn her into an enemy of the West.
    And if there was no value to AG Recognition, the State of Turkey would not be spending 10s of US$ millions annually worldwide in a vain attempt to stop it. Turk leaders do it because they know what’s coming after Recognition..
    And it is quite obvious they have miscalculated very badly: their hope was to run out the clock.
    Their hope was that younger Armenians would simply not care about the AG, and it would fade away.
    What has happened is the exact opposite: younger Armenian-Americans are (surprisingly) even more determined to bring Turks to justice.
    Every year it will get worse for you Turks. The compound interest is adding up.

  7. “stole the Armenian homeland for a Turkey homeland”
    you claim this but based on what? Who decided those lands belong to armenians? Is it order of God? Before Turks there were Romans/Byzantines, someone can say it is in fact homeland of Byzantines -today’s greeks- not of armenians. And also Kurdish people can say that the area is Kurds’ homeland because they lived there as many years as armenians. So there is no stealing, some with power come and obtain the territory and now that territory has a new owner. That’s the rule of the game. As Turks we say that our land is on sale :) If you ask the price of the territory, we are not so greedy: The price is simply what we paid for those lands :)) Who pays the price the new owner is that person

  8. Ottoman is quite correct!!!

    We paid for our nation with blood, sweat, teras and a lot of HARD WORK…with NO WHINING!!! You want our land, come and try to take it!!

  9. To All Armenian People: Do not waste your time with ignorant denialists. They are stuck up in their ass and do not know what the heck they are talking about and are sick in the head. How dare these denialist deny the most heinous crimes. How dare they deny the pain and suffering of 1.5 million people who dealt with armies swarming into their homes, looting their treasures, raping their women, stabbing little babies on daggers, gunning down elderly and old people, and let a group of people be thrown in the 120+ plus degree heat of the Syrian desert without any food or water whatsoever. Do you even know how sick of stuff what happened during the genocide of 1915? Yes, even Hitler and Satan would have been sickened to see what happened to the Anatolian Christians between 1915-1923 and I am beyond sickened. I cannot believe people deny such a horrible tragedy. This is such a heinous crime, I’d bet Satan would even condemn such things. These denialists are sick. I cry to see that 1.5 million souls have not received justice. Why the hell are people denying this crime. Why did they have to wait 90 years. Please do not put all people of Turkish extraction in one boat. I am of Turkish origin, and I am even more sickened about this denial then 99% of Armenians put together, as well as Greeks, Kurds, Assyrians, etc. I am honestly terrified and sick to my stomach to see people deny a crime which is on a scale so horrific, even the devil would have thought of this as evil. Your people have suffered too much and you need your justice, land, reparations and dignity back and restored. I cry because since this crime was not punished, we have more wars in the Middle East, parts of the world have no democracy, and there is more, more, and more hate, bloodshed and agony in this world, thanks to the 90 year inhumane denial of this crime. I feel your pain. I understand that Turkish politics have no clue what the word “humanity” means but they only care about evil and sickness. I want you to have your rights and freedom, your people have gone through enough. I hate the evil mass murderers in Ankara more then you and your Greek, Kurdish and Assyrian brethren, and I am a Turk myself.

    To All Turkish People: You should be totally ashamed of yourself! We ignored a dark spot in our history toward Anatolian Christians and look what happened to our nation. Secularism is dying in Turkey, Womens Rights in Turkey are dying, all of Ataturks reforms in Turkey are dying, we are condemed day to day by world powers for denying our neighbors rights, and our government even opresses our own ilk. Plus, we have a failed EU bid, because we are trying to be something we are not. The EU is for Christian-only nations and our nation is majority Muslim, and others. Islamic radicalism is dying, less and less kids are going to school and getting an education to become a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Businessman, Financier, Academic, or any prestigious profession, but we are sending our kids to die in wars against PKK rebels who send our troops home in dead body bags. We send our countrymen to Germany to mooch off Germany’s welfare systems and becoming the Mexicans of the USA in Germany. Our prime ministers are acting more and more idiotic as the years pass by. Our nation is not contributing anything to humanity but all the wars and sick stuff still occuring in the world. People are dying in North Africa, Rwanda, Darfur, Lebanon, Palestine, Asia and the world and humans still deny past tragedies. We need to recognize how our government humiliated and degregated our Anatolian brethren who happened to be Christian, and Muslim not like we were. I want to see our nation thrive, live peacefully next to our neighbors, contribute to innovating society and doing positive for mankind. I want our nation to be a model for humanity and civilization. I want our nation to advance to the level of Japan or USA. We cannot do this if we keep on pushing away the dark ghosts of our nation’s past. We made mistakes and it is time to make amends. So what if we are going to loose some lands. I would like to see a Small Sized Turkey with dignity, rather then a Larger Sized Turkey who is the laughing stock of the Earth, and humanity. In order to live in dignity and peace with our neighbor, we have to recognize what happened to 1.5 million people. Ataturk would be honoured by my rhetoric to pull out our nation from the dangerous ditch we dipped in, and Ataturk would been cringing in his grave to see his people be so hateful and denying the most heinous crimes.

    One more thing to Turkish and Armenian people: We need to work together for justice for 1.5 million martyrs who perished in the most barbaric, sick, twisted ways. If this genocide gets reocgnized, then all injustices that happened in the 20th century will receive closure, and the pain and suffering that happens right now in this world will stop and we can live in a world of more peace and hope. THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE (OR METZ YEGHERN) NEEDS RECOGNITION AND JUSTICE!

    A Concerned Individual of Turkish Extraction

  10. Mert, Ottoman, Robert, and the ilk –
    I understand that from 1923 on the Turkish statehood has implanted distorted history and lies about the origin of the Turks and how they emerged in Asia Minor and the Armenian Plateau. But, for God’s sake, is it so hard to read non-Turkish (i.e. non-distortionist) sources? What do they tell you? Where were Turks before the 11th century AD when hordes of nomadic Seljuk Turks invaded the lands where you now live? Armenians don’t claim that all of modern-day Turkey was Armenian, but the eastern parts were inhabited by Armenians from times immemorial. Look at Imago Mundi Babylonian Map (showing Assyria, Babylonia and Armenia) of the 6th century BC (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Baylonianmaps.JPG)
    or the World Map of Ptolemy of the 2nd century AD (showing Armenia covering all eastern parts of modern-day Turkey)(http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c2/Ptolemy_Cosmographia_1467_-_world_map.jpg) and judge by yourselves. Of course, Byzantine Greeks, Assyrians, and Kurds were living on other Asia Minor lands, too. All of these indigenous ancient Christian people, except for Kurds who were Muslims and were largely saved, were exterminated by the Turks. Indeed, Robert, Turks have done “hard work” in emptying the newly-occupied lands of their rightful inhabitants, their highly-developed civilizations, and culture. Are you proud of such a barbarian deed of your ancestors? I wouldn’t be…
    As for paying for your nation “with blood, sweat, and tears”, well… who invited you Turks to Asia Minor from the Mongolian steppes and Altay mountains to pay price “with blood, sweat, and tears”? If you stayed in your place of origin there would have been no “blood, sweat, and tears” that you shed on occupation of the lands of others. You are occupiers, and there is no doubt about it history-wise. Moreover, not only did you fail to create equality among Turks and those ancient peoples under the Ottoman empire, you Turks have physically exterminated them at the end. I just tried to explain why so many people have grudge against you and your false nation-state built on, indeed, blood, sweat, and tears of many sedentary and nobler indigenous civilizations.

  11. Avery, you Armenians always trusted the West but they betrayed you for a century. They didn’t care about you after WW1. Soviets also didn’t care. If you think they will force Turkey to do anything, you are deadly wrong. Economics and politics will talk again.

    My comments was with good intention but I see that you want to get a revenge from people who has nothing with this. I understand you but I just want to say you are very delusional.

  12. I was criticesied by writing so nice poem about Kim
    I respect her… Because she respected the genocide and never forgot about our history
    We should know well that Kim is more famous than Obama … And I like the phrase used by Micheal Babelian
    “Poets were as popular as celebrities are today…”

    Bobelian: Shattering 50 Years of Silence
    By: Michael Bobelian

    1965 and the Birth of the Modern Campaign for Justice
    The Armenian Weekly
    April 2011 magazine
    On the morning of April 24, 1965, students from Yerevan’s universities skipped class. At a time and place when poets were nearly as popular and influential as celebrities are today, one of Soviet Armenia’s greatest poets recited his defiant poem written for the 50th anniversary of the genocide in a small theatre: “We are few, but we are called Armenians.” Baruyr Sevag’s poem exclaimed that no matter how few or weak Armenians may be in the world, no matter how “death had fallen in love” ….



  13. As a Turkish person, I’m aware of that many people in the Turkey denying that genocide because they don’t even want to search about that, they don’t care what is real. That’s why I think this is shameful and I believe all humans are good but ideologies are not.

    Consider to visit that blog for further info: http://turkishatheist.net/?p=65

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